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Planet Mom Radio | Two moms talking about how to make schools better for kids-logo

Planet Mom Radio | Two moms talking about how to make schools better for kids

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05 Why Parents Are Pushing Back Against The School District’s Decision to Change School Start Times in Boston

We are so excited to have Keri back with us for this week’s episode, and she comes back bearing local news! The Boston school district has decided to change school start times so that high school students start school later in the morning to accommodate their sleep schedules. However, the decision was made without much parental input and now Boston parents are pushing back. What does this mean for young kids and elementary school students? Busing and transportation companies? Parents and...

Duration: 00:32:49

04 Sanzi Flies Solo and Talks Phony Grad Rates, an Amazing Teacher, and Tom Brady

This week on Planet Mom Radio, I’m flying solo because Keri is away on a vacation with her boys—she surprised them with their first plane ride ever and a trip to Disney World! And I can't lie, the pictures she is posting of the trip are pure joy. It is soooo not the same on Planet Mom Radio without her but I do my best to cover a few interesting stories while she rides roller coasters and lounges by the pool with her adorable posse. In the wake of more and more male mega stars falling from...

Duration: 00:18:33

03 Moms from Nashville and Detroit on Why They Do The Hard Work of Education Advocacy

This week, we hear from two awesome moms who are warriors for parents of school kids in their respective cities. Vesia Wilson Hawkins is a blogger and parent in Nashville Tennessee. We discussed school choice, advocating for families, and making sure needs of all families are met. Her blog is called Volume and Light. Bernita Bradley is a blogger and mom of two in Detroit, Michigan. We spoke with her about the issues going on in Detroit schools, and what needs to change with school staff...

Duration: 00:35:41

02 Parents and Data: Why you should care about education policy

On this episode of Planet Mom Radio, we discuss why parents should get involved with the data that is available about their schools. We know data can be confusing, hard to find, and even misleading, but we also know that identifying underperforming schools is the first step to taking action and making sure your kids are prepared for the future. We talk about measuring students success on growth versus on proficiency, why students' reading scores in the 3rd grade predict their future, and...

Duration: 00:36:48

01 An Introduction to Planet Mom Radio

Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues are two moms who are leading the fight for high-quality education for every child while raising six boys between them. Erika and Keri bring a fresh perspective on education policy, politics, and parenting with just the right amount of intellect, heart, and humor.

Duration: 00:28:19