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2017 IMac For Photogs

Jeff Harmon talks about a few changes to the show with some consolidation to a single Improve Photography podcast feed and a single Facebook group and then answers a question from listener Katie Shipley who asked: "I had just finished listening to the podcast and taking notes on what to look for when buying a new computer when Apple announced the new iMacs last week. Now I am confused on which one is best. I think the iMac Pro is out of my price range so I need to stick with an iMac. I...


PhotoPills Tour

Jeff Harmon takes listeners on a surface level tour of the PhotoPills app with 5 stops on the tour: 1) What does the PhotoPills app do? 2) How photographers should learn to use the app? 3) Why is the app called PhotoPills? 4) What do each of the Photo "Pills" do? 5) What are in the MyStuff and Academy sections of the app? Links mentioned: Photo Pills User Guide: Photo Taco - Hyperfocal Distance Explained:...


Take Your PhotoPills

Jeff Harmon is joined by Rafel Pons of the PhotoPills app team to talk about how photographers can learn to use the fantastic PhotoPills app: 1) Best way to get started? 2) Free, online videos are great ( but are there good cheat sheets available? 3) Advice for photographers overwhelmed by the app? 4) Most used feature? 5) Least used but compelling feature? 6) How to plan a shoot when you aren't at the location? 7) What are PhotoPills Awards? 8) What is PhotoPills Camp? 9)...


Shooting A Solar Eclipse

Jeff Harmon is joined by Brent Bergherm to talk about shooting a solar eclipse. For the first time since 1979 a total solar eclipse will be visible from locations across the continental United States and Jeff goes over 6 questions with Brent about how a photographer can prepare now to be ready to capture such an event: 1) What is the event, when is it happening, where is the best place to see it? 2) What can photographers do with the gear they likely already have to get a good shot? 3) For...


When It Time To Upgrade Your Camera?

Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Melanie Rice who on the Facebook page asked: Question about upgrading equipment: Started 10 years ago with a Canon 30D. Upgraded to Canon 60D 3 years ago when photography played a bigger role in my graphic design business. Now photography is becoming my main focus - mainly stock images, fashion and real estate. Is it time to upgrade again? If so, to what? Can you help me understand the different camera bodies and their main features that set...


Lightroom: 2 Bugs and Catalog Backup

Jeff Harmon talks about 2 Lightroom bugs that he has had a lot of questions on from listeners: 1) In 2015.10 / 6.10 when round tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop an error message saying that the Camera Raw plug-in is not version 9.10 is coming up even though Photoshop is fully updated and has the very latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in 2) Back in 2015.8 / 6.8 an error message about the catalog backup being 4GB was shown even though the catalog file and the backup were not actually...


AFMA Explained

Jeff Harmon answers year old listener question from Improve Photography writer Aaron Taylor: Here's a Photo Taco episode if there ever was one: AF Microadjust/Fine Tune. Why do it? When to do it? How important? Is it obsessive or necessary? Use a Lenscal device or just something you print yourself? Jeff talks about how autofocus micro adjustment (AFMA) is something specific to DSLR cameras, not needed and therefore not offered in mirrorless cameras. Not all DSLR cameras have the feature to...


Keyword Like A Pro

Jeff Harmon talks through three mini-topics and then shares how to use the keywording features of Lightroom like a Pro including the Keyword Tags box, Keyword Suggestions box, and the Keyword Set box of the Keywording panel along with the Keyword List panel in the Library Module. The three mini-topics covered: 1)Lightroom bug with macOS where panels and film strip all go black. Solution is to right click on the Lr icon in the dock, choose hide, then right click again and choose Show. 2)...


State Of The Updates Q1 2017

Jeff Harmon provides his view on the current state of major software updates for photographers including Windows 10 Creator's Update, Apple macOS Sierra (10.12.4), Lightroom CC 2015.9/6.9, Luminar, and On1 Photo 2017. ====================== Advertisers for this episode: 1), free two week trial and only $19.99 to subscribe 2) Luminar post-processing software $69 but get $10 off using coupon code PHOTOTACO at checkout ====================== Before going through all...


Memory Cards Explained

Get $10 off MacPhun Luminar by using coupon code PHOTOTACO at checkout! Jeff Harmon is joined by special guest Jeff Steinwand of to talk about memory cards. They walk through the following questions: 1. Jeff's process for testing cards to get the data for his website at 2. How photographers can test cards in their specific camera 3. How fast are the new Sony SF-G series UHS II cards? Are they the fastest in the world as Sony claims? 4. What...


Hyperfocal Distance Explained!

Jeff Harmon explains aperture, depth of field, and hyperfocal distance as well as why hyperfocal distance is a concept EVERY photographer should understand regardless of what type of photography they do. Advertisers: MacPhun Luminar Software Coupon Code: PHOTOTACO Links mentioned in the episode: Photo Pills “The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field” article: Photo Pills Online Calculators:...


Lightroom On Two Computers

Jeff Harmon offers 3 Lightroom tips based on questions that were asked at or just after the Improve Photography Retreat in March 2017. Tip #1: Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts. It will increase the speed of your photography workflow if you will learn the Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts. Bring up an overlay of the shortcuts available where you are at in Lightroom by using command-/ on Mac or ctrl-/ on Windows. Tip #2: Lens Recognition. Sometimes Lightroom does not correctly identify the lens...


Retreat 2017 Top 10

Jeff Harmon share the top 10 things he learned during the 2017 Improve Photography Retreat. Advertisers for this episode: $19.99/mo offer code "PHOTOTACO" for $10 off Top Ten from IP Retreat 2017: 1. Not a “relaxing” vacation, exhausting, yet amazing 2. So much fun to be around a lot of photographers-share interest of photography-nerd out together 3. Fail upwards-embrace the experience of “failing”=learning 4. Room to learn more about the...


Client Proofs And Culling

Jeff Harmon answers listener question from Angela Norton who loved the Culling Like a Pro episode but came away from it wondering something: Angela: Jeff Harmon LOVED this episode. I ignored it in my feed, because I thought I was doing good with culling...LOL... My question is, how are you presenting client proofs? If they are able to give stars, I'm assuming you using something with adobe cloud? Or maybe I misunderstood, and you are presenting in-person. ((Thanks so much for all you do!))...


Instagram Like A Pro

Jeff Harmon gets expert advice from Instagrammer Josh Packer (@packtography) on how to grow your Instagram account. Within a couple of year Josh has grown his following to better than 50,000 without following many people. They walk through the following questions and more in the episode: How did you build up the following you have today? With only 385 posts on your @packtopgraphy account, and seeing how often you post to it since I am one of those thousands of followers, it can’t be very...


Luminar Vs Lightroom

Jeff Harmon goes over 10 observations he has made comparing the new Luminar software from MacPhun with the old market leader in Adobe Lightrooom. 1. Non-live histogram 2. Layers Concept 3. Eraser tool (spot removal) 4. Deniose tool (noise reduction) 5. Filters 6. Presets 7. Before/After views 8. Saving 9. Overall speed 10. Pricing Jeff LOVES where MacPhun is going with Luminar and thinks they already have a very feature rich post-processing application here. However, the recommendation for...


Lightroom Organization

Jeff Harmon and guest Victoria Bampton, better known as the Lightroom Queen, talk about 5 key principles that should guide how they organize their photos both inside and outside of Lightroom: 1. Scalable 2. Easy Backup & Restore 3. No Duplication 4. Standard Characters 5. Consistent Resources mentioned in the podcast: Photo Taco - Lightroom Queen: Why not organize photos into folders by topic?...


Kaby Lake And Lightroom

Jeff Harmon talks about the very latest, 7th generation processors from Intel code named Kaby Lake and if they are meaningful to the performance of Lightroom and Photoshop. Resources mentioned in the podcast: Windows Photo Editing SUPER Guide: Lightroom CC 2015.8 and Kaby Lake: Photoshop CC 2017 and Kaby...


What Makes A Lens Fast and T-Stops

Jeff Harmon answers two listeners questions, that became 3 listener questions: Amber Davidson: Have you ever done a podcast on lens speed? I've heard people refer to a lens as "fast" but not all same aperture lenses are considered equal. Could you explain which lenses are ideal for sports and or children due to their ability to focus faster than other vs which you could use for everyday situations? Sidney Kantor: This now has me curious...if two lenses have the same aperture but one lens...


Getting Started With A Graphics Tablet

Jeff Harmon walks through the things he has learned as he has incorporated a graphics tablet into his post processing workflow and some specific settings to look at in Photoshop. Check out Brian Pex's very well done article at called "8 Reasons You Need a Wacom": 8 Reasons Why You Need a Wacom Tablet: Photo Taco Archive: iTunes review link:...


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