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My Trusty Alcohol

Weird work schedules Partying on a Friday How to lose a fridge in 10 days Forgetting your lines onstage You smoke weed, boy? Getting “jih-ter-ee-er” on coke Using mushrooms (Key only, not either of us) Terry Gilliam movies Who’s the best Spiderman? (The word is “franchise”) Finding our D and D Orientation Finding our Patronus Octopi or Octopodes? Getting rid of Facebook Going to the snow Baby proofing your house Dog dreaming Dead Like Me Links Time Bandits Time Bandits (1981) - IMDb Hunter...

Duration: 01:47:13

Paying The Premium Rate

We back up and cover our collective pasts. We're making picks of the week and didgeridoos. -Trailer Park Boys- R.I.P. Mr. Lahey -Giant Asian Sticker -It's not poop, it's farts -Picks of the week -Orionid Meteor Shower - World Series -Old Nintendo Games -There's too much beer in this house -Parking Downtown -Turns out, we want to receive what we have paid for -N64 vs PS1 -Living life with backwards compatibility -Too many old video games -What part of being an adult were you least prepared...

Duration: 01:26:41

Hey! ... Thanks!

The guys take a time machine back to the good ol' days of delivering pizzas and watching Batman media. Don't worry about us, we're just waiting for our money.

Duration: 01:12:46

Just Poopin', You Know How We Be

Howdy y'all, Ya Boys are back and chatting. This time we get into it all: lasers, hellfire, going back to the grocery store because you left your wallet in the frozen food... You name it, and it is discussed!

Duration: 00:44:56

No Sleep, No Drink... Now with Musical Breaks!

Doc and Key are feeling great and showing it! Ceej is pretty sick and low energy, apologies. We get down to the nitty gritty on bespoke Tom Collins recipes, certified organic leeches, and why people insist on calling all robots "The Tin Man"

Duration: 01:02:11