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Jim and Sean discuss game play, strategies, and memories of classic '80s and '90s arcade games.

Jim and Sean discuss game play, strategies, and memories of classic '80s and '90s arcade games.
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Jim and Sean discuss game play, strategies, and memories of classic '80s and '90s arcade games.




Bonus Episode!

Jim and Sean offer you a holiday gift: an extra episode! The Pie Factory hosts aren’t too afraid of…public speaking…to offer one more…broadcast…for 2017. Normally they talk about video games, but this time they get…behind the microphone…another way to talk about a topic pertinent to their past lives. For the…record…this episode’s transmission may make your … Continue reading Bonus Episode! →

Duration: 02:32:11

Episode 67: Buster Bros and Blasteroids

The last episode of 2017 brings you two guys talking about two late ’80s games with two…uhhh…something or other. Ooh…and is there a special something for Patreon supporters? Only time will tell. Advertisements

Duration: 01:43:39

Episode 66: Lunar Lander and Red Baron

Jim and Sean wax philosophical about two Atari vector graphics games. (And unfortunately, new computer = new audio issues, for which they apologize.) Are Sean and Jim stealing No Quarter’s “Novecter” idea? Only time will tell, but listen for details…if any! Advertisements

Duration: 01:32:14

Episode 65: Star Trek and Galaxian

So here’s the situation. It’s October. It’s 2017. By process of elimination, that means it’s October 2017. Putting two and two together, you get twotwo. Strategically simulate operations and shoot some suicidal space creatures with Sean and Jim as they answer that musical question: “Huh?” Advertisements

Duration: 01:27:06

Episode 64: Lock’n Chase and tHiEF

That’s right, it’s time for another enliftening episode of Pie Factory Podcast. What? You think you’ll skip this one? No, don’t…..cop….out! ha ha! You’ll be…robbed…of some amazing listening! *snort!* (See what I did there?) Advertisements

Duration: 01:31:14

Episode 63: Space Harrier and Out Run

Congratulations: you survived the end of the world! Your reward is getting to listen to the soothing sounds of Jim’n’Sean waxing nostalgic about two Sega games. Will Jim finally find the lost chord? Will Sean be reunited with his ticker tape machine? Listen and find out. Advertisements

Duration: 02:01:38

Episode 62: Moon Patrol and Rampart

So it’s come to this: the last episode of Pie Factory Podcast for the summer! Jim and Sean wax poetically about each of their adventures the great summer of 2017 has thrust upon them, and they make their fall predictions. Oh, wait…never mind; they never got around to doing that. Instead, they talked about classic … Continue reading Episode 62: Moon Patrol and Rampart →

Duration: 01:46:03

Episode 61: Krull and Q*bert

Our thoughts are with those affected by Harvey right now; if any of our listeners are among them, we hope that this episode gives them at least a little bit of a silver lining. But hey, want to learn some algebra? 2 x Gottlieb = episode 61. Whoa.

Duration: 02:01:46

Episode 60: Interview with Jeffrey Lee

Despite our best efforts at putting out a quality Podcast, Jeff Lee, creative genius behind Q*Bert, managed to sit through an entire episode to talk to us about his games, books, artwork, and other hobbies. If there ever was an episode of a podcast, this certainly is one of them.

Duration: 01:41:43

Episode 59: Crossbow and Rip Off

Two games. Two arcade games. You play ’em. You shoot stuff. And one of the games has a dangling preposition in the title. And this will be the final Pie Factory Podcast episode until the next one. Which will be 60. Followed by 61 and 68, with possible episodes in between. Mark your calendar as … Continue reading Episode 59: Crossbow and Rip Off →

Duration: 01:33:55

Episode 58: The Empire Strikes Back and Paperboy

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,”The Empire Strikes Back,” adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna virtvic. Ut Jim ad minim Sean, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco ferg nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in “Paperboy” velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur … Continue reading Episode 58: The Empire Strikes Back and Paperboy →

Episode 57: Two Tigers and 1942

Believe it or not, this is not the first episode of Pie Factory Podcast to come out in July 2017. Except it is. And it’s about two games this time. Just like almost all of the other episodes. You listen now. And you wish Steve Touhy of Touhyville a happy birthday. Now.

Duration: 01:38:13

Episode 55: Black Widow and Centipede

Jim fights his laptop over good audio while Sean repeatedly gets the name of a Pretenders song wrong. It’s all a barrel of fish until someone gets hurt, right here on Pie Factory Podcast.

Duration: 01:58:33

Episode 54: Bubbles and Make Trax

What is the sound of one hand clapping? Why, it’s the next installment of the witty, irreverent, and third adjectiveless Pie Factory Podcast. Sean and Jim go all Williams on y’all for the last episode during meteorological spring; see you in June! (Yes, we’re watching you!)

Duration: 01:53:57

Episode 53: Gauntlet and Pole Position

Okay, okay, we get it: Sean needs to see more movies. But hey, listen to him discuss a classic dungeon game and a landmark racing game with Jimmy G, the man with a message. Or an awkward limp. We don’t remember for sure.

Duration: 02:11:04

Episode 51: Uncle Poo and Pac & Pal

Congratulation! You have wisely chosen to listen to Pie Factory Podcast’s last episode before Midwest Gaming Classic 2017 — we’ll be back after MGC with any exciting news and developments we encounter. Now… Let’s Uncle Poo!

Duration: 01:51:06

Episode 50: Bust-A-Move and Jungle Hunt

Home? I have no home. Hunted. DESPISED. The jungle is my home. Where I can bust a move and listen to the mammoth blockbuster episode 50 of Pie Factory Podcast. Now, stop tampering in God’s domain.

Duration: 02:14:20

Episode 49: Spy Hunter and Vanguard

Sean and Jim are back from their three-week tour of Europe, Scandinavia, and the subcontinent to talk about a coupla games. You guard a van, and you hunt spies. There. Now you don’t have to listen. No, wait…yes, you do.

Duration: 01:49:52

Special announcement from Pie Factory Podcast

Just a quick update on the current state of Pie Factory Podcast. She looks so great. Every time I see her face she puts me in a state…state of Pie Factory Podcast.

Duration: 00:03:59

Episode 48: Mappy and WWF WrestleFest

Super Podcast Brothers’ Andy Reierson joins Sean and Jim as they discuss two games that are such natural bedfellows that it’s a disgrace that Pie Factory Podcast went on for 48 episodes before this pairing finally happened. Prepare to be Timinized!

Duration: 02:15:06

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