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Episode 35: Humility In Investing And Bitcoin

In this week’s podcast, Dave and Steve discuss the importance of humility in investing. Why is it important to admit when you are wrong or just don’t know the answer?

Duration: 00:20:58

Episode 34: Tax Reform, Social Secuirty And $1M Poverty

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss the tax reform proposals and how this might impact social security increases. Also, they discuss why you might have saved $1M and still feel poor.

Duration: 00:16:56

Episode 33: The Cycle Of Investor Emotions

In this week’s podcast Dave and Steve discuss the cycle of investor emotions. When the stock market is rising investors feel thrill and euphoria. When the market declines investors feel depression and panic. Where are we in the current market cycle?

Duration: 00:18:34

Episode 32: Tax Reform 401k Contribution Limits

The lawmakers on Capitol Hill are currently working to pass a significant tax reform package. One of the ideas being discussed is lowering 401k contribution limits. Listen to the latest episode to hear Dave and Steve discuss the pros and cons of this proposal and how it might impact savers.

Duration: 00:17:02

10/16: Richard Thaler's Nobel Prize

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss Richard Thaler’s recent Nobel prize. While most people have never heard of Thaler, his research has provided profound insight into how investors behave in the real world.

Duration: 00:18:41

9/13: The Never Ending Bull Market And Sequence Of Returns

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss the never ending bull market. How does eight years of rising stock prices impact your expectations for returns going forward? And why are negative returns early in retirement so devastating?

Duration: 00:17:08

8/25/17: The Value Of Financial Advice

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss the value of a financial advisor. How do you quantify the benefit of working with an advisor? In the latest study from Russell Investments, the effects of rebalancing, behavioral management, financial planning and tax management are all examined.

Duration: 00:19:06

8/3/17: Financial Planning In The Buffet Line

Dave and Steve discuss how most people do their best financial planning in the buffet line. How much time do you dedicate to financial planning each year? How much time do you need to spend?

Duration: 00:18:05

7/7: The Meaning Of Financial Independence

With the 4th of July holiday in mind, Dave and Steve discuss the meaning of independence. What does financial independence mean for a client? What does it mean when you are choosing an advisor?

Duration: 00:15:43

6/29: Investor Fears

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve profile three investors who are worried about the stock market. Has the market being up for too long? Are we due for a correction? Find out how you should think about stocks when faced with the possibility of volatility ahead.

Duration: 00:18:49

2017 4 7 Confessions Of A Personal Finance Writer

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss an article titled “Confessions of a Personal Finance Writer.” This article was written in 2003, but outside of a few dated pop culture references, it remains applicable to today’s investing environment.

Duration: 00:21:52

2017 3 21 Investing Opinions From Really Smart People

You probably read the title of this podcast and just assumed that Dave and Steve would be offering up their opinions. But no, they’ve done better than that. They break down recent comments from Charlie Munger and Robert Shiller about investing and the state of the stock market. Don’t know who those guys are? Listen to the podcast and find out!

Duration: 00:23:19

3/15: Warren Buffett's Annual Letter And An LTCi Update

Investors around the globe are always eager to hear a few sage words from the Oracle at Omaha. In this episode Dave and Steve discuss Warren Buffet’s annual shareholder letter. Also, Dave brings us up to speed on the latest Long Term Care insurance news.

Duration: 00:13:44

2017 2 23 The Pros And Cons Of Investing Under President Trump

In this week’s episode Dave and Steve discuss the pros and cons of the Trump presidency for investors. Will the potential for lower taxes and lighter regulation be enough to spur growth in this eight year old bull market?

Duration: 00:21:05

2017 2 3 Minimalism, Blueprints And Fiduciaries

What does minimalism have to do with retirement planning? Listen to Dave and Steve discuss how simplifying your life can apply to your investments as well as you closet. Also, Dave and Steve discuss potential changes to the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule and what that means for investors.

Duration: 00:23:00

1/13: Why Diversification Still Makes Sense

This week Dave and Steve examine the question, “Does Diversification Still Make Sense?” This has been a common question in recent years as US stocks have outperformed most other asset classes. Dave and Steve explain the historical reasoning behind diversification and how this applies to investment portfolios today.

Duration: 00:20:19

1/4/17: Barry Strikes Again

2017 starts with a myriad of concerns facing investors. How will the incoming administration effect my investments? What about rising interest rates? Are stocks “overdue” for a correction? Dave and Steve discuss how history can be our guide when it comes to investing.

Duration: 00:18:38

12/15: Dave Interviewed For The NY Times About LTCi

In this week’s podcast Dave and Steve discuss the recent NY Times article about Long Term Care insurance. In the article Dave and his clients are extensively quoted about their experiences in the ever changing Long Term Care insurance marketplace.

Duration: 00:15:08

11/29 - Losses in Bonds and John Hancock LTC

In this week's show, Dave and Steve discuss the possibility of big losses in your bond portfolio. They also discuss John Hancock's decision to exit the long term care business.

Duration: 00:23:42

11/9 - Post Election Discussion

Donald Trump has been elected President in one of the most shocking elections in recent history. Love him or hate him, we all need to think about what this means for your investments and retirement plan going forward. Listen to Dave and Steve discuss the outcome and how to properly position your mindset and portfolio for the next four years.

Duration: 00:18:02

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