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PPP 71: Our Top Ten Tips for Adventure Traveling

Get out and LIVE! Truly experience the world! There's something special about travel. Getting outside of your comfort zone, being amongst a different culture, community and set of rules. It has taught both of so much about the world and ourselves. But traveling and adventuring can be scary - so in this episode we share out top ten tips/pieces of wisdom to inspire and empower you to go travel and create an adventure of your own. We talk about eating vegan in other countries, traveling cheap,...


PPP 70: How to Find Your Purpose

Listen to this episode!! Kia Ora to Plant Power 2.0! I’m back and things are going to change around here. Content from now will have there criteria 1. Fun and ridiculous, 2. Inspiring and empowering and 3. Educational and Relatable. This week I reflect on my experience in re-finding my purpose and what I learnt through the process and hopefully it can guide you on your journey. Topics include: • Why millennials are changing the world • The change to the divine feminine • Why your purpose is...


PPP 69: We are the ones we have been waiting for + Update

The Plant Power Podcast has been on a break for the last 2 weeks. In this episode I reflect on what Plant Power is and get real about its future. Music: SoundCloud @jaokimkarud Join the Plant Power Community! Subscribe and Leave a Review on iTunes! Support me on Patreon: Follow me! Instagram @plantpowernz Youtube: - Check out the new videos! Facebook: Plant Power NZ Email:


PPP 68: Way of the Superior Relationship

What does it mean to be in a relationship these days? Is it about finding the one? Having the fairy tale relationship where everything is fairy dust and unicorns? Having someone who will be there for your every need? No – but in relationships today we expect our partner to provide us emotional, sexual, mental, spiritual, financial support, we expect them to be our best friend our intellectual equal. We expect them to provide stability and security whilst also being mysterious and rebellious....


Plant Power Banter Hour #1: Life changing news

If you can support Plant Power through Patreon then head to the link below: It's time for some end of week Plant Power Banter – in this episode we talk about the power of NOW, we release some earth shattering news and we request your help in supporting Plant Power. COACHING: Music: SoundCloud @officialmedasin Join the Plant Power Community! Subscribe and Leave a Review on iTunes! Support me on Patreon:...


PPP 67 – Devin Fredericksen on why we should re-think not eating meat

The Plant Power podcast is about inspiring you and giving you the tools to create change and fulfillment in your life. But I also aim to create content that makes you think, that challenges your beliefs. This week I bring on Devin Frederickson – growing up in Hawaii and spending time in New Zealand Devin is an example of someone who is strongly connected with the land in many ways. Maybe even in ways that seem a bit weird or out-there to some of us. To me though he is in touch with what a...


PPP 66: Marc Ching is changing the way you see the world by risking his life

This conversation will change the way you think about the world. There are two basic truths about life. Good things happen and bad things happen. Marc Ching is a person who saw something bad happening and completely committed his life to stopping it. This is a conversation with a human who has gone to hell and back witnessing the realities the dogs in the dog meat trade and farmed animals experience everyday. And although this topic might be upsetting and it's easier to ignore it, there is...


PPP 65: Dr Klapper: What I wish I’d learned about nutrition in medical school

Dr. Klaper! One of the leading physicians in Plant Based medicine and nutrition. Seen in documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What the Health and Eating You Alive, Klaper has been in medicine for 45 years and plays a key role in the True North Medical center in California. On top of this he has a smashing witty humor which makes this an epic listen. This episode of the podcast is a recording of Klapers key-note talk given on his New Zealand/Australia tour at the end of 2017. This talk covers...


PPP 64: Mindfulness tools and practices for surviving today’s world with Tara Kemp

This is Tara’s fourth time on the Plant Power Podcast, and for a good reason. Her intelligence laced with her ability to really feel and be real and honest is a lethal combination for self acceptance. In this conversation we discourse over the tools, techniques and Tara has used to cultivate a positive mindset of gratitude, mindfulness and self love. We go into her personal experience of over coming an eating disorder and how it comes down to be OK with yourself. After listening to our...


PPP 63: Setareh Khatibi – The Power of the Potato Diet

It’s not every day that I meet someone with a stellar sense of humor then find myself sitting down with them and their mother to discuss both of their incredible health journeys. But that’s exactly what this conversation is. Both Setareh and her mum Alena have had massive health journeys – and what do they swear is the reason for their health? The potato diet! This is a real life genuine story about how incredibly powerful the body is when we put the right food into it. I urge you or your...


PPP 62: Plant Power Holiday Special!

Another sexy year comes to an end so Rosalie and I thought it would be fun to sit down for an unedited holiday special! It's Dylan and Rosalie unleashed. We talk about the year that’s been, our plans for 2018, what we think about Christmas and we answer some listener questions – and Rosalie plays us out with a beautiful cover of I’m Yours on the ukulele. I can begin to express my gratitude to all of you beautiful people out there that support Plant Power, we are a small community but I...


PPP 61: My life-changing experience cycling 780km up the coast of California

As you all know I spent just over three weeks in America – podcasting, running, meeting friends and gurus, and having an intensely challenging journey up the coast of California by bike. On this week’s podcast I share the details of my journey, the riveting experiences and details of my bike ride and the insights I have taken away and am still taking away from my life changing trip. Show Notes: Books: Guru Singh - Buried treasure People mentioned: Jackson Long - @tfflifestyle Tara Kemp -...


PPP 60: Jackson Foster is living free and why the most important thing is presence

If you’ve been following Plant Power for awhile you will remember that about a year and a half ago I cycled with Jackson foster and two others from Chang Man to Singapore. After spending a considerable amount of time with the master of Plantriotic we got very close - and not many people know this but he is the reason I was able to believe in myself and start Plant Power. So you can imagine my excitement when after riding 780km up America I got to spend 24 hours with my brother and for 2 of...


PPP 59: How to create a movement with Jackson Long of Thought For Food

This week I bring you the one, the only, the brother from another mother – Jackson Long from the Thought for Food empire for his second appearance on the podcast. We spent the last few days in LA together and I can tell you our spiritual connection and desire for each other deepened. In all seriousness though it is so special connecting with people on a similar mission – I truly believe that us mindful millennials will change the world and all it starts with having an idea. And that’s...


PPP 58: My struggle with sexual anxiety and how I overcame it

Vulnerability, authenticity and getting real. This episode of the podcast I open up, own my masculinity and share my challenge with sexual anxiety and how through patience, diet, and mindfulness I overcame it. There is a way out I promise. Enjoy! Plant Power Tees! Music: @joakimkarud Join the Plant Power Community! Subscribe and Leave a Review on iTunes! Support me on Patreon: Follow me! Instagram @plantpowernz Youtube:...


PPP 57: How to turn your ideas into your reality - and why its hard.

Everyone has ideas and - ideas and are cheap. We froth over, we get inspired, we get motivated, we get tingly feelings in our genitals about ideas. But if actions don’t follow ideas, if ideas don’t become reality, then they are simply ideas. We get caught in the trap of either the inspiration surrounding an idea tricking our brain into thinking it's done something or we start to action an idea but it gets hard so we give up. I’m here to tell you that you all have incredible ideas, you all...


PPP56: Megan May healing her body on a raw diet &becoming a badass leader in the plantbased movement

Growing up on an organic farm, Megan was infused with the goodness and knowledge of good, real, homemade, organic food. This upbringing created a purpose within her to become the best wholefoods chef in town. But after years in a commercial kitchen, exposed to long hours, stress, unhealthy food she became very very sick. To her it felt like her dream was finished. It wasn’t until she discovered the delights of green juice and raw food that she begun to heal her mind and body from the...


Banana Nice Cream Sessions #1: Life changing communication, sexuality and travel

I sit down with a bowl of nice cream, a mic and an intention for flow and we see what comes out. This week we discuss: - The life changing power of open and honest communication - Redefining what it means to be sexual and sensual beings - T-shirts (Finally) - My America travel plans Much love x Show Notes: Books mentioned: - The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz - Wild Mind - Bill Plotkin - The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida Music: YouTube: Rare Shot Blue - Topic Join the Plant...


PPP 54 - How healing the gut can heal the mind with Nick Corliss

This week in Aotearoa is Mental Health Awareness week – where we take the time to highlight and talk about a topic which should be a mainstay in our culture. But it's not, in fact we avoid it. The fact is that simply because you are a human and you exist you are going to experience thoughts, emotions and feelings both good and bad. We aren’t taught how to deal with this seemingly random, irrational flow of thoughts or taught that it's normal, so when it gets dark we think we are broken....


PPP 53: Why living zero-waste will save the world with Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince

Liam and Hannah decided to adopt the principles of a zero-waste lifestyle after learning about the massive amount of materials, energy and resources that are wasted as a result of our high-consumption lifestyles and how this impacts our beautiful oceans and eco-systems. They go as far to say that it is a mirror of the mindset that exists within our culture and communities. So what did they decide to do? Well they got rid of their rubbish bin, quite their jobs and decided to travel around...


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