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05: Back that Thing Up!

This week on the Pixel Pundits, Justin is still taking a little vacation, so Tom and Kevin are joined by Kevin Brandon, the Coordinator of the Advertising Graphic Design Program at Humber College. This week the guys talk all about backup strategies and why you should have one, whether it be in your home or in the cloud, the Pundits talk all about how to keep your data safe and secure. Also, as always, the picks of the week! Links: Adobe Bridge Anger Power Core Fusion 5000 Manage Your Day to...

Duration: 01:13:54

04: Wireframes and Backup Plans

This week on the Pixel Pundits, Kevin takes the reigns as Justin is taking some time off to heal up from his car accident, but filling in the third chair is author, speaker, and Founder of the Creative Publishing Network, David Blatner! This week the guys talk about wireframing in the digital age, data backup plans and storage, and David gives a full rundown of what to expect at the CreativePro Week happening in Atlanta this May. Links: CreativePro Week in Atlanta – May 22-26 Tom’s New Book:...

Duration: 01:04:52

03: The Canadian Invasion

This week Justin and Tom are joined by Adobe’s Senior Solution Consultant for the Education Sales Team, Jim Babbage. They talk about the latest Adobe news, updates to Lightroom Mobile, tips on networking as a designer, and whether or not designers should learn to incorporate 3D into their workflow. That, plus our picks of the week! Links: Adobe Software Available on Chromebooks #AskthePundits Adobe Updates Camera Raw to 9.9 Adobe Sign – World’s First Open, Cloud-Based Digital Signatures...

Duration: 01:51:54

02: Get Digital or Get Dead

This week on the Pixel Pundits Podcast the guys talk about the 30th Anniversary of Adobe Illustrator, their memories of the application and how it has evolved over the years. Also on this week’s show Tom talks the changing role of the graphics pro, Kevin chats us up about font management, and Justin goes through some things clients should never say to designers! Links: Adobe Illustrator Turns 30 10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Graphic Designer? Asset Export Panel in Illustrator CC Astute...

Duration: 01:30:16

01: The Pundits Return

The Pixel Pundits Podcast has returned! This week on this show, join your hosts Justin Seeley, Kevin Stohlmeyer, and Tom Green as they discuss some of the latest apps that they’re really into using in their design workflows these days, as well as three spotlight topics that are sure to get you thinking and possibly even cause some debate! All of this, plus the picks of the week, on this week’s show! Links Justin – Linea Kevin – Adobe Create Magazine Tom – Luminar

Duration: 01:30:41