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Celebrating Black Films and Culture with Rachelle Salnave

Growing up on the lively streets of Harlem, New York, Rachelle Salnave found an appreciation for her culture and the arts. Her inspirations from family members to African American films she saw with powerful role models gave her the desire to create her own works of film; a historical feature documentary on the gentrification of Harlem and the Emmy nominated film about her Haitian identity, Le Belle Vie: The Good Life. Wanting to expose more Haitian & Black filmmakers, she co-created with...


Crafting the Future of Protein with Rohan Templeman and Dan Jonas

When Australian transplant, Rohan Templeman fell in love and moved across the pond to Miami, he brought his love of farmer's markets and the art of making tempeh with him. In 2017, after partnering with his father-in-law Dan Jonas, BeCultured Tempeh was born. Originating in Indonesia, tempeh is a protein source traditionally made from soy. Describing their methods as part art, part science, this duo has created irresistibly delicious tempeh made from organic beans instead of soy, which...


You Can Learn To Meditate with Paul Silitsky

Paul Silitsky was working as the CEO of a tech company in 2008 when he woke up one morning believing he had laryngitis. Although he got his voice back a few days later it started to disappear again. As the days went by and his voice didn’t improve, he sought out help to find out what was going on with him. It took him 18 months of seeing various doctors to find out he had Spasmodic Dysphonia, a rare neurological disorder that affects the voice muscles in the larynx. Since he couldn’t and...


Getting Clear on Climate Change with Zelalem Adefris

To many residents in Miami, climate change is personal. To Zelalem Adefris, climate change is her life's work. Building on her passion for public health and environmental activism, Zelalem moved to Miami a few years ago to become the Climate Resilience Program Manager at Catalyst Miami. Zelalem works to educate residents on the local impacts of climate change, connecting climate change to social justice initiatives and implementing programs that strengthen the resilience of...


Breaking Down Social and Institutional Barriers with Kathie Klarreich

When Kathie Klarreich decided to end her decade long career of being a journalist in Haiti, she wanted to dedicate her time to focus on social change by expanding arts programs in prisons. In 2014, Kathie founded Exchange for Change, which facilitates anonymous writing exchanges between classrooms in correctional and court-mandated facilities, and classrooms in high schools and universities. The "inside students" who participate in the program commit to attend class for about two hours...


The Rise of the Environmental Entrepreneur with Anastasia Mikhalochkina

Did you know? The amount of paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons disposed of annually could wrap the equator 300 times! Spending summers in a country house on the border of Russia and Finland, Anastasia Mikhalochkina (Anna) grew to appreciate the outdoors and witnessed a direct correlation between the consequences of her actions and its effect on a contained environment. Fast forward to Anastasia taking these lessons and her trainings in product and graphic design to found the local...


Having The Courage to Follow Your Heart with Mariana Cortez

Inspiration is all around us. For Mariana Cortez, it was her baby boy, Luke, who was allergic to dairy that inspired her to create dairy/gluten-free, vegan cakes that he could enjoy on his birthdays. When she got the idea of taking her cakes and making them into mini cupcakes, it set her on a remarkable journey which led her to open Miami's first vegan bakery, Bunnie Cakes, and Miami's first vegan DIY cupcake/cake decorating studio, Bunnie Cakes Studio, to selling her creations at Whole...


Episode 58 - Why We Should Support Farmers Markets with Art Friedrich

Nine years ago, Art Friedrich along with Melissa Contreras created the Urban Oasis Project, whose mission is to foster a local food movement that's accessible and available to everyone. The way they've achieved this goal is by planting gardens with low-income families, creating several thriving Farmer's Markets throughout South Florida (Upper East Side, Tropical Park, Adrienne Arsht, Bay Harbor) and accepting SNAP benefits at the markets and doubling their value for Florida grown fruits...


Episode 57: Writing As Therapy with Andrea Askowitz & Allison Langer

History has blessed us with some dynamic duos over time: Tom and Jerry; Thelma and Louise; Bert and Ernie and now, Andrea Askowitz and Allison Langer. They are two peas in a pod(cast) and the creators of the immensely entertaining, outrageously raw and honest podcast called, Writing Class Radio where true and personal stories from students in Andrea's writing class are shared and where you can learn to write you own stories. The duo met years ago after Alison suffered a devastating...


Episode 56: Slay Naturally with Barbara Jacques

It's said that necessity is the mother of innovation. So if you take innovation and mix it with an intelligent, driven and creative individual who understands the harmful effects of poisonous products on our skin, then you get Jacq's, a natural beauty brand founded by Barbara Jacques. Six years ago, when Barbara was pregnant with her first child, her doctor found an ovarian tumor that put her on bedrest with few medical answers. After deep diving into holistic healing and the importance...


Episode 55: Unearthing Your Inner Activist with Elizabeth Jones

The activist in Elizabeth Jones peaked it's head out in 8th grade when she presented a research paper on animal testing to her fellow classmates. It wasn't until years later, after becoming vegan and being put on the spot about her activism efforts, did Liz allow her inner activist to come through. Today, she's a Marine Biologist by day and passionate, bad ass animal protector by night/weekend and everything in between. A quick visit to her Instagram page will reveal her passion and...


Episode 54: Health in the Hood with Asha Loring

In South Florida, there are a number of vacant lots ripe for transformation and Asha Loring, founder of Health in the Hood, had an idea of what she could turn them into. Inspired by a project her father, Marvin Dunn, created years ago named Roots in the City, Asha began taking empty lots and converting them into nourishing gardens in food deserts throughout Miami and Broward County. Since it's origin, Health in the Hood has planted gardens in Liberty City, Opa-Locka, Overtown and...


Episode 53: Community Justice Project with Meena Jagannath

Five years ago, Meena Jagannath was working with women in Haiti after the destructive Hurricane ravaged the island when an opportunity presented itself here in Miami. Having never visited the city, she decided to take a chance and brought her expertise as a Human Rights lawyer and eventually co-founded the Community Justice Project, which is a group of community lawyers who represent community organizers and grassroots groups in low-income communities of color. She has been involved in...


Episode 52: The Dirty Truth About Trash with Dave Doebler + Dara Schoenwald

When you throw something away, where is away? Six years ago, Dave Doubler found out the answer one afternoon on his kayak where he discovered 75 pounds of trash floating on the waters of Miami Beach. After wrangling his friends and family to help him clean up he quickly realized that they either needed a bigger boat or more help, so Dave and his wife Dara decided to create, an online resource which allows residents to lead and/or join a cleanup meetup to help rid the...


Episode 51: Women Innovating Now with Carolina Pina

Carolina Pina is the Director of WIN Lab Miami - an eight month accelerator program for women entrepreneurs which helps them to grow sustainable ventures. Originally launched in 2013 by Babson College in Massachusetts, the program expanded to Florida in 2016 where the first round of attendees just recently finished the program. Carolina studied Chemical Engineering in Venezuela and Industrial and Systems Engineering at FIU and attended graduate school at Rice University where she received...


Episode 50: A Collision of Ideas with Meg Daly

After self-proclaimed native, Meg Daly, broke both of her elbows in a biking accident and was forced to slow down and smell the asphalt on her walking commute to physical therapy, she got a crazy idea. Transform the unused space underneath the Metrorail into a 10 mile linear park, urban trail and living art destination called, The Underline. You might say it's Miami's response or ode to New York's immensely popular, The High Line, flipped upside down. In this interview, we talk about who...


Episode 49: Live Like You Live Here with Chris Adamo

When Chris Adamo left New York City with the love of his life five years ago and exchanged his muted, cold weather wardrobe for bright and colorful Jams World t-shirts, he didn't only want to look like a local, he wanted to live like one too. So he joined the folks at WhereBy.Us as the Director of Business Development. These folks are the creators of the very helpful and practical online resource for Miami locals, The New Tropic and other initiatives that help people connect and engage in...


Episode 48: Books and Books with Mitchell Kaplan

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero In the age of digital consumption and immediate gratification, Mitchell Kaplan, founder of Books and Books is inviting Miami and beyond to slow things down by stepping into 'The Great Good Place,' in this case, one of his multiple landmark bookstores. A Miami native and lover of literature, Mitchell has devoted his life to providing the city with community spaces to engage and discover literature. Miami hasn't...


Episode 47: Living a Life of Purpose with Nathi Alarcon

Since a very young age, Nathi Alarcon has been a go-getter. She knew at 7 years old that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine and worked hard to achieve that goal. What she wasn’t expecting was being derailed in college with an auto-immune disease that eventually changed the course of her life. Her passionate nature took her down a path of healing and eventually lead her into the kitchen where she discovered the power and connection of food. Today she is the co-owner of Fresh and...


Episode 46: Empowering the World to Run with Frankie Ruiz

Here in Miami when you say the name, Frankie Ruiz, chances are it conjures up memories of the incredibly popular and late Puerto Rican salsa singer belting out, "Bailando"or another one of his many popular hits. But to many in Miami's athletic circles, Frankie Ruiz is synonymous with the Miami Marathon which just celebrated its 15th year this past January. Inspired by his father from a young age to run, he found it a great way to explore his hometown and as a sport he could always compete...


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