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Goblin Valley Workshop & Announcement & Celebrating Two Years of Milky Way

Are you stoked to join us for a Milky Way Workshop this year? Hope you are crazy excited because our first one is only a month away on April 16th through April 20th! In this first Milky Way Workshop of 2018, we are taking 12 participants out to Goblin Valley State Park, Goosenecks State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument! If you have considered joining us for a workshop, seriously consider this one as we are selling it for 30% off the regular price and that price includes all travel...


Milky Way at Joshua Tree & Wildlife Photography on the Channel Islands at Santa Cruz Island | Ep 71

In this episode we recap our first adventure out to Joshua Tree National Park and capturing a Milky Way Panorama over The Eye or Cyclops Rock and the amazing Joshua Trees on our way out to the LA area. With changes to our plans of getting out to the Yosemite Firefall we found ourselves in the area with lots of extra time so we booked a Day Trip out to Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands! We get to see pygmy Island Foxes and beautiful birds as they fly around the cliff faces of the...


Cracks, Badwater, Milky Way, Racetrack Playa & the Photog Adventures Curse in Death Valley | Ep 70

We spend a week in Death Valley with Jeff Pedersen and Tim McGowen doing Landscape Photography and Milky Way Photography over cracks, Badwater, Mesquite Sand Dunes, Charcoal Kilns and Racetrack Playa. In classic Photog Adventure style the curse lives on. February Milky Way Photography turns out to be fantastic just crazy brief and over the distant light bloom of Las Vegas. We talk about the challenges of really near foreground subjects in Milky Way Photography and remembering to focus stack!...


Inspired & Tired our 13-mile hike to look for our lost Inspire 1 Drone at the Wedge Overlook | Ep 69

Going out on a Saturday to the mini-Grand Canyon of Utah - the Wedge Overlook - for some fun location scouting and filming with the drone should be an easy going uneventful day. Well our trip with Daniel Lindhardt a couple Saturdays ago reminded us why some of you think of Photog Adventures as a Laurel and Hardy act or enjoy it because we are a couple of boneheaded photographers having a blast and you just enjoy our comedy of errors! This Photog MISAdventure starts out with some fun driving...


Five days of Sunrises & Sunsets over Arches, Canyonlands, Deadhorse Point & False Kiva | Ep 68

To start on 2018 really well, we joined Jeff Pedersen, Tim McGowen, Drew Armstrong & Kirk Keyes out in Moab to enjoy never sleeping and lots of Photography! We just missed Ed Shanahan out here, it was really too bad we missed him on this trip but he got an AMAZING sunrise at Mesa Arch that Monday. Jeff and Tim bragged about it allll week long as we never had that amazing of a sunrise at any location but some really great sunsets where the sky just blew up with pink afterglow! We capture...


Andrew Marr | Australian Landscape Photographer & YouTuber shares challenges of the Outback | Ep 67

Andrew Marr is one of the top five Landscape Photographers from Australia and we had a chance to hang out with him and talk the unique challenges of Perth, Australia area and the one thing you wouldn't expect from a coastal city like Perth. No clouds! Often, he can't even go out in the summer because there just are zero clouds in the sky let alone a quality and dynamic sky! We go over some of his favorite nearby locations in Perth, one of the crazy cool places he goes in his winters that...


Astro Photog Ep 4 | The Milky Way Is Back, Baby! Lunar Eclipse Next Week!

The FOURTH episode of Astro Photog to get you excited about the newly returned Milky Way Core and next week's Lunar Eclipse! Get your long lenses ready to go for an awesome Blood Moon on the LOW horizon in the United States right before Sunrise!


Announcing the Faroe Islands Workshop with James Kelly coming Sept. 10th - 17th, 2018 | BONUS

We talk with James Kelly about our upcoming Faroe Islands Workshop that is going to be a tremendous experience that we couldn't have imagined and really hope twelve of you will want to join us this September! James talks about his connection to the Faroe Islands, his years of experience there, the weather, culture, awesome potential for Landscape Photography and the blast we are going to have from Sept. 10th through 17th out there! Learn more about the workshop here:


We recap some "bests" of 2017 & declare goals for 2018 with Jordan Younce | Ep 66

Enjoy this Christmas Morning episode talking about our Goals for 2018 and recapping some of the "bests" we had in 2017. We begin the podcast talking about Jordan Younce's new adventure and the end of a chapter in his life. Then we go over his awesome recommendation on Picture Books, the best challenges, moments and images from 2017 and what we plan on doing in our Photography business goals for 2018! Sorry for the delay on this podcast causing all the Christmas Morning talk to be three...


What we learned in 2017 in our Landscape Photography and Milky Way Photography | Ep 65

In this second to last episode of 2017 we go over some of the major things we learned through more practice in our Landscape Photography and Astrophotography. Some of these can be obvious and are things we all know, but until you are out there enough and recognize when you are NOT doing them DESPITE KNOWING them or when you realize you are doing them just a little wrong it can make a big difference to your photography. After a year of going out to over 65 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS for...


Finishing our Oregon Coast trip talking Thor's Well, Cape Kiwanda & Cannon Beach | Ep 64

In this CRAZY EXTRA LONG EPISODE we cover our adventures from Sunrise out at famous Thor’s Well, awesome but frustrating sunset at Yaquina Head Lighthouse, great sunrise at Yaquina Bay Bridge, an AMAZING and highlight of the trip Sunset out at Cape Kiwanda and then an equally amazing sunrise out at Cannon Beach to finish out our trip along the Oregon Coast in November. We are joined by listeners John Henry Maurice and Kyle Kephart throughout this podcast and at times it happens suddenly....


Oregon 2017 Part Two: Bandon, Shore Acres & Heceta Head Lighthouse at Night | Ep 63

Second Part of our Oregon Coast 2017 Listener Adventure and this time we are in Bandon, Shore Acres State Park and at the Heceta Head Lighthouse! This trip had been fantastic but a day of rain moved us from the Brookings area up to Bandon with hope that the skies would clear by sunrise the next day and boy did the skies change! We talk about our working hard to take advantage of the gap in the cloudy skies at Bandon and later on Shore Acres on our way up to Heceta Head Lighthouse. We ended...


Oregon Coast Listener Adventure 2017 Part One: Redwoods of California & Secret Beach | Ep 62

We had an amazing Listener Adventure out in Oregon back in November and there are a LOT of stories to tell. To help us discuss the challenges of Wave Photography along the Oregon Coastline are listeners Drew Armstrong and Kirk Keyes who join us for three straight podcasts! This first podcast of the three focuses on the first days of our trip where wake up for the sunset in Northern California for Redwoods photography and then spend the evening out in Samuel H. Boardman's at Secret Beach...


Steel Wool Photography is very cool when you do it in really safe places | Ep 61

When you need something really different and very cool, Steel Wool Photography is a fantastic option! AS LONG AS YOU ARE SAFE! We talk about two separate trips where we go out to do Steel Wool Photography With Jeff, Melanie and Corey who teach us why it is so easy to be addicted to this type of Night Photography. Heading out to a place nearby called "Little Moab" we almost start a fire on our WAY there and then risk Brendon's Mercedes once again traveling to places we probably shouldn't be...


Serena Ho | Aussie Landscape Photographer talks Story, Inspiration & Near Death Experience | Ep 60

World Famous Australian Landscape Photographer Serena Ho joins the podcast to share her near death experience in Iceland, the power of story in your photography, inspiration in nature and inspiration for all of us working to make a name for ourselves in Photography. Serena has had amazing experiences worldwide these last few years thanks to her brave approach to following the dream of being a Landscape Photographer. Inspiring us to be better and live the dream the way we ALL wish we could!...


Michael Shainblum | Tips & tricks in Landscape Photography & a harrowing Milky Way adventure | Ep 59

We hang out with ultra popular and world renowned Milky Way and Landscape Photographer Michael Shainblum! We get an awesome opportunity to learn from Michael and get a chance to pick up some tips and tricks while hearing stories of his adventures out in places like Alabama Hills and unsuspecting amazing seascapes off San Francisco. We get a priceless experience to breakdown the creation, process and decisions behind two fantastic Ocean Landscape Images of his The Phoenix and The Rapture...


Late Season Milky Way Photography over Sand Dunes | Ep 58

We go out with Daniel Lindhardt for some late season Milky Way Photography over the Sand Dunes of the Little Sahara here in Utah. Looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet of cold October temperatures out at the Sand Dunes but instead we find that there are hordes of people out there! We talk about the challenges of lighting the dunes with only one light, staying safe amidst all those Can-Am and ATVs flying all over the place and difficulty with composition over light polluted spots...


Sunrise & Star Trails at Bryce Canyon with the Pocatello Photo Club | Ep 57

Invited by Larry Petersen from the Pocatello Photo Club to join them at Bryce Canyon National Park for a day, we got the opportunity to capture a beautiful short sunrise at Inspiration Point, a sunset from the top of a mile hiking trail in Losee Canyon and hang out roadside capturing Star Trails over Red Canyon's famous drive through arch on a night of a Full Moon. We discuss the challenges of meeting up with a group we have never met in person in the pre-sunrise pitch black morning,...


Fall Colors Sunset Photography in Dry Canyon with amazing afterglow | Ep 56

We share the successes and failures of our photog adventure up Dry Canyon. Hiking almost two hours to get to this amazing view from a rocky outcropping on the side of this Rocky Mountain foothill is such an amazing setting for some fall colors and Landscape Photography. The Sunset was potentially going to be blocked by a thick layer of clouds but optimism and perseverance won the day as the clouds opened up and bathed the magical, colorful landscape in amazing light. SHOW NOTES Photog...


Create Awesome Sharp Milky Way Photography From Day One | Ep 55

On this Cyber Monday, I talk about the behind the scenes of recording my first upcoming Milky Way Photography Online Course for Beginners that is coming out Dec. 26th. Stories of recording at locations of Salt Flats, Goblin Valley, Goosenecks, Natural Bridges, Knolls, Crater Lake and Mirror Lake. Expiring tonight at Midnight East Coast Time, get the $50 OFF deal right now at The Course will...


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