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Ep. 36 | Chelsea Streifeneder; The Pilates Family Business

Jenna shares a behind the scenes tease about her exciting trip out west to the Balanced Body headquarters. Chelsea Streifeneder joins to candidly discuss the joys and stresses of owning and directing your own Pilates studio as well as her experience as a Pilates Style Magazine cover model. Shout out to Ali Breen/Pilates Royalty Thanks to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Profitable Pilates, Keep Simple Design, 360 Pilates. References: Chelsea's Studio Shape Up Program

Duration: 01:22:47

Ep. 35 | Emilee Garfield; Cancer Saved Her Life

We've called in the cavalry! Jenna is a bit down for the count, so her behind-the-scenes team has stepped up to the mic! Jenna does briefly speak on how teachers can manage their energy during trying times and this week's interview is with Emilee Garfield. Emilee is a warm and magnetic teacher who has not only battled cancer and beat it, but is also sharing her Cancer Core Recovery with the world! Sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Profitable Pilates, Pilates Education Institute, Farm Girl...

Duration: 01:08:13

Ep. 34 | Trina Altman

Today's episode is about an unexpected schnauzer and what it means to be in the Pilates community. We have guest, Trina Altman, take us through the ins and outs of deconstructing and reconstructing Yoga and Pilates and what the modern Pilates career looks like. Thank you to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Profitable Pilates, Keep Simple Design, Good Citizen References: Jay Grimes

Duration: 01:40:31

Ep. 33 | Sonja Herbert

This week Jenna shares about the launch of her new online course, Teach Happy Virtual Classroom. Her guest is Sonja Herbert of Commando Core Fitness and Black Girl Pilates. This conversation gets to the root definition of "unfiltered" with a candid and honest talk about racism as well as the lack of representation of Pilates Teachers of color in the industry today. We shout out to Amanda Kindschy in Mignon, WI and Jenna shares her workout of the week on Pilates Anytime: Class #3122 with...

Duration: 02:02:31

Ep. 32 | Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St Francis

This week's episode has Jenna asking the question, "What are you doing with the rest of your life?" A full teaching weekend and a close encounter with a moving vehicle has her reenergized and inspired to be doing the work she wants to be doing right now. Our guests are Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St Francis of Zebrafish Neuro bringing the work of spinal cord injury recovery into the Pilates world. We shout out to Eurona Tilley of Epiphany Pilates in Fairfax, VA and Jenna brings you her...

Duration: 02:10:28

Ep. 31 | John Garey

We're back for Season 4! It's been a busy summer for Jenna and the Pilates Unfiltered team, but we're ready for our most unfiltered season yet! We kick it off with John Garey this week - he and Jenna discuss everything from his incredible energy level, to managing sessions, to the role of online media in the industry. References: Moving from Good to Great, Article: Gossip. What I Know For Sure by Oprah, FAMI - Anatomy Workshop Gratitude for our Sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Lesley Logan...

Duration: 01:41:17

BONUS EPISODE - The Insider Track of Selling a Pilates Studio with Jenna and Erin Johnson

It's our first bonus of Season 3! In this special episode, Jenna discusses her motivations for selling her studio. We hear from a special caller who is going through the same thing and Jenna sits down with the new owner of her studio, Erin Johnson. The two get candid about the process, complete with the anxiety they went through, how they chose to see this as a collaboration rather than just a transaction and share advice for anyone who may be considering selling or buying a Pilates...

Duration: 01:23:55

Ep 30 | SEASON THREE FINALE! With Kevin Bowen

Another season, another amazing finale!! This episode follows the trend of finale's past with a special line up. You'll recap the highlights of the last ten episodes with some expanded wisdom from your host, Jenna. Listeners receive a HUGE gift of a musical-call-to-action to RISE UP through learning, teaching, sharing and supporting each other. Our season finale guest, Kevin Bowen keeps it real in a no-holds-barred conversation about the industry, working with men, and the future of Core...

Duration: 01:28:15

Ep. 29 | Erika Quest

This week we talk about moving away from discouragement and towards encouragement in our teaching and professional Pilates careers. Jenna references a lively discussion from the Pilates Unfiltered Facebook Forum - thank you to all contributors! We'll also hear from the fabulous Erika Quest about changing your movement practice to fit your needs, neuroplasticity, and the balancing act of being an international presenter. Special thanks to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Farm Girl Marketing.

Duration: 01:42:33

Ep. 28 | Going More Joe with Sunni Almond and Tracy Maurstad

In this episode we discuss bringing elements of fun into the process of making big changes and Jenna shares an "otherworldly" experience of channelling a message from Joseph Pilates through song (of course.) Our listener's are reminded that Pilates teachers are always watching - even in the drive-thru at Starbucks - and the conversation between Jenna and guests Sunni Almond and Tracy Maurstad look at the challenges, benefits and passion that they've received from returning to the classical...

Duration: 01:44:01

Ep. 27 | Tandy Gutierrez

Jenna is coming to you 'live' from Pilates Anytime in Santa Barbara this week. She gives you an insight into her before and after experience filming her new classes. Spoiler Alert: Cheryle makes an appearance! Our guest this week is another Pilates Unicorn - Tandy Gutierrez of Mat & Kitchen. This world traveller gives us her insight into the unique career she has built to support movers of all kinds! Thank you to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Farm Girl Marketing, Pilates Education Institute.

Duration: 01:25:24

Ep. 26 | Amy Taylor Alpers

Let's talk empathy vs. compassion. Jenna gives her take on the nuanced differences. We hear a rant from an anonymous caller about something we ALL have been through - solidarity! Finally, we are joined by the one and only Amy Taylor Alpers for a rich and thoughtful conversation on the evolution of Pilates and encouragement for any/all teachers in their unique work! References: What The Foot? Thank you to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Pilates Education Institute, Keep Simple Design.

Duration: 01:50:50

Ep. 25 | James Crader

Jenna talks to us about her thoughts on the story or identity we begin our day with and sings us a little ditty about the recently trending "Bromper." James Crader is on the show this week and he and Jenna dive into the depths of the differentiation between movement, exercise, Pilates, and so much more. If you love getting into the minutia of movement, this episode is for you! Thanks to our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Pilates Metrics, Pilates Education Institute. References: Katy Bowman,...

Duration: 01:45:32

Ep. 24 | Lesley Logan

Call it inviting the chaos, or involuntary drama - Jenna explores the idea of how unnecessary stress can enter our lives when we sometimes don't even realize it. We then dive into a vibrant discussion with Lesley Logan on the unique and varied pathways of a Pilates career and the growing world of coaching in the industry. Exceedingly grateful for our sponsors: Pilates Anytime, Pilates Education Institute, and Keep Simple Design. References: Kristi Cooper's Blog Post, A Course In Miracles,...

Duration: 01:45:50

Ep. 23 | Rebekah Rotstein

This week we explore how to take Pilates from being our clients' weekly "pit stop" to becoming their dedicated practice by upping the perceived value of the time spent in the studio. Jenna shares another original about "the client who got away," and we go deep into a hip hinge intervention with our guest Rebekah Rotstein. We'll learn about Buff Bones, building online content, transitioning your teaching to the next level and the future of research in the Pilates Industry. Sponsors: Pilates...

Duration: 01:41:10

Ep. 22 | Shawn Healey

This week we hear about the phenomenon (that Jenna made up) called Identity Amnesia and a call to action for the #ihavesomethingtosay. The shout outs are flowing with love for Aligned For Life Pilates, Breathe Education and Katie Surridge. We also hear from a caller who is calling for all of us and how we can support her. Finally, we get down and dirty into some of the truths of owning a Pilates studio with Shawn Healey of Dragon Koi Consulting. References: Gabby Bernstein, Rob Bell....

Duration: 01:32:47

Ep. 21 | Season 3 Opener with Blossom Leilani Crawford

It's our third season and we couldn't be more thrilled to kick it off with gratitude!! Jenna announces a special edition of The Pilates Love Movement, gives some much needed industry support shout outs and introduces listeners to an "unfiltered" Blossom Leilani Crawford. The duo talk about history, running studios, being mothers, major teaching fails and even how they had exercises named after them (thankfully, Jenna's didn't stick!) It's a great kick off to a great season! Referenced: The...

Duration: 01:57:31

BONUS EPISODE - "Listenerpalooza"

We're still on a break before Season 3, but we couldn't stay away the whole time. In this BONUS episode, we hear your answers to our "questions of the week!" Topics like firing clients, raising prices and non-pilates conversations in a session are at the top of the list. We even have our very first CLIENT RANT! And, a bonus episode isn't a bonus without the musical stylings of our host, Jenna Zaffino. Sit back and enjoy the fun and mark your calendars for 5/4/17 when Season 3 hits the...

Duration: 01:02:27

Ep. 20 | FINALE! With Amy Havens

We bring our second season to a close with Pilates Pro, Amy Havens. A long-time teacher in the industry, Amy brings a warmth and curiosity to the conversation as well as some good old fashioned fun! The duo talk about being in a generation of teachers that is working to define itself, continuing your continuing education and letting go of unrealistic expectations. They also introduce the listeners to a term they coined: FRENOPAUSE and play some fun Pilates-themed party games. Thank you to...

Duration: 01:28:34

Ep. 19 | Jessica Valant

Updates on sponsorship, becoming a guest on the show and Jenna's free webinar kick off this week's episode. We dive deep into dealing with setbacks and disappointment and have an in-depth interview with Physical Therapist and Pilates Pro, Jessica Valant. We'll talk about the teacher training improvements, women's health issues like diastasis and prolapse and debunk the rumored benefits of the "vagina weight." Tara Brach | Ph.D, psychologist, author and teacher of meditation, emotional...

Duration: 01:34:22

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