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A weekly look at some of the bigger issues in video gaming from Western Australia.

A weekly look at some of the bigger issues in video gaming from Western Australia.
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A weekly look at some of the bigger issues in video gaming from Western Australia.






86 Live at Perth Games Festival 2017 - Exhibiting your very first game

We're back for another live episode at Perth Games Festival and this year we're speaking with some early career developers from our home state of Western Australia. In a freewheeling discussion we talk with Jak and Matt from Artisans Games, who previously joined us on episode 78 & Josh and Gus of Simple Productions who've taken their uni project to the public for the very first time. We spoke with both teams about the value of getting their games in front of the public and what they'd...


85 Travers Dunkinson (HEIST) & criticism of realistic portrayals of violence in games

Travers Dunkinson one of the minds behind Heist, a game where you play as a cat burglar stealing your way through a noir style city with only non-lethal gadgets to defend yourself joined us for our final live episode for 2017. The trailer for Detroit Become Human has sent shock waves through mainstream media. Many news outlets quick to cast judgment on the subject of the gameplay footage. But could this be games as a medium graduating to more hard hitting and challenging stories? Or have...


84 Dylan J. Walker (Elden), lootboxes ruined Battlefront II

Dylan J. Walker, Creative Director and developer from ONERAT GAMES joins us this week. We’ve spoken to Dylan in the past at PAX AUS 2017 and 2016 but now we have him on the show with us to go into more detail about his latest project Elden, Path of the Forgotten a medieval RPG featuring a diverse collection of locations and creepy Lovecraftian enemies. We took a number when it all began and now it’s our turn to talk about the Star Wars Battlefront II look box fiasco taking reddit by...


83 Ed Orman (City of Brass) + neural networks, AI & gaming

Ed Orman from Uppercut Games joined us to discuss his latest game, City of Brass, a Rogue-lite FPS that pays tribute to the Arabian Knights tale of the same name. Armed with a scimitar and “the most versatile whip ever created” you slash and crack your way through a procedurally generated world filled with traps, treasure and ghoulish foes. We spoke to him about the inspiration behind the game as well as the challenges of procedural generated level development. Available now on Steam early...


82 Pixel Sift & Party Loaded live at PAX Australia

We teamed up with fellow Western Australian podcasters Party Loaded to bring you a collaborative episode recorded live on the PAX Australia convention floor featuring some of our favourite picks and games from the show. Party Loaded is a weekly 60 – 90 minute show presented by Luke, Imogen, Jam & Olly, serving up fun in the form of news, reviews and interviews from the wider video gaming industry. SPONSORS: Combine your love of making media, whether it's let's plays or your own games with...


UPDATE: Pixel Sift live at PAX Australia 2017, #PAXELSIFT videos & more

Our normal episode is delayed this week because we're heading to PAX Australia this weekend, where we'll be bringing you heaps of updates from the floor and interviews with indie developers and more! If you're at PAX Australia 2017, we're recording a live episode on Sunday 29th October at 10:00am at the Audio Technica booth on the show floor (Booth 4640) with fellow Perth podcasters Party Loaded. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye out for the #PAXELSIFT hashtag....


81 Simon Boxer (Bounce House) & Games as a service

Simon Boxer of Twice Different joins us this week to talk about making his brand new mobile game, , a colourful endless runner style side scroller. As you propel yourself along this bouncy world, you won’t let those pesky children have all the fun, all while avoiding the obstacles and staying in the bounce. We spoke to Simon about making his game with a team that is spread between Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and his inspiration for making the game. You can get Bounce right now on the...


80 Peter Curry (Mini Metro), Sony holding back on cross platform play & gaming skill elitism and toxicity

We sit down with Peter Curry, a Programmer & Designer from Dinosaur Polo Club, developers of Mini Metro. Mini Metro is a subway planning puzzle game, that puts the fun in fundamental transport logistics, with a great procedurally generated soundtrack and a fantastic minimalist design. Peter joined us from Wellington, New Zealand and we learned what it's like to develop a game about subway train network management from a country that doesn't have any subways. We’ll also be talking skill...


79 Michael Chu (Projection) & should reviewers be good at games?

Diving into a world of shadow play and adventure, Projection is game in which you control light to enable new platforms of discover, exploration and puzzle solving all whilst experiencing and controlling historically rooted shadow puppetry. Michael Chu of Sydney’s Shadowplay Studios joined us to discuss his upcoming game, being selected for the PAX Australia Indie Showcase, and rebuilding from scratch. Yosha Noesjirwan previously on the show put together the phenomenal art in this game,...


78 Jak Gem & Matthew Sear (Collateral Damage) & indie dev steam pricing is too low

Collateral Damage is a multiplayer area brawler featuring a cast of unique characters and diverse fighting styles and Perth’s very own Matthew Sears and Jak Gem from Artisans Games joined us this week. The game is currently in beta, and they spoke about taking the game to shows, and learning from how players play their game. We also spoke about the economics of games pricing and what it means to go “free to play”. This topic was inspired by an article written by Sergey Galyonkin ,...


Episode 77 - Interview with Christy Dena (Crafting Intangible Event) & Remakes over risky new ips?

Its time for Episode 77 and this week we spoke to Christy Dena a writer, designer and director at Universe Creation 101. She joined us to talk about her online event “Crafting Intangibles”, a free online interactive writing event which you can watch online now. Featuring talks from Narrative Designers and games writers from all over the world, Crafting Intangibles brings them together to share knowledge about how to write better for games and interactive experiences. Christy also shared...


Episode 76 - Interview with Ian Gregory (Masquerada: Songs and Shadows) & esports on Australian free to air TV

Pixel Sift looks north toward South East Asia this week when Gianni, Nick and Mitch speak to Ian Gregory from Singaporean based Witching Hour Studios. Ian is the Creative director behind their latest project Masquarada: Songs and Shadows. Ian shared this thoughts on the struggles of developing a game in a country that is just getting its head around the idea of games being a positive influence and proving to the world Singapore’s creative strength. Ian also joined us to talk about esports...


Episode 75- Interview with Anthony Sweet & Paul Turbett (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock), Netflix for games, playing as not intended

It's Episode 75 of Pixel Sift and the boys are back in town including the much missed Scott. This week we were joined by Paul Turbett and Anthony Sweet from Black Lab Games who are based right here in Perth. They talked to us about their latest project Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and we asked what it is like to be responsible for the new game adaptation of one of the most beloved science fiction series ever and how to write a game in an established universe With subscription services...


Episode 74 - Interview with Cheryl Vance & Joel Styles (Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles)

It’s time for another episode of Pixel Sift! This week Gianni and Mitch talk to Cheryl Vance and Joel Styles, they are developers of the soon so be released Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Yonder is a gentle and friendly open world game releasing on Steam and Playstation 4 on Tuesday 18 of July! While we had them they shared what it is like to develop a game with a unique soft style and an adventure experience with no combat involved, while drawing on the open world games you played...


Episode 73 - Interview with Adric Polkinghorne (Think of the Children), completionism & the end of GTA V mods?

This week we talk to Adric Polkinghorne from Jammed Up Studios about Think of the Children, a game that teaches us the struggle of keeping children alive. It's a chaotic child micromanagement game, built out of the adrenaline and excitement of a game jam, which in now being translated into a commercial release. Spurred on by a very vocal Twitch chat, Adric shared his thoughts on walking the thin moral line while developing his game, and travelling the world putting the game in front of...


Episode 72 - Interview with Julian and Jay from Massive Monster (The Adventure Pals), Steam Direct and Right to Repair

We went truly went global this week when we were joined by Julian Wilton from Sydney and Jay Armstrong from all the way in the UK! They are from a studio called Massive Monster, creators of The Adventure Pals. They spoke about working together despite the distance between them and merging two iconic gaming genres into one. For years Steam Greenlight has been the number one way that indie developers could get their ideas out there, generate interest and build an audience. But after 5 years...


Episode 71 - Interview with David Clark (Ori and the Blind Forest), Bad Guy Valve? & You're playing it wrong

This week on the show we're taking a closer look at Valve, more particularly the Steam Marketplace. An article written by Tim Colwill has drawn a number Valve's business practices into question. It left us wondering, are we too quick to forgive when it comes to Valve, and too punishing of others that try do the same? We also have the opportunity to speak with David Clark one of the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest. Did you know that Ori was programmed right here in Western...


Episode 70 - Interview with Dr Jennifer Hazel: Checkpoint, games & mental health, and unhealthy behaviours

This week we're joined by Dr Jennifer Hazel one of the co-founders and Director of Checkpoint an organisation that aims to get the conversation going around mental health and gaming. Checkpoint have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a video series which looks at the way mental health is portrayed in games, and to promote healthy practices for those who play games and work in games. We talk about healthy and functional behaviours, game design and what role governments play,...


Episode 69 - Interview with Sean & Travis from FOREGONE, customisation vs story & frustum culling frustration

It’s time to get episode 69 out of our system! This week Pixel Sift is joined by Travis Avery and Sean Gabriel from THE FOREGONE SYNDICATE, and they spoke to us about their latest game DESYNC. A set in digital world laced with neon and classic 80s style geometry DESYNC forces players to think on their feet be quick on the trigger and more importantly, improvise. We’re also tackling the “Frustum Culling” conundrum. Last week when Kotaku gave their readers a peek under the hood of PS4...


Episode 68 - Interview with Nick Smith of EarthWork Games, G2A 💔 Gearbox & Person 5 Streaming and Intellectual Property

We had a great time on the show with Brisbane based developer Nick Smith. Nick is the lead art director at EarthWork Games and he joined us to talk Forts. Forts is a 2D base fortification & assault game, finely crafted by an experienced team. Nick took questions from us and the viewers on Twitch. With the much anticipated Persona 5 finally on on the shelves many fans were raring to dive into the JRPG. But the western release came with a warning from publisher Atlus, not to spoil plot...