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09: Solo Travel + Crafting Meaningful Journeys with Amber Englund

Have a case of wanderlust, a curious spirit, and a desire to know yourself and God in deeper ways? Then solo travel might be calling to you. In today’s new episode I’m talking to psychotherapist Amber Englund, who took a solo trip to Italy last fall and returned home transformed and renewed. In our conversation, we explore what made her decide to make this journey alone, how she crafted a meaningful journey, and the ways in which her experience has influenced her life at home. Find episode...


08: Silence + The Contemplative Path with Rich Lewis

Silence, solitude, stillness—these postures are tools for the pilgrim and markers of the Contemplative Path. Rich Lewis of silenceteaches.com has been entering silence daily for years through the practice of Centering Prayer and believes that silence can teach us both more of ourselves and of God. In today’s conversation, we talk about contemplation and the Contemplative Path and explore how the silence experienced in Centering Prayer can make the practice so transformative. Find episode...


07: Vocation + Meaningful Work with Dan Cumberland

The New Year often has us contemplating how we can pursue more meaning in our everyday lives, and in my conversation today with Dan Cumberland of themeaningmovement.com we explore how to discern our vocation and find meaning in our work. Find episode notes and subscribe to receive updates at asacredjourney.net/podcast. This episode is brought to you by my 2018 Creation Pilgrimage. Join me on pilgrimage May 19-25 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest as we seek to know more of the Divine and...


06: The Liturgical Year with Jenn Giles Kemper

With Advent nearly upon us and the holiday season in full swing, Jenn Giles Kemper of Sacred Ordinary Days shares with us how we can infuse spirituality and intention into this season and the seasons to come through following the Liturgical Year. Giveaway: Win a new Sacred Ordinary Days Liturgical Day Planner! To enter to win a new Sacred Ordinary Days Liturgical Day Planner for the upcoming year, leave an iTunes review of Pilgrim Podcast by December 5. All previous reviews will be...


05: Rewilding + Journeying with Nature with Mary DeJong

How has nature been a teacher on your spiritual journey? Eco-theologian and pilgrimage guide Mary DeJong of Waymarkers answers this question in today’s new episode of Pilgrim Podcast and offers inspiration and suggestions for how we, too, can begin to journey with nature through the practice of Rewilding. Find episode notes and subscribe to receive updates at asacredjourney.net/podcast. Ready to begin journeying with nature? Join me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest May 19-25, 2018, as...


04: Ancestral Pilgrimage with Christine Valters Paintner

It’s All Saint’s Day in the Christian Church, and today I’m talking to Christine Valters Paintner of abbeyofthearts.com about the practice of ancestral pilgrimage and how we can glean wisdom from those who have gone before us in this season of remembrance. Find episode notes and subscribe to receive updates at asacredjourney.net/podcast. This episode is brought to you by my upcoming Creation Pilgrimage. Join me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest May 19-25, 2018, as we draw close to the...


01: SoulStrolling with Kayce Hughlett

It’s our first official interview, and today we’re talking with Kayce Hughlett about SoulStrolling. Kayce is an author, soul guide, and self-proclaimed “artist of being alive,” and in our conversation, we explore listening to the call within, going on pilgrimage to unconventional places, practicing SoulStrolling at home, and more. Find show notes and subscribe to receive updates at https://asacredjourney.net/podcast. This episode is brought to you by Journey Shop, where I sell handmade...


Welcome to the Pilgrim Podcast: An Introduction

Pilgrim Podcast is a new bi-weekly podcast exploring spirituality and intention in travels and daily life and what it means to live like a pilgrim at home and abroad. In each episode, we’ll join fellow seekers in conversation to on pilgrimages abroad, meaningful journeys at home, and the surprising paths life sends us down that always lead to transformation. In this introductory episode, listen in as host Lacy Clark Ellman of asacredjourney.net shares her own journey with pilgrimage at...


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