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Planet Attack With k-Lo

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Irreverent free-form comedy podcast featuring long rambling conversations, stories about not much, and great ideas not worth doing.

Irreverent free-form comedy podcast featuring long rambling conversations, stories about not much, and great ideas not worth doing.
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Irreverent free-form comedy podcast featuring long rambling conversations, stories about not much, and great ideas not worth doing.






001: Ben Receives the 4th of July Independence Day Spectacular ft. k-Lo & Bills as Themselves (In Rod We Trust)

The guys are back for a 4th of July spectacular with a brand new project they’ve christened Planet Attack! They’re talking fireworks, velvet paintings, Boy Meets World, gangster hats, suits, shark skins dicks, thread counts, crazy socks, Torque, Honda Ruckus and all things wrestling. Check it out and share it with all your loved ones.

Duration: 01:21:30

Egg Salad Sandwich (It’s All Over But the Crying) – AH025

Alt Hawk Episode 25. Originally released June 8, 2016. The end is here… of season one. We talk about season 2, get a visit from our new intern, Elliot, and Kenny describes a psychedelic experience. Whoa!

Duration: 00:35:29

Near the End (Brad’s Still Dead) – AH024

Alt Hawk Episode 24. Originally released June 1, 2016. In the penultimate episode of season one, we bring up a couple topics from the past, eat some gas station sushi with hot Cheetos, and talk about procedurals… again.

Duration: 00:23:01

Nineynineahunnit (You Should Have Seen What He Was Wearing) – AH023

Alt Hawk Episode 23. Originally released May 25, 2016. We listen to rap music and talk about hard drugs. Coincidence? Totally. Special guest, Kareem Abdul-Jabarr! It’s episode 23!

Duration: 00:23:30

Ready, Set, Episode! (And Teepees) – AH022

Alt Hawk Episode 22. Originally released May 23, 2016. It’s our make-up episode from last week! We work on our album of samples, talk DC Rebirth, the new RATM side project and much more!

Duration: 00:27:53

Space-time Australia 2000 (That’s Racism!) – AH020

Alt Hawk Episode 20. Originally released May 4, 2016. Holy crap, it’s episode 20! We figure out whether or not it’s a segment, Kenny explains racism, and Jon explains time!

Duration: 00:25:54

Little Nonsensical Nothings (Say Your Prayers) – AH019

Alt Hawk Episode 19. Originally released April 27, 2016. Episode 19 features praying and Jesus! Also some of our favorite song buildups and tension builds between Kenny and Jon!

Duration: 00:27:58

Why Jonathan? (Can We Talk About The Illuminati?) – AH015

Alt Hawk Episode 15. Originally released March 30, 2016. Fifteen episodes deep and we’re still doing this! We talk Schwarzenegger character names, the tragedy of Jonathan Brandis, outline another movie idea and do our first cover song. Dig it!

Duration: 00:25:40

Suh Brah (Keep it All Together) – AH014

Alt Hawk Episode 14. Originally released March 23, 2016. Short video games, surfer brah turned rollerblade hero, Jon’s most genius invention yet, it’s episode fourteen!!!

Duration: 00:29:11

Up Shit Creek With a Barbie Car (O Canada) – AH010

Alt Hawk Episode 10. Originally released February 24, 2016. Double digits! In this episode we talk party movies, Jon’s pizza problem, and Kenny’s dreams of Canada. Also we start beef with Drake and Eskimos. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:24:28

Beat Off & Cry (With a Monkey’s Paw) – AH008

Alt Hawk Episode 8. Originally released February 10, 2016. In today’s episode we sing and talk about the magic of masturbation. We also talk Saturday morning cartoons, 80’s action sports movies, and get a very very special story from Jon. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:30:52

I Can’t Ride My Bike With No Handle Bars (Boomba, I’m Done) – AH007

Alt Hawk Episode 7. Originally released February 3, 2016. In our very first “b-sides” episodes, we discuss advanced ass-wiping technology, Jon shoots a gun, and we talk about the bands that have it better/worse than they should…

Duration: 00:29:43

The Saga Of Ray Jones (& Sid “Big D” Licious) – AH006

Alt Hawk Episode 6. Originally released January 26, 2016. We did it! We made 6 episodes! In this week’s installment Kenny explores some possible career options and also there’s rapping!

Duration: 00:26:19

The Don’t Make Sense Like That No More (That Banana Chicken) – AH005

Alt Hawk Episode 5. Originally released January 20, 2016. It’s the fifth episode of Alt Hawk and it’s time we had a serious discussion about Anime! Also, we hook you up with an unforgettable recipe and Kenny has an earth-shattering idea. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:35:12

Fire In A Barrel (Weird Melon Farmer) – AH004

Alt Hawk Episode 4. Originally released January 13, 2016. Let’s get weird in episode 4! We get a phone call from a relative, discuss the classic internet, sing about you, and get drunk and ruin another podcast! Enjoy!

Duration: 00:29:28

Hangin’ Out With George Strait (No Time For Monsters) – AH003

Alt Hawk Episode 3. Originally released January 6, 2016. In episode 3, we discuss our dreams, sing about our fears, and bail on arguments we don’t really care about. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:29:48

Boysenberries (Brad’s Dead) – AH002

Alt Hawk Episode 2. Originally released December 29, 2015. It’s the second episode, in which we plan the second episode! We also think about Krang, sing some songs, and listen to a very disturbing voicemail. Closing Theme: “The Untimely Death of Brad” by Five Iron Frenzy.

Duration: 00:30:04

Xmas Special (Beats So Hard) – AH001

Alt Hawk Episode 1. Originally released December 22, 2015. Happy Xmas everyone! This is our pilot episode in which we discuss cell phone problems, an overrated “christmas movie”, police confrontations and even write a brand new holiday hit!

Duration: 00:39:38