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PinkShots Podcast The Podcast For Women By Women

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PinkShots Podcast a Podcast audio show for women by women. Discussing Relationships, Family, Dating, Money, Sex, drinking, people places and thing related to women's field of vision. Send your question to Names will be changed to protect the innocent.

PinkShots Podcast a Podcast audio show for women by women. Discussing Relationships, Family, Dating, Money, Sex, drinking, people places and thing related to women's field of vision. Send your question to Names will be changed to protect the innocent.
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PinkShots Podcast a Podcast audio show for women by women. Discussing Relationships, Family, Dating, Money, Sex, drinking, people places and thing related to women's field of vision. Send your question to Names will be changed to protect the innocent.






Care Less, Love More

Care Less.. Love More.. sounds a little harsh? On the contrary… It’s what we think we all need to do a little more of. Listen in to our podcast as we explain what that phrase means to us with our guest who has a fantastic perspective. Rich Aguilar is a former pastor who found his new passion in life with photography and has developed a unique and positive way to look though the lens of life. The senseless tragedy in Florida just shows that now more than ever we could all use some inspiring...


How to lose 150 pounds like a bad ass!

Today we are talking to our friend Roz who has been through her own private hell and is working hard to make herself a better version of herself every day for over a year now. Listen in and find out about the pain, the struggle, the tears and the amazing success she has had this past year. Hear about how she did it and what keeps her motivated. Roz has gained many many follower on instagram and in real life, that she motivates on a daily basis with her success and her no bullshit mindset.


Generation Z and Millennials... Is the future lost?

Generation Z and Millennials - misrepresented or misunderstood? As we in the "older generations" try to work around, be around and figure out these kiddos, could it be they are simply misunderstood or perhaps a product of our own parenting? Pour a glass of wine and listen in as we have one very special guest explain her views and answers our WTH questions.


LIVE PinkShots Podcast Bad Date Storytelling

Listen in to our first ever live podcast as we sat down and had some great coffee in downtown Valparaiso, IN at FLUID Coffee House. We told and heard some really great bad date stories and a whole lot more. We hope you get a few laughs and enjoy it as much as we did recording it.


Black Mirror and other Future Music

Have we become a society obsessed with the approval of others? After watching an episode of Neflix's "Black Mirror" it got us thinking (and one of us very freaked out): Where the hell is our own happiness heading? It's becoming as slippery of a slope as trying to drink wine and ice-skating. Why are we always looking for happiness from the outside in? So pour your fantastic self a cocktail (unless you're driving) and listen in as we talk about this not so futuristic epidemic.


New Years Resolutions

It’s the ‘New Year New Me’ blah blah blah... how many of us make resolutions? Better yet how many of us actually keep them? Listen in as we keep ours: to keep speaking our unfiltered semi crazy minds and hopefully keep you entertained.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like racist swipes, social media stalking and the Krampus

'tis the time to talk about racists on Tinder and Co., Social Media Stalking and the Krampus... Don't know what the Krampus is? Well listen in and find out together with us as we reflect on our year and get in the mood for Christmas and a happy new year..



Why do women who choose #notme towards motherhood get such a bad rep in our society? Why is choosing a career over changing diapers somehow a less "fulfilling" life for a woman? Listen in as we have our third guess on the show who discusses with us her issues with trying to be accepted for the woman she chooses to be.... even if that choice is not to be a mom.


Patching the Patchwork Family...

In this episode we are discussing patchwork families and how we as women are always responsible, that everyone in the family is happy. Have you ever had to introduce a new partner to your children? This is THE episode for you! Listen in and hear us answer our first listener question!


Parenting Fails

Every parent has at least once in their parenting career doubted themselves... we all think we screw our children up for life with many different things. Today we are taking a closer look into our own parenting fails and the fails that we remember from our own childhood. Listen and enjoy!


Life Aint so bad

Do you know these people that always find something wrong with life? We all have these days sometimes, where we just can't see the silver lining right? But if you just look around yourself and what other people have to deal with... All of a sudden your life doesn't look so bad, does it? Take a look at this topic with us today! Enjoy!


Liar, Liar, Pants on F___ing Fire

Have you ever been lied to? Have you told those little white lies before? You wife/girlfriend asks you, "Do I look fat in this?" and you tell her a safe lie by saying "Nope, you look great in this skin tight dress". We've all been there. We've all been lied to before and some of them hurt like hell. Listen in and enjoy our take on liars.


Everything delivered and our Lazy Ass Society

Our society is getting more and more convenient... we get everything delivered - from food, meal kits to razors and tampons. Where did the "good old days" go, where you go out to the farmers market and actually talk to people? We are working more and more and getting more and more stressed out and some of the conveniences we are paying for, actually pay off. Listen in and enjoy our silly view on our lazy ass society.


Strong Women, Real Men, Relationships and the Whore Phase

Some men are afraid of strong women... And some women, don't know, what they really want from a man... How are men supposed to know, what a "real man" is anymore, or what women want at all? We are discussing this issue with our first man on the show. He can give us some insight into the view from a man's perspective. Also he explained the very important "whore phase"... It's probably now, what you expect. So tune in and enjoy our talk about strong women, real men and the whore phase!


Lets Talk About Sex

Sex.. A subject that has so many topics and we are just getting started! In this episode we discuss why it socially acceptable for guys to ‘take care of business’ but somehow if women do it’s considered dirty? isn’t 1950 anymore and women need to realize how a little bit of ‘self-love’ can go a looong way.


Some say I do, Some say I don't - Marriage vs. Cohabitating

Falling in love, dating, getting married, having kids... Isn't that how it is supposed to go? But for many people this is not the way it goes. Even if you have the best of plans, things might not work out the way, they are supposed to according to society. And who is there to tell us anyway, how it is "supposed" to be? There are plenty of different ways, life can go. Nicole has been married twice and is now back to the dating game in her 40s. Sabine is married for the second time and is...


PinkShots Podcast - Communication

Lost in translation or texting in the 20th Century Social media, as well as texting, are integral parts of our lives nowadays. But have you ever noticed the problems it brings with it? People think they are social without being social anymore. We sit at home alone and connect with people only through our computer or phone. Is this really being social or are we getting more and more out of touch with “real” people and society? Communication has changed so much over the past years. Do we...


Pink Shots Podcast Introduction

Hey, Guys, we (Sabine and Nicole) would like to welcome you to Our new podcast. Our Show is about grown women's topics realted to children, dating marriage, friendship and current events. Join us on Facebook - Twitter Instagram -


PinkShots Podcast Platonic Friendship

Sabine and Nicole dive deep into the having men as Just friend. Is it ok, or can you have platonic opposite sex friendships inside and outside of a relationship? Television and media offer the notion platonic relationships just don't exist. Look at any move and often the plot is ruined by a gratuitous sex scene from two people who clearly should be platonic. Does this affect real or reflect real life? How do you feel about your partner have a friend of the opposite sex, with whom they...


PinksShots Podcast - Episode 2 Dating

Dating has changed in recent times. How do you navigate the scene of finding companionship, a mate or partner? Nicole and Sabine dive into the dating subject tackling the method of dating from back in the day to the current model of dating such as Bumble, Tinder, and POF and dating apps. We also look at the action and experiences of dating in the modern era. If you