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A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, nfl players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on many chef shows!

A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, nfl players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on many chef shows!
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A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, nfl players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on many chef shows!






Plum luv foods Se 5 Ep 14 Jaymee Sire

Tonight we chat with Jaymee Sire from Food Network's Iron Chef Showdown! Its all about competing tonight as we talk Iron Chef, food comps and more! Jaymee also spent some time at ESPN anchoring SportsCenter, how do we go from sports to food find out on this episode. Plus we talk about food reviews, the good, the bad and well... yelp. Yup Trump will come up...sorry...:) Follow Jaymee on Instgram @jaymeesire

Duration: 01:13:51

Plumluvfoods Se:5 Ep:13 Spiceology's Chef Tony Reed

On this episode we chat with Spicelogy's own Chef Tony Reed. Its all about the flavorand spice on this episode. Spiceology is a chef run spice company that is also the fastest growing spice company in the U.S. Chef Tony has spent the hours in the kitchen as well and now is making his mark as a spice savage! Join us for this story and more on this episode of Plumluvfoods! Follow Spiceology @spiceology and check out for more info and to order! Also Chef Tony Reed is...

Duration: 01:05:30

Plumluvfoods Se:5 Episode 11 Michele Ragussis

Tonight on our Ass Kicking Female Chef Series we are hanging with Food Network veteran and kick ass New England Chef, Michelle Ragussis. From Beat Bobby Flay to Food Network Star to Chopped to Comback Kitchen Michelle has seen the ropes. This Johnson and Wales graduate is the Executive Chef at Crowne and Anchor in Provencetown MA and is an inspiration to us all! Plus Plum rants about hashtags and what do they really mean, as well as non functional garnish! Dont put shrimp in my food with a...

Duration: 01:24:27

Plumluvfoods se: 5 ep- 10 Ore

On this the second episode of our Ass Kicking Female Chef series we chat with one of the coolest Ny food minds and old school Truecooks OG, Ore. Ore has been around the block for sure in the kitchen and always has some amazing knowledge to spread to young culinarians. We talk life, orgin stories and what the future holds! Plum also goes on a rant or two plus we announce and brand new event that is going to kick ass!! Follow Ore @orenyc on Instagram and please rate review and subscribe!!

Duration: 01:06:18

Plum luv foods season 5 ep 7 Magician Kevin Nicholas aka The Modern Mentalist

Plumluvfoods is back this week after a little hiatus with a cool a guest the Modern Mentalist Kevin Nicholas. Kevin began honing his craft at thirteen years old. Within two years he was already an international award-winning magician and on his way to captivating audiences around the world with his illusions. Constantly improving and practicing daily, Kevin’s dedication to his craft has brought him throughout the world to perform his own brand of magic known as Modern Mentalism. What do a...

Duration: 01:30:35

Plum luv foods season 5 ep 6 Chad Minton returns

On thie episode we get the return of the genius behind the global movment that is Truecooks. Chef Chad Minton returns to talk about his big news and whats coming up with truecooks! We talk shop young cooks and more! Plus Chef Plum talks about his new show and whats up with insane clients at caterings!

Duration: 01:06:25

Plum luv foods season 5 ep 1 Grillmomma Melissa Reome

Springtime is in the air and that means so is grilling! Whats better than a hot girl that knows her way around a grill? Well.. anyone... anyone... exactly! Thats why tonight we kick off season 5 with my good friend Melissa aka Grillmomma! Her massive instagram following is all about meat and grilling. We talk about some fun grilling tips and some great cuts of meat. Also we see just how many "Meat" jokes Plum can make. Also we recap the weekend and more live on this episode! Season 5 here...

Duration: 01:24:16

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 32 Guy Fieri

On this episode we chat with the one and only Guy Fieri about the bussiness. We talk about knives, cooks, and more. We get Guy's opinon on how social media is changing the food bussiness and more. We also check in with Mike and Scott from Ergo Chef and hear stories from the boys about when they were traveling with Guy! Its a detour to flavortown with the mayor himself Guy Fieri!

Duration: 01:08:24

Plumluvfoods Season 4 episode 31 Chef Lonny Huot

On this episode we talk with Executive Chef Lonny Huot from the Sheraton in Austin Texas.Award winning Chef Lonny, has been the brains behind many 5 diamond 5 star hotels, has cooked at the James Beard house and of yeah, and was Chef Plum's mentor. This episode is live from a resort in Fl that Chefs' Lonny and Plum were part of the opening crew! Its a stroll down memory lane with one of the best people Plum knows Chef Lonny Huot. Plus what did we learn and whats off the block in food news...

Duration: 01:28:41

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 30 "Cheffin aint Easy"

On this episode we talk with Joe from Cheffin ain't Easy. We also talk hashtags in the food bussiness, and what do they do. Hot sauce judging and more on this episode! Apparel with a passion deeper than just the clothes we offer. It’s a lifestyle. We believe in family and community. Our USA created brand is completely organic and earth friendly. We donate 5% of your purchase to No Kid Hungry, a mission to end childhood starvation in America. Supporting local jobs and artists, CAE is your...

Duration: 01:26:33

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 29 Jace from Stationhead pirate radio

On this episode we have a chat with Jace Kay one of the geniuses behind the soon to go public pirate radio app Stationhead. Jace tells us how the app came to be, and whats the story behind the name. We also talk about how social media is affecting everyday life and how Stationhead can change the hospitlity world by bringing everyone closer! We also play what did you learn and of course whats off the block brought to you by Hottblox cutting boards! Check out or send me a...

Duration: 01:07:54

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 28 Adam from Chef Spoons

On this episode of Plumluvfoods we chat with Adam from Chef Spoons. Chef Spoons are stainless steel cooking, plating, tasting, and serving spoons featuring original artwork. A master culinary and service utensil, the Chef Spoon performs exceptionally well in the professional environment. Check out On this episode its all about the culinary entrepreneur. We also talk about "food and wine festivals". We have a a few more beta test codes for the awesome Stationhead app and...

Duration: 01:30:17

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 27 Meghan Harlow Edible magazine

On this episode we chat with Digital Editor for Edible magazine's Long Island Brooklyn Manhattan and East End. Meghan has seen a ton of food trends and can elaborate more on the the continual conversation about digital media. We also play "What did you learn" and check out whats off the Block brought to you by Hotbloxx cutting boards.

Duration: 01:24:40

Plum luv foods season 4 ep 26 Erik Ofgang from CT magazine

ON this episode we talk to author and senior writer for CT magazine Erik Ofgang. Erik does a ton of food writing and is a great human being, but make no mistake, CT magazine is a major publication, so it will be interesting to see how Chef Plum can chat with a really smart guy. Erik Ofgang is a senior writer at Connecticut Magazine, and the author of Buzzed: Beers, Booze, & Coffee Brews — Where to Enjoy the Best Craft Beverages in New England. His next book Gillette Castle: A History is...

Duration: 01:12:11

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 25 Adam Poch Returns

On this episode we check in with the bacon minister himself Adam Poch. Adam is just recently back from a huge bacon festival in Iowa called the Blu Ribbon Bacon Fest. We get all the lowdown on the event as well as whats new with the world of bacon. We also chat about some of the upcoming festivals coming up and if bacon is losing its allure in the culinary world! We also play what did you learn and check out some news on this episode of Plumluvfoods Live! Follow Adam on Instagram at...

Duration: 01:30:46

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 24 Dan from Thimble Island Brewing Company

On this episode we talk with my new buddy Dan from Thimble Island Brewing Company. This brewery has quickly become a staple here in CT and is expanding rapidly. We talk food and beer, what it takes to make a brewery happen and more! We also chat about whats upcoming with the Edible series as well as the new giveaway. Food Beer and more all on this valentines day episode of Plumluvfoods

Duration: 01:29:34

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 22 David Todd from ESPN Pittsburgh

On this episode we take a step off the normal path to talk with one of my favorite sports casters David Todd from ESPN Pittsburgh. David also co-hosts the very popular Terrible Podcast which is all about the Pittsburgh Steelers. We talk about digital media versus traditional media, David's thoughts on the end of FM radio in Norway, and of course gameday foods and how they differ from all the different sports David covers. We also try to get David to talk Plum of the Steelers bridge as...

Duration: 01:06:17

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 21 Chef Ryan Peters

On this episode we chat with Chef Ryan Peters. Ryan just finished an amazing stage at an amazing restaurant called... the French Laundry. Ryan is a young chef that gives me hope for young Chefs in this industry. We talk about the business, social media and how it affects hiring, Chefs Roll and more. We also play what did we learn, and talk some news!

Duration: 01:03:00

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 20 Chef Life Magazine

Tonights episode is all about the Chef and shining a little spot light on awesome chefs across the country. ChefLife magazine is on the show. We talk about the history of the magzine and what made it happen. All the cool chefs across world that we meet through social media and more. Plus we touch on Norway the first country to do away with FM radio, pop up dinners, and more on this episode!

Duration: 01:17:26

Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 19 Future Chefs of America with Kevin Levine

On this episode we talk Chefs United for Future Chefs of America with Chef Kevin Levine. Chef is hosting an amazing charity event, January 16 in Myrtle Beach SC. The event is an 8 course wine dinner with a silent auction. We also talk about the bussiness moving forward in 2017. Whats up with Hotbloxx and seasonal work in a destonation town. We check out the trending news story and play what did we learn. Follow Chef Kevin on Instagram @chefscatoris

Duration: 01:29:24

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