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Why the Church Fails to Make Disciples

Pillar Seminary's own leadership guru Donnell Moore leads Eric and Dan in a discussion about making disciples. Donnell talks about why efforts in discipleship often fail to yield fruit, and offers a better way forward.

Duration: 00:21:16

May He Bathe in Blood and Pus

Eric and Scott talk about ancient Near Eastern land grant texts (and their hilariously worded curses). Parallels in the Book of Joshua are shown, followed by a demonstration of the importance of land in the Bible, using the story of Naboth's Vineyard as a test case.

Duration: 00:19:08

Some Background on the Word "Gospel"

Dan walks Eric and Scott through some Old Testament and Roman uses of the word "Gospel" to wind up at a better understanding of the word in the New Testament.

Duration: 00:15:07

From the Classroom: Musings on Exodus & God's Presence

Eric brings up a discussion he had with second year students on the meaning of the Book of Exodus. Also on the table is Pillar's unique approach to training church leaders in Bible.

Duration: 00:18:58

The Longevity of Volunteers and Pastors

This week the topic is a law about a mother bird and her nest (Deuteronomy 22:6-7). Eric, Scott, and Dan discuss the meaning of the law and how proper application of it can increase the longevity of church volunteers and pastors.

Duration: 00:23:34

Genesis and the Canopy Theory

Eric, Scott, and Dan discuss the ancient Near Eastern approach to "the waters above the sky" found in Genesis, and address a view common in some Christian circles called "the canopy theory."

Duration: 00:17:54

It's the Book of Revelation, not Revelations! Part 2/4

In part 2 of our Book of Revelation series, Dan gets us closer to addressing questions of the millennium, tribulation, and rapture by laying out the historical interpretive grids for the book. Also, Eric and Scott really appreciate Dan's perspective.

Duration: 00:18:49

Charlottesville, Diversity, and an Ox Law

Special guest Myron Pierce leads a discussion on diversity, including what can be done to move the church forward and practices that continue to hold us back. Eric and Scott then use a law about an Ox in Exodus as instruction for what our proper posture and response should be.

Duration: 00:31:24

Climate in the Ancient World and the Bible

Scott walks Dan through an overview of the latest in paleoclimate research and talks a little about how this impacts how we read some of the Bible.

Duration: 00:24:02

It's the Book of Revelation, not Revelations! Part 1/4

We got a question sent in about the Book of Revelation, the tribulation, and the rapture. In this episode, Dan begins his four-part answer by looking at what the Book of Revelation claims to be and how that impacts the way we approach it.

Duration: 00:23:19

Sarah: 90 Years Old and Super Hot?

Eric, Scott, and Dan wrap up their discussion of numbers in Genesis by taking a look at the ages of the patriarchs in light of their culture and their story.

Duration: 00:19:39

Methuselah was 969 years old? Really?

Eric, Scott, and Dan answer a listener's question about the super long life spans given in Genesis 5 by looking at the Sumerian King List.

Duration: 00:19:05

How to Handle All Those Bible Specials & Documentaries

Eric asks Scott how his research in ancient texts and archaeology impacts the local church, asking the practical question, "What do we do with Bible specials and documentaries that sometimes challenge and sometimes support a position we may hold?".

Duration: 00:24:29

How Many People Actually Took Part in the Exodus?

Eric, Scott, and Dan give data from both archaeology and Hebrew to show that we need to adjust how we view numbers in the Old Testament and its world.

Duration: 00:22:14

Satan, Part 2: A New Testament Perspective

Dan talks to Eric and Scott about how we got from the Old Testament adversary Satan to the New Testament super-bad-guy Satan. This episode goes a little longer, but it's good stuff.

Duration: 00:28:14

Satan, Part 1: An Old Testament Perspective

In the first of a two-part series on Satan in the Bible, Eric, Scott and Dan take a look at Satan in the Old Testament.

Duration: 00:21:38

Our Anemic Gospel

If the Gospel is the death and resurrection of Jesus, then why are the Gospels in the New Testament so long? Do we have it right? Eric and Scott jump in to the middle of Luke and discuss.

Duration: 00:24:43

Luke, Sam Is Your Father

Old Testament scholars often read the Gospels differently. In this episode, Scott shows how a deeper understanding of the Book of Samuel enriches our reading of the Gospel of Luke.

Duration: 00:18:10

Ancient Near Eastern Bow and Arrows & Noah

Eric and Scott show how understanding bow and arrows in the ancient Near East can help clarify important Bible passages, they then discuss an often overlooked role of context in sharing the Gospel.

Duration: 00:20:54

What if Song of Songs is not about Jesus?

Why is Song of Songs in the Bible? How do we read those strange metaphors? Eric and Scott dive in to some pretty ... fun verses.

Duration: 00:23:58

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