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Ep. 53 - Band on the Run - Part 6

The party takes stock of their victory this week as the reality of Harold Greyspear slipping through their fingers sets in. What is he planning? And where is he now? The party finds themselves with nothing but more questions in place of the answers they sought. Also on this weeks episode: Fulgrim gets paid; Alton tries to kill Smokerunner again; Hunter needs a tighter belt; and everyone is a chucklef**k. Find links to all episodes, social media and fun stuff at plusonetohijinks.com!

Duration: 00:48:41

Ep. 52.5 - Mini-Episode - Our Favorite Game Settings - Rifts

The Hijinkscrew is back in the bunker again this week to talk about another favorite game setting. But because Eric is a renegade maverick that plays by his own rules, it's not a D&D setting this time. Instead we're talking about the Palladium Books setting known as Rifts! Do you like multiverse settings with wildly varied dimensions being mashed together? Or crazy fights with power armor wearing cyborgs fighting dragons or vampires? If you answered yes to either of those then Rifts might...

Duration: 00:33:42

Ep. 52 - Band on the Run - Part 5

It's the final showdown between the Hijinkscrew and Queen Aerisi Kalinoth, prophet of the Cult of the Howling Hatred. Even with friends and family at their side, the party has never faced a foe quite like this before. Can they win the day and claim victory against the evil cult? Will they finally find Alton's mother? And what of the enigmatic Harold Greyspear? You'll have to listen in to find out. Also on this week's episode: Hunter is quite drunk; Alton has the perfect spell for this...

Duration: 01:31:58

Ep. 51.5 - Mini-Episode - Spiderman Homecoming Roundtable

Spoilers, man. Spoilers, man. This weeks podcast has spoilers man. Because we saw, Homecoming. Consider this, your warning. Watch out! Here come the spoilers man! The Hijinkscrew is back again this week with another round of hot takes, this time for Spiderman: Homecoming! Because there are so many damn superhero movies these days it's all we seem to talk about. Is the latest attempt to reboot everyone's favorite webslinger a hit? Is Michael Keaton ever not amazing? Which member of...

Duration: 00:35:55

Ep. 51 - Band on the Run - Part 4

The Hijinkscrew are back and this week, they aim to misbehave. Deep behind enemy lines and surrounded on all sides, they seek to pull off a desperate plan and distract their enemies. Will their gambit pay off? Or will it be curtains for the party? Tune in to find out! Also on this week's episode: Hunter's trigger finger has never been itchier; Ian over-smites things; Fulgrim gives 40 whacks with his axe; and Alton steals the wind beneath someone's wings. Find links to all episodes,...

Duration: 01:00:34

Ep. 50.5 - Mini-Episode - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Roundtable

*SPOILER ALERT* The Hijinkscrew is back again with another movie roundtable for this week's mini-episode. And we are finally, after months of delay talking about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! It's only what? Two and a half months late? Nice and topical, just the way we like it. Consider this the official spoiler warning. These roundtables always assume that you've either seen the movie, or don't care about spoilers. Spoiler alert for the episode itself, Tom can't remember the names of...

Duration: 00:33:06

Ep. 50 - Band on the Run - Part 3

The Hijinkscrew is deep in the belly of the beast this week. Deeper and more bellyish than ever before! Having infiltrated the Temple of the Howling Hatred, they have finally achieved what they set out to do fifty episodes ago - find Alton's parents. Well, parent. To say there are dangers lurking around every corner is an understatement. Remember, belly, beast. Also on this week's episode: Alton enjoys some father-son time; Hunter has a bad idea; Fulgrim has a good idea; and Ian has some...

Duration: 00:58:54

Ep. 49.5 - Mini-Episode - Our Favorite D&D Settings - Dark Sun

What do you get if you take Conan the Barbarian, Dune and Mad Max, and throw them all together in a D&D themed blender? You get Dark Sun! On this week's mini-episode, DM Tom leads the Hijinkscrew through a discussion on why Dark Sun is his favorite setting, even though he hasn't really had a chance to play much of it. But how can you not love a setting that's got despotic mad sorcerer kings, a unique take on magic, and super gross insect people?! Find links to all episodes, social media...

Duration: 00:47:29

Ep. 49 - Band on the Run - Part 2

The Hijinkscrew embarks on their latest mission this week, their sights set firmly on the Temple of the Howling Hatred. Alton's search for his missing parents, started so long ago, is almost at an end. But will he find them in time? You have to tune in to find out. Also on this week's episode: Alton invents extreme sports; Fulgrim finally gets to show off about Dwarven architecture; Hunter never gets to trap anything; and Ion proves that when a problem comes along, you must whip it. Find...

Duration: 01:35:18

Ep. 48.5 - Mini-Episode - Wonder Woman Roundtable

The Hijinkscrew welcome a very special guest this week as superfan Meriko joins the show to help us talk about the very good and extremely overdue cinematic debut* of Wonder Woman! Join us as we break down what we thought of the film and what we might hope to see from the series going forward. Oh and SPOILERS. We don't go through the entire plot but we sure don't hold back talking about specifics either. SPOILER ALERT! We forgot to say it at the start of the episode but like always, here...

Duration: 00:40:49

Ep. 48 - KublaCon 2017 Round Up

Slight change in routine this week. Instead of an adventure episode, we have our KublaCon 2017 Round Up! The Hijinkscrew survived the con and have returned to share their tales of glory from the battlefield of the Sequoia room at the Burlingame Hyatt Regency. A massive thank you to everyone that came out and said hi to us, and a huge shout out to all the volunteers and DMs that offered up their time to make sure that the games could happen. You're the real heroes! Find links to all...

Duration: 00:57:09

Ep. 47.5 - Mini-Episode - Our Favorite D&D Settings - Eberron

We're kicking off a short series of mini-episodes this week as we take turns talking about our favorite D&D settings. Up first is the voice of Alton Meliamne, the ever present and charismatic Jordan! Tune in to hear him gush about the arcane-punk lands, magical trains and soulless robots as he walks us through just what it is about Eberron that he enjoys so much. What's your favorite D&D setting? Why not drop us a line and let us know either in the comments below, or by email at...

Duration: 00:26:06

Ep. 47 - Band on the Run - Part 1

It's the start of a new chapter for the Hijinkscrew as they prepare to make their assault on the Temple of the Howling Hatred. What dangers await them in its dark depths? Well you'll have to wait on that because this episode is all about logistics and planning! The most exciting part of any adventure! Also on this weeks episode: Alton writes his way out; Hunter goes shopping; Fulgrim is the best Lord; and Ion dreams. *Quick programming note - no housekeeping or "Previously on" this week...

Duration: 01:00:49

Ep. 46.5 - Mini-Episode - Leveling up to Level 7 and 8

Ding! What's that sound? Is it the sound of the party hitting level 7? Well yes, technically it is. But it's also the sound of them hitting level 8 because that last adventure was so friggin' long and this damn campaign has to end sometime! The gang is all here on this week's episode to talk about their shiny new toys and abilities that they earned for all their hard work and murder. There are new spells and hit points to increase, ability scores to improve, and some first class back...

Duration: 00:36:44

Ep. 46 - The Calm Before the Firestorm - Part 10

With yet another enemy stronghold now a smoking crater in the ground, the Hijinkscrew has a moment to catch their breath and assess their next move. With some unexpected new allies now on their side, they set their sights on the Temple of the Howling Hatred and moving to aid Alton's parents. You know, the thing that we set up back in episode one. Also on this episode: Alton plans; Fulgrim snores; Ian continues his recruitment drive; and everybody hates Sholar. Find links to all episodes,...

Duration: 01:02:37

Ep. 45.5 - Should have said 'We Am Groot"

This week it is another mini-episode where Guest DJ Ion Lightspur tries to just flat out waste your time, for no good reason! With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 dropping on the same day as this very mini episode, Aaron breaks down why he thinks of the first Guardians as the most like a solid party adventure arc. Be sure to tune in for the half thoughts and false promises ASAP!

Duration: 00:32:35

Ep. 45 - The Calm Before the Firestorm - Part 9

Can the party hope to overcome tragedy and pull together in order to defeat their fiercest and most fiery foe yet, the Burning Titan? Will they be able to go on without their beloved "ranger". Or will grief consume them and allow evil to win the day. Listen in to find out! Quick programming note: No housekeeping this week and there are a few strange audio pops. No idea what caused them and try as hard as we could, some of them were not able to be removed. Sorry about that! Find links to...

Duration: 00:58:29

Ep. 44.5 - D&D and Kids

DM Tom is back this week with more helpful hints and tricks for running a D&D game, this time with a focus on how to run an adventure for younger players. We also answer a question from a listener on devils vs demons. Turns out they're different! If you would like to send in a question to the group you can totally do that! Hit us on on Facebook, Twitter or via email, links to all of which can be found over at plusonetohijinks.com!

Duration: 00:14:10

Ep. 44 - The Calm Before the Firestorm - Part 8

The party continues their desperate climb to freedom this week, but come face to face with the true power of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. This is the part where I'd usually make another fire related pun but I can't think up anymore. You could say I'm out of fuel for the fire I guess? But you probably shouldn't. Also on this weeks episode; Hunter picks the wrong moment to fail; Alton finds himself in a thorny situation; Fulgrim gets conflicting instructions; and Ian finishes his foe in...

Duration: 01:14:47

Ep. 43 - The Calm Before the Firestorm - Part 7

Things are going just great for the party this week. I mean, at least they're out of their prison cells now. Still trapped inside a derelict firetrap of a building, surrounded by murderous pyromaniac cult members. Other than that though, things are going pretty good. Can they complete their escape from the Cult of the Eternal Flame? Or will their efforts go up in smoke? Tune in to find out! Also on this week's episode: Hunter reunites with some old buddies; Ian can't catch a break;...

Duration: 01:06:42

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