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Memory Almost Full

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Duration: 00:00:26

Life in the Fast Lane

Trying to be virtuous since the last podcast has of course collapsed into a shambles. Is anything left?

Duration: 00:04:32


After listening to the Russell Brand audiobook "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" and watching the related documentary, then the Netflix movie "What The Health?" this podcast is how and why I am making some radical changes...

Duration: 00:06:43

Guts & Glory

There is a new Astral Projects mini-story called "Purple is the New Green", this podcast introduces some of the science behind it, focusing on gut bacteria!

Duration: 00:04:49

Fatalism Attraction

Looks at the bewitching philosophies of fatalism, existentialism, nihilism and absurdism and their implications...

Duration: 00:10:10

A Stroke of Genius?

A journey through the teachings of Transactional Analysis, the Games People Play and more...

Duration: 00:24:54

My Big Toe

TOE stands for Theory of Everything, in this case from nuclear physicist Tom Campbell, he brings consciousness and psi phenomena into science to create this unified theory. Bringing together quantum mechanics, the double slit experiment but also personal experience, transcendental meditation, auras, out of body experiences (he was one of the pioneers with Robert Monroe)- find out if we are living in a digital simulation, and who the Big Cheese is in charge of it all... and why we are even...

Duration: 00:07:41

Robert Monroe and Journeys Out of Your Body

The man who was the pioneer behind the technology to journey out of your body, aka out of body experiences or astral projection. Includes The Monroe Institute, binaural beats, Hemi-Sync, hemispheric synchronisation, right brain, left brain, isochronic tones, mind machines, Gateway Experience, Lifeline, belief system territories and Focus 27.

Duration: 00:07:14

The Muse

Where does creative inspiration come from? Who were The Muses? What does it mean when artists and musicians have another person as their Muse and what are some famous examples? Where do the Muses appear in popular culture? Are the right brain and hypnagogia involved?

Duration: 00:05:27

Forever Jung

Delve into the world of the man who discovered synchronicity, the collective unconscious, introversion, extroversion, archetypes and more and hear the best example of synchronicity ever. Do Jung's views of spirituality trump Freud's view sex is behind all? How can you explore your inner world and talk to characters within?

Duration: 00:17:34

Deadtime Stories

Which tourist guide to the afterlife is best, The Egyptian or Tibetan Book of the Dead? What are the cheat codes? Is there a walkthrough? What is the Necronomicon- is it the wickedest book of all time? Join me for all this and more.

Duration: 00:12:20

Think Yourself Happy

REBT or Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy is based on systems such as Stoicism, and in turn is the foundation for today's most popular therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Here is a quick guide to concepts such as irrational beliefs and masturbation, and how to overturn them to a healthy and happy mind.

Duration: 00:07:46

Nobody's Fool

A re-recording of the podcast "I Hope You Die Soon", hopefully a bit smoother than yesterday's effort but still all about Advaita, Neoadvaita and Nonduality looking at the theory that all is just Oneness playing around and that there are no separate people really. With jokes galore it is more fun than it sounds, and will make you think too.

Duration: 00:28:58

The Map is not the Territory

A mind-bending journey through the powerful theories of Korzybski that will change the way you see reality forever and set you free from the prison of language. A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Dr Tom Picton. UK Amazon Author Page US Amazon Author Page Astral...

Duration: 00:20:56

Wilhelm Reich and Orgasm Science

The first real maverick Psychiatrist, who touted the importance of sexual liberation. This podcast includes 15 minute orgasms, banned and indeed burned books, Barbarella, Duran Duran, William Burroughs, Cloudbusting, Kate Bush, Fascism, Free Love, Freud, Gestalt, Marxism, Meetup groups, Nazis, Orgasm, The Orgasmatron, Orgasmic Meditation, Orgone, The Orgone Accumulator, Orgonon, Sean Connery, Taboos, Tesla, Tim Ferriss, Trump, UFOs, Wilhelm Reich and Woody Allen...

Duration: 00:12:34

The Count of St. Germain- Immortal or Bonkers?

Well, this guy did actually exist and some of what he is known to have done is pretty interesting, hanging with Louis XV, Marie Antoinette, Casanova, Voltaire and Mesmer, founder of hypnosis. But was he really 500 years old and if so how? Could he still be alive now? A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Dr Tom Picton. UK Amazon Author Page...

Duration: 00:11:41

Ra Ra Rasputin

He was Russia's greatest love machine. Was he lover of the Russian Queen? I dunno. But this podcast examines all the best gossip of his life, the sex, magic and intrigue. And his death- perhaps the most convoluted and frankly bizarre murder of all time.

Duration: 00:15:53

Tesla - Tantalizing Titbits and ... Trump?

Nikola Tesla was the most fascinating genius of the last century. Learn about his fascinating life and inventions a hundred years ahead of their time, and how a relative of Donald Trump entered the picture... . A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Dr Tom Picton. UK Amazon Author Page US Amazon...

Duration: 00:17:01

Wet Dreams, The Loud Rooster, Squirt, Cacti, Weight Loss and Autism- the Stories of Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson was one of the greatest hypnotists and hypnotherapists of all time, here are some of his best stories of curing patients in crazy seeming ways. He influenced Richard Bandler, NLP and much of modern hypnotherapy. And was funny. A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Dr Tom Picton. UK Amazon Author Page...

Duration: 00:23:31

Metaphor Magic

What are metaphors and how can they help you to understand the deep secrets of life and others? Why are stories so addictive to listen to? A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Dr Tom Picton. UK Amazon Author Page US Amazon Author Page Astral Projects Blog

Duration: 00:09:18

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