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The Strength

The super coolest anti-pod is back to discuss The Strength and what is it anyway? Lava lamp guy stops in for an identity crisis, Mark doesn’t have throat cancer and David struggles to read off his phone. Everyone discusses their preferred way to die and Joey learned a French phrase so he has to tell everyone. Also middle school makeouts, the small dick lobby and Mark’s favorite races on the golf course.

Duration: 01:11:24

Stripper Stories and Baseball

We didn’t get around to baseball

Duration: 01:18:24

Sexual Harassment

The crew begins by mourning the death of a dear friend of the Pod but finds the strength to move on and unpack the political hotbutton issue of Filipino Barber Shops. Andrew shares the values he has learned and instilled teaching at a Chinese immersion school and everyone discusses their uncomfortable sexual past. Mark poses the single worst hypothetical of all time and celebrity rumors are unveiled.

Duration: 01:14:06

Fat Superhero

The guys come up with a hero we need AND deserve while Mark wonders if Captain Morgan was a historical figure. They highlight Mark’s showdown with TSA and upcoming trip to Hawaii. Then everyone fails at marketing terminology and argues about how to pee. It all leads up to a surpise ending.

Duration: 00:30:57

Sensitivity Training

Podcasting during one of the greatest baseball games ever played, everyone weighs in on whether or not a professional athlete should have been given sensitivity training for calling a Japanese and Iranian man a little Chinese boy. They discuss their careers in burlesque and Mark’s past fame as a Jackass knockoff. Joey recounts when he was the bassist in a band for which he made hats, then everybody gets real excited about fish. They talk about life on AIM, and David’s orthodontic plans.

Duration: 01:17:03

Breaking and Entering

Everyone talks about their criminal histories, and David’s is the dumbest. Mark reminisces about his favorite Coat Factory, and Andrew goes to the Color Factory to take pictures of himself.

Duration: 00:55:25

Benjamin Button’s Hero Cake

The fellas don’t save a life, debate whether we can age backwards, tackle Andrew’s experience with racism and examine the impact David’s backpack had on his sexuality.

Duration: 00:58:37