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Writer and HelloGiggles.com co-founder Molly McAleer and her diverse roster of guests tear into listener voicemails, giving advice and exploring the underlying issues while laughing all the way. If you would like Molls to answer your question, call (323) 450-7408 and leave a message.




A Clean Person's Birthday Brunch

Surprise! We’ve got a new mini episode for you. This time, Molls (twitter.com/molls), Kristina (twitter.com/kristinalopez), and Ed (twitter.com/therealedhansen) stop by to celebrate the birthday of Jolie Kerr (twitter.com/), host of the Ask A Clean Person podcast. Listen in on this boozy brunch and enjoy. Kristina gets some advice from the crowd and we talk about how it’s OK to be a little sloppy. PLUS: Watch What Crappens co-host Ronnie Karam (twitter.com/ronniekaram) also make a guest...

Duration: 00:58:55


We've been gone for three week and we know you miss us. We're taking a little time to explain why we're taking a little break this summer and to catch you up on what's been going on with us. Short answer: Birthday parties, grief, Austin, and Whole30. Got a question? Call us up at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a voice note to askplzadvise [at] gmail.com

Duration: 00:37:21

Mother/Daughter Drama (Featuring Kristina’s Mom)

New show! This week, Producer Kristina (twitter.com/kristinalopez) and her mom, Diana, are guesting on the pod with @molls. They share their mutual love of “Vanderpump Rules” and “Southern Charm.” Then, they take your calls on what to do when your mom is being manipulated by your step-dad, what do you do when your closest friends really hate your boyfriend, how to come out to your grandma, and much more. Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts! Your review might just get on...

Duration: 02:04:47

"If you feel a sense of dread, don’t go"

We’re back to basics in our newest episode. Molls (twitter.com/molls) and Kristina (twitter.com/kristinalopez) chat about their friendship and pizza (lots of pizza talk) before diving into your calls about best friends who seem to be fading away, what to do when a family member is pushing you away, an more. Plus, fan favorite Ryan Bailey makes a cameo appearance and we do a live call-in with a regular listener. Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts! Your review might just...

Duration: 01:19:43

"Yeah, I Bit Her" (Featuring Geoff LaTulippe)

New show! “Going the Distance” screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe (twitter.com/@DrGMLaTulippe) returns to the show and reveals time share-selling past. Then, listen as he and Molls (twitter.com/molls) dive in to your calls about revealing your mental health issues at work, finding a way to make a living as a writer, escaping a toxic work environment and more. Got a question? Call us up at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a voice note to askplzadvise [at] gmail.com.

Duration: 01:08:21

High Bottom 🍑

In this episode, we welcome back our first-ever guest, Blaire Bercy (twitter.com/blairebitchproj) and remember our third anniversary, Ricky Martin songs, and some of the weirdest things we’ve seen online. Then, Blaire and Molls (twitter.com/molls) take your phone calls about your marijuana problems, your former best friend ghosting you, and more. Plus, we advise you on what to do if an online shop doesn’t charge you for the clothes you bought. Keep ‘em? Tell the company? Return ‘em? We...

Duration: 01:25:56

Baby, You’re a Firework (Featuring Stacey Jones)

Fresh ep, hot ’n ready for you! We’re welcoming back the very awesome friend of the pod Stacey Jones. Listen as she and Molls (twitter.com/molls) take on your calls. This week there’s a few mama drama questions and we’ve got a call about what to do post-college. Plus, a listener calls in with friend AND moving problem which just makes us realize that sometimes, we’re responsible for our own misery. Got a question? Call us up at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a voice note to...

Duration: 01:30:07

Actually…. (Featuring Andrée Vermeulen)

We’ve got a new episode, but let’s cut to the chase: Most of our callers either need new friends or need to think about how they approach their friendships. Let’s back it up a bit. “Angie Tribeca” actor Andrée Vermeulen (twitter.com/DreeAndree) returns to the show to drop chestnuts like “passive-aggressiveness is a state of being.” After she and Molls (twitter.com/molls) have some fun at the top, they dive into your calls about an awkward roommate situation, misunderstanding the “best...

Duration: 01:33:03

Check Your Privilege (Featuring Jack Moore)

Buckle up 'cause we got a brand new episode for you. "Dear White People" writer Jack Moore (twitter.com/jackpmoore) stops by to chat up Molls (twitter.com/molls) about hangovers, the "Mommy Dead and Dearest" doc, and cajun accents. Plus Jack opens up about working on the "Dear White People" show and how Molly helped him decide on the job. Next we answer your calls about joke thieves, horrible neighbors, dudes who overreach at work, why we make jokes about white guys on the pod, dealing...

Duration: 01:30:31

A Cougar for a Kennedy (Featuring Ed Hansen)

We’re back with a fan fave guest… THE Ed Hansen (twitter.com/therealedhansen). Molly’s (twitter.com/molls) brother from another mother stops by to chat with her about Caitlin Jenner’s new book, a young Kennedy star on the rise, and more. Then, the two besties take your calls about overcoming burnout, how to stop cyberstalking your boyfriend’s last fling, and cheating on social media. !!!!!BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Molls and Kristina will be speaking at the Werk It Festival in L.A. in October!!!!...

Duration: 01:18:10

The Cheesecake Factory Incident (Featuring Gaby Dunn)

We’re back and we’re brand new! YouTuber and “Bad With Money” host Gaby Dunn (twitter.com/gabydunn) drops by to chat with Molls (twitter.com/molls) about Playlist, LGBTQ content suffering from YouTube’s “restricted” label, and more. Then, the two dive into your calls about dating closeted men, coming out to your parents, and what it’s like to be an only child. Got a question? Call us up at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a voice note to askplzadvise [at] gmail.com

Duration: 01:24:39

Notes from the L.A. Women's March

It’s (finally) here! Listen as producer Kristina Lopez (twitter.com/kristinalopez) shares tape from her time at the L.A. women’s march. She also has a chat with Plz Advise fan and writer Aja Barber (twitter.com/etoilee8) about Aja’s experience at the D.C. march, her thoughts on how the movement can be more inclusive for women of color, and more. Here’s Aja’s article on her march experience. We’ll be back with a regular episode next week. Upcoming guests are Gaby Dunn and Ed Hansen. Got a...

Duration: 01:11:09

DaddyOFive YouTube Drama

After finding a video from Philip DeFranco talking about a disturbing “prank” video published by YouTuber DaddyOFive, Molly dives in to the family’s history of “pranking” their kids for the sake of clicks and weighs in on whether authorities should be brought in to help the kids. Want to know more about this? The Washington Post has an explainer right here. What are your thoughts on this situation? What did you think of the episode? Let us know at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a...

Duration: 00:55:38

The Safe Space (Featuring Chantal Claret)

Back at it again babes! This week singer-songwriter Chantal Claret (twitter.com/chantalclaret) drops by the studio (aka Molly’s house). You might know her from the band Morningwood or maybe from her solo projects. She chats with Molls (twitter.com/molls) about co-hosting a recent episode of “Catfish” (reverse google search FTW!) and they take your calls about dating when you have an 8 p.m. curfew, having meeting with male co-workers who won’t shut up about their pubes, and more. ****Give...

Duration: 01:46:58

Arizona Vibes (Featuring Little Esther)

NEW SHOOOOOOW! This week, comedian/actor/podcaster Esther Povitsky aka Little Esther (twitter.com/littleesther) drops by the show to chat with Molls (twitter.com/molls) about her favorite beauty YouTubers, why no one gets the internet right in movies and more. Then these two dynamic women tackle your calls about friends who hook up with dudes that fat shame you, tips for starting a new website, helping a loved one deal with an alcoholic parent, and more. We pretty much cover it all in this...

Duration: 01:27:39

Dating Bootcamp (Featuring Amy Kaufman)

Bbs! We’re taking a special episode from our spin-off pod, “Emotionally Broken Psychos,” and bringing it here to you because it has a lot to do with dating and advice… though we’re not entirely sure it’s advice you should take. Listen as Molls (twitter.com/molls) and L.A.Times writer Amy Kaufman (twitter.com/AmyKinLA) recap a dating seminar they attended hosted by a so-called “expert” with guest speaker, former “Bachelor” Chris Soules. It’s fun recap of an odd, Baltimore day. Enjoy!...

Duration: 01:18:10

Low Rent Benihana (Featuring Frankie Greek)

Frankie Greek (@twitter.com/frankiegreek) returns to the show. You might remember her from her from our 100th episode special. Frankie catches us up on her recent move to L.A., how she established herself on social media, and her latest hair dye journey before diving into your phone calls with Molls (Twitter.com/molls). We handle your messy ex sex, moving to L.A. without being in the industry, and what to do when your nude photos show up online. ****Give us a call. We'd love to hear from...

Duration: 01:47:33

‘Preciate Ya (Featuring Ronnie Karam)

NEW SHOW! This week “Watch What Crappens” (twitter.com/whatcrappens) co-host Ronnie Karam (twitter.com/@RonnieKaram) returns! He and Molls (twitter.com/molls) dish about their mutual love of “Medium,” their dogs, Oprah’s passionate love of bread and more. Then they talk your calls about F*** buddy problems, how to escape your soul-sucking job, and more micro penis talk. ****Give us a call. We'd love to hear from you for any advice, if you wanna say what's up, or if you want us to roast...

Duration: 01:33:40

Same Problems, Different Time (Featuring Nicholas Ferroni)

We’ve got a fun show for you! This week, Molls (twitter.com/molls) hops on the line with Nicholas Ferroni (twitter.com/NicholasFerroni). Nicholas was once named People’s "Sexiest Teacher Alive,” and he has a few important things he wants to share about gender inequality, minority representation in history textbooks, being an ally to the LGBTQ community, and more. Then Nick sticks around to answer a couple calls about saying goodbye to the co-worker everyone hates and your friend’s...

Duration: 01:32:49

The Smokehouse Adventure

#PlzAdviseNation! We’re trying something different on the pod this week. Follow along as Molls (twitter.com/molls) and Producer Kristina (twitter.com/kristinalopez) go out to dinner at an L.A. staple: The Smoke House. A few Martinis were had during this recording, but we manage to tackle your calls about f— buddies, dating as a dog owner, and wedding anxiety. Longtime listeners: we also give you an update on Franklin the house plant and Nick the Roommate. We also explain how an entire...

Duration: 01:14:45

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