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Episode 61 - Divine Intervention

So I found out while texting while driving (don’t do that!) that my non-AP Model S WILL steer to avoid an accident!


Episode 60 - Eyes On Geneva

Lots to look forward to at this week’s Geneva Auto Show, including pricing for the new Jaguar EV! Tip of the Week Wireless charging for your Model 3 (X and S coming soon!) Tesla Wireless Pad


Episode 59 - Take That Mercedes!

THANK YOU to my first-week Patrons! I really appreciate your support News Tesla is opening up Model 3 orders to non-employees Big delays with Model X and Model S orders Is a mini-Model 3 the “something special” for early orders? Tesla is beating Mercedes, BMW and Audi in European sales for the first time Tesla introduced its Workplace Charger program. Want to get one at your work? Sign up here DHL says the Tesla Semi may save them even more money than promised Tip of the Week CHARGE...


Episode 58 - How Many Model 3s?

We launched a Patreon campaign for this podcast this week. If you enjoy the show and would like to help with our production and hosting costs please do so here. THANK YOU! News A horrific Model 3 crash and minimal injuries. The owner praises how safe these cars are. Check out the photos here Want to see where Spaceman and the Roadster are in space? Check out this cool website Tip of the Week How many Model 3s are being made each week? No one knows for sure b [...]


Episode 57 - Roadster Launched!

Did you see the Falcon Heavy launch? Whoa! And those rockets landing? INSANE! News The Tesla app has been updated to add features like warming up the car and defrosting while you stay toasty in the house. Update yours now! Remember that LA to NY trip where the Tesla would completely drive itself? Elon says it could be happening sooner than later with new data collected for Enhanced Autopilot. Tesla is now using Mobile Service vehicles for 30% of its service calls. This will help as more...


Episode 56 - I Want My Flamethrower!

Here’s that CNBC article Tesla responded to: CNBC Here is Russel Wong’s LONG comparison between his Model 3 and Model S: Facebook Post Tip of the Week A LONG post about how to get the most range in cold weather: Tesla Motors Club



HEATED debate going on over at the Tesla Owners Worldwide Facebook group. A guy is ticked off that his Model 3 will be coming with a fabric roof liner instead of Alcantara. Many, like me, don’t get his rage and comedy ensues. News People shorting TSLA stock have lost $1.1 BILLION since the beginning of the year as the stock price continues to rise. Non-believers. Former GM Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz says Tesla is going out of business. And the Model S is a great car. You should buy one, as...


Episode 54 - Model 3 Road Trip

Had a great time at the Denver stop of the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip! You You Xue was a great ambassador for the car and it was great meeting so many fellow Tesla owners. Follow the Road Trip here as it heads to Europe News The state of Rhode Island has green lighted Tesla sales in the state. Read more from the Providence Journal Looks like a lot of Supercharger expansion coming in 2018. Read the CleanTechnica article here Faraday Future will not die!


Episode 53 - Drive-In or DRIVE-IN?

Getting excited to meet You You Xue on the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. Denver stop was pushed from Sunday 2 pm to Monday at 11 pm. Let’s hope they aren’t too late! Follow the trip here News Model 3 production is up 900% in Q4! Reservation holders in all states are now getting the email to configure and order thier 3! Read more at Seeking Alpha 2012-2016 Model S are impacted by the Takata airbag recall. See Tesla’s Safety Update here It’s CES week and we have a new EV prototype! Check...


Episode 52 - Tweetstorm

Note to Elon Musk: When you tweet a thank you, if you end with “what can we do better?” you will get 16,000 answers! We talk about some of the suggestions he responded to. News The Verge gave Tesla a C- on their 2017 Report Card. Read more at The Verge AUTOMATIC WIPERS ARE HERE! AUTOMATIC WIPERS ARE HERE! Read more at Electrek China bans 553 car models for excess emissions. Read more at Left Lane News Does Elon need a COO to help relieve some of his workload? Or would he let ANYONE...


Episode 51 - 5-0

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Did you get the 2017.50 update? Some new, useful features. But the most fun… the new Christmas Easter Egg! My car is now a sleigh! News Elon tweets that a major navigation update is coming in early 2018 Tesla is the NUMBER ONE car manufacturer for customer satisfaction according to a new Consumer Reports survey! Read more at USA Today Tesla is now the number one selling car in Norway. Re [...]


Episode 50 - FIDDY!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year since the first Plug Your Ride podcast! THANK YOU for your support and, mostly, your emails and Facebook messages. So, after I spend $800 on an Eddie-powered folding bike for the Tesla, Tobe & Sergio email to tell me about a great ELECTRIC folding bike they got for their Tesla. Fit’s perfectly in the back AND helps with those uphill rides. FOR UNDER $500! Here’s the link if you wanna check it out News PepsiCo has now placed the largest order to...


Episode 49 - Trip Planner Showdown

Made the annual Festivus road trip this weekend and decided it would be a good test for the trip planning options. The winner: Of the two sites, EVTripping came closer to predicting the needed charge. My old favorite, EVTripPlanner didn’t plan enough energy reserve and, on one leg, didn’t even recommend enough charge to make the leg! But, my favorite planner is now… the Nav planner in the Tesla. Just put in the destination and charge until the car says go! It’s pretty accurate but I find...


Episode 48 - Roadsters In Space

Got a road trip coming up this weekend! Excited to spend about 15 hours in the Tesla! News Oh Elon’s tweets… Looks like the Boring Company is going to pitch for a Chicago Downtown to O’Hare loop. Read more at Electrek Elon Musk has two fo the top 5 places to work in the tech industry! Motor Trend got its hands on a Model 3 and ran its comprehensive tests on it. Check out the details here Panasonic is steppin [...]


Episode 47 - Affordable Semi

Pricing was announced this week for the Tesla Semi and it was $150K to $180K. Considering that a diesel semi costs about $120K I’d say that is affordable. But the haters came out in force saying they expected it to be $100,000. Seriously? I could spend more than that on a Model X! News Got a Model S or X P90DL? Want it to be a 100D? It looks like Tesla is making those upgrades soon. IF you have $20K to spare. Read more at Teslarati GM is currently leading in EV’s sold but Tesla is a...


Episode 46 - One More Thing

Did you watch the Semi reveal on Thursday? What a surprise the Roadster was! This week we look at everything we learned about the Semi and the Next Gen Roadster. If you didn’t watch, you can see it here - Tesla Live Stream Tip of the Week Christmas shopping for Tesla fans! Shop Tesla


Episode 44 - Chill Man

After last week’s rant I think I could stand to chill a bit. And Tesla has added a mode for that. News After a disappointing Q3 report TSLA stock tumbles. I LOVE Elon’s dedication, moving his office to the Gigafactory to address Model 3 production issues. Read more at Fortune Panasonic’s CEO says they are responsible for part of Model 3 bottlenecks as the battery production is still partly being done manually. Read more at Reuters The new GOP tax bill kills the $7,500 EV tax credit...


Episode 43 - Solid

Warning: I had a bad day trying to listen to podcasts so this is a bit of a rant. But, seriously, how crappy can that center screen be??? News This guy has documented all the issues he’s had with his Model S. Now, I may have had some of those issues but he is pretty picky. What do you think?? Over 2,500 Model 3 VINs have been issued by NHTSA. Read more at Teslarati UAW has filed a complaint against Tesla. Read more at Fast Company Europe’s largest Supercharger is being built in...


Episode 42 - 10K Each?

I’ve decided that if I want to stay up to date with ALL the changes Tesla makes to ALL the models, I need one of each. If each of you sends $10,000 I can buy them. Or. more likely, I’ll just keep reading a lot. News Tesla has reached an agreement with the Chinese government to build a giant factory in Shanghai. Read more at The Verge Tesla lashes out at Consumer Reports after they give Model 3 an “average” rating without even testing the car. CR lashes back. Tesla lashes again. Lots of...


Episode 41 - Employee Reviews

Hundreds of Tesla employees were fired this week after employee reviews. Tesla made it clear that they were fired for performance issues and not as a result of any reduction in force. Indeed there are 2,500 open positions on Tesla’s website. Read more at CNBC All Model X vehicles are affected by a recall announuced this week. It stems from a possible issue with the seat release cable. No parts needed, just an adjustment. Read more at TechCrunch If you thought buying a Model 3 and...


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