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Electric Dreams (1984): PDSMiOS Ep 120

This week, we drove to the local Best Buy and got the latest Super Computer just so we could watch a copy of Electric Dreams from 1984! Miles (Moles) is simple man not ready for the high tech world of the 80s, but when he finally decides to get with the times and purchase a home computing system, his chances of survival drop significantly! Luckily, his new upstairs neighbor just might be able to save his sanity, if he can just STOP LYING ALL THE TIME. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT MILES. Also,...


Mr SuperInvisible: PDSMiOS 119

This week, we were randomly assigned a movie all about the perils of drug trials, Mr SuperInvisible from 1970! In this hidden masterpiece, Dean Jones stalks the lady of his dreams after a potion gives him the courage to stop talking only to his dog, by turning him invisible! But serious, this is a Saturday afternoon kids classic full of animal reaction shots, sad trumpets, and plenty of NUDE MEN. NUDE NUDE NUDE. Email:...


Phenomena: PDSMiOS 118

This week on Please Don’t Send Me into Outer Space, we move to Switzerland after our father’s ship us off to a boarding school and almost get murdered watching Phenomena from 1985! Did you know that Jennifer Connely could talk to bugs? In this documentary we see hows she used her super secret powers to help solve a murder mystery! Also, there’s a chimp! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod ko-fi:...


Dune: PDSMiOS 117

This week, we stay in book land and this time travel directly into our future with Dune from 1984! This movie is a MESS but Lord helps us we love it anyway. David Lynch got his influence all over this already super complicated story and made a movie more art than narrative. There’s a reason people hate this movie, but that doesn’t stop us! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Ko-fi:


I, Frankenstein: PDSMiOS 116

This week, we read the little-known sequel to Mary Shelley’s classic book, Frankenstein! That’s right, we are switching to books, starting with this one called I, Frankenstein from 2014! The book is oddly not really about the monster, but rather about an eternal war between demons and gargoyles. And there’s a lot of explosions and clubbing and the other kind of clubbing. Oh, and Frankenstein’s Monster is just called Adam, or Frankenstein, so let’s nip that little detail in the bud right...


The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec: PDSMiOS Ep 115

SPOILER SECTION: 50:08 - 54:48 This week, we journey half way across the globe to discover the secret of eternal life, and also to watch a movie in French. You can only watch Foreign language movies in the country of origin, right? We watched The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: PDSMiOS Ep 114

This week, we are joined by Aaron’s pal Corey to discuss one of the famously unloved Christmas tales, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians from 1964! In this holiday adventure movie, our hero finds himself constantly thwarted by all those around, despite knowing how everything should be handled and trying his best to fix any and all problems that arise! Yes, Voldar (aka the martian with the mustache) tries to do his best for Mars, but he is constantly undermined by Billy and Betty and Santa...


Plan 9 from Outer Space: PDSMiOS Ep 113

This week on Please Don’t Send Me into Outer Space, we popped in an old tape we found in a dumpster behind the local Denny’s. It’s label read “Most likely the worst movie ever made, or at least in the bottom 10, according to popular opinion and the internet at large.” Turns out, it was the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space from 1959! Famous for being bad, this Ed Wood movie is actually quite charming once you get past the super cheap set, the sometimes subpar acting, and the plot that is as...


Fresca Toronja: Bottled for fun

Aaron is no longer at that convention.


Diet Coke: No seriously, just for the taste of it



Hawaiian Punch: It’s got juice!

Wherein Aaron explains the creative ways people have abused him over the years, and we talked MAD and Cracked magazine


Ex Machina (2014): PDSMiOS Ep 110

This week, as a test of intellegence Joel was locked in a room and forced to asked questions about the Disney Afternoon animated series until it was confirmed he was human. When he was finally confirmed, we watched Ex Machina from 2014! Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleason, and Alicia Vikander do an amazing job in this sci-fi thriller directed and written by Alex Garland. Just watch the movie ok? It will knock your socks off. Email: Facebook:...


Cherry 2000 (1987): PDSMiOS Ep 109

This week, we had an accident with our recording equipment and had to hire a tracker to go out to Walmart and get us new stuff. After that was finished (the tracker died on the way home unfortunately) we watched Cherry 2000 from 1987! Melanie Griffith plays a bad ass tracker who gets a job from a yuppie (David Andrews) who wants his damn sex robot! It turns out to a be a pretty fun action adventure movie, that just happens to center around robot. For sex. Email:...


The Gate (1987): PDSMiOS Ep 108

This week, we get as creepy as we can by listening to heavy metal music and summoning demons! Well, actually, we just watched The Gate from 1987! A movie by the auteur Tibor Takacs, this ghoulish delight is a campy fun frightful time featuring: Zombies! Slugs! Goblins! Stephen Dorff! Other scary things! It’s a classic blast from the past, and we had a lot of fun watching. Check it out if you get a chance! BTW. dropping a dead thing in a hole is not the same as burying it. Email:...


Caleb’s Kola: Dry

I can’t remember anything we said on this episode.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: PDSMiOS Ep 107

This week, we joined the cheerleader squad in an attempted to find the murderer of all our favorite vampires, but it turns out it was just Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1992! Sarah’s pick this week, but really, it could have been any of ours. This little chunk of the 90s has so much goodness to offer. Luke Perry at is swarmiest! David Arquette before his very name was a joke! Paul Reubens before… you know! And the best thing this movie has to offer? A strong female lead that kicks butt!!!...


7-Up: Quiz time!

Lime and salt with Gary Butterfield


Swamp Pop Praline Cream Soda: Explainables

So sweet our hair stood on end.


Masters of the Universe: PDSMiOS Ep 98

Episode 98 of Please Don't Send Me into Outer Space Masters of the Universe (1987) Directed by Gary Goddard Written by David Odell Starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man Frank Langella as Skeletor Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn Billy Barty as Gwildor Courteney Cox as Julie Winston Robert Duncan McNeill as Kevin Corrigan Jon Cypher as Duncan (Man-at-Arms) Chelsea Field as Teela James Tolkan as Detective Lubic Christina Pickles as Sorceress of Castle Grayskull