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Each and every Monday night (8pm -10pm) the Pitch Talk Live show hits YouTube, where we discuss the latest issues in football no matter how big or small. We discuss points from the top of the game to the grassroots level with a devoted segment featuring 2 Womens teams & an AFA/SAL (Amateur football Alliance/Southern Amateur League respectively). If there’s a story to be spoken about then we’ll hit it head on with honest opinions & of course get our skypers & callers involved. Our mantra is we the people, for the people & because of that we’re inclusive not exclusive. We are a growing football community based around a common love of the beautiful game known as football (Soccer for you guys stateside). Pitch Talk is co-hosted by Straight Shootin' LJA (Liam Angell), Da G-Man (Gavin Henry) & Gezzie Fizzle (Gerald Williamson)






Pitch Talk 20-02-2017

This episode of Pitch Talk discusses Howard Webb moving to America to oversee their video assistant referee project & Mark Clattenburg going to replace him as head of refereeing in Saudi Arabia & the potential impact both could make in their new roles. We discuss FA reform & the Government's motion of No confidence and try to answer the question of who could reform the FA if they or the government can't. We look at the lack of diversity on the 122 person FA council and the reasons why. We...

Duration: 01:59:10

Pitch Talk 23-01-2017

This episode of Pitch Talk discusses the importance of the FA Cup, the FA increasing prize money and mixed messages sent by the EFL & FA in regards to playing under strength teams. We also discuss FA reform in relation to corruption in football and look at the premier league's power and other things potentially blocking reform. We also look at FIFA voting on a 48 team world cup and if the increase in sides will affect the quality of the competition. We round out the show with our grass...

Duration: 01:58:23

Pitch Talk 09-01-2017

This episode of Pitch Talk discusses some managerial movements in the Premier League and EFL Championship, China's crazy spending (including Carlos Tevez being paid £615,000 a week), the reasons behind it and potential impact on European football transfer fees. In our special feature segments we discuss The FA threatening to suspend clubs unless staff working with children under 18 are CRC checked. We also discuss the use of video referees in football and how they can be implemented, and...

Duration: 02:02:58

Pitch Talk 07-11-2016

Pitch Talk LIVE comes to you this week with analysis of the weeks football action & talking points. This week we discuss QPR sacking Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Paul Lambert taking over Wolves & the timing of both. In our 2 special feature segments we discuss Diversity in Football, focusing on Homophobia in the game and our 2nd special feature segment looks at corruption in football, focusing on the governance of English football. We are joined by our #PTLIVE skype callers with their opinions...

Duration: 02:06:05

Pitch Talk 31-10-2016

Pitch Talk LIVE comes to you this week with analysis of the weeks football action & talking points. This week we discuss Liverpool fc introducing a wage cap for their academy & Everton fc signing up to pay their employees National Living Wage. We also discuss Health in Football in our special feature segment looking specifically at Cardiac & Brain health. We are joined by our #PTLIVE skype callers with their opinions on all things football to make up YOUR Monday night footy fix this week....

Duration: 02:03:17