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PKN-62-A La Carte Cable

Aaron and Homer are hanging out talking some news! -New images of Cable released -Nightwing movie update -Flashpoint Confirmed for 2020 -Wonder Woman confirmed for Flashpoint -Batman trilogy rumored to lead into Batman Beyond -Disney leaving Neflix -Is streaming service apps killing cable -Teagen Croft as Raven in Teen Titans Cover Art is assisted by @BossLogic

Duration: 00:28:34

PKN-61-I Can't See the Dog!

Aaron, Homer, and David are talking the news! David reveals an unimaginable secret about The Pumpkin King... -Jon Cena joins Bumble Bee movie, sets release date alongside Aquaman next December -First look at Zazie Beetz as Domino for Deadpool 2 -Nightmare before Christmas 2 happening as a comic-will follow Zero the ghost dog as he’s lost in Christmas town -IT Trailer 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgHEI-yW60M -Netflix Originals Coming in August and general Netflix Discussion Deathnote-...

Duration: 00:51:28


Aaron, Homer, and David are celebrating! PKN turned two! Thank you to everyone for all of your support and stay tuned for some big things on the horizon! Today the boys are sharing some of the Movie and TV highlights from this years San Diego Comic Con! A list of the movies/shows and their trailer can be found below. Movies: -Jigsaw Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPP6aIw1vgY -Bright Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxko -Pacific Rim 2...

Duration: 01:07:43

PKN-59-Shark Bites!

Aaron is back with special guests: the little dudes! Aaron's little big man AND little man join him to discuss the upcoming Shark Week! -Why shark's are awesome -Tiger Shark vs Rainbow Shark -Rainbow Shark vs Zebra Shark -A review of the Street Shark's intro theme -A review of the Shark Bite gummies commercial -Explaining to the little man that the boy in the Shark Bite commercial is not Papa -A breakdown of Discovery Channel's Shark Week schedule

Duration: 00:16:25

PKN-58-This Hat Gives Me Confidence

Aaron, Homer, and David are back after a week off! From eight legged freaks, to minimal editing, we've got you covered! -Spider-Man Homecoming Review (Spoilers) -Aaron, Homer, and David disagree on almost every aspect of Spider-Man Homecoming, except the fact that it's a pretty damn good movie -Phase 4 of the MCU to kick-off with sequel to Homecoming -Marvel's The Warriors announces cast (we see you Squirrel Girl and Baby Daddy!) -Aaron talk's Riverdale (again apparently) -Current show...

Duration: 00:48:00

PKN-57- Clownin' Around

Aaron, Homer, and David are joined by Halloween Happy! The gang battles a spooky internet connection in this all out horror news episode! -Conjuring 3 happening with Conjuring 2 writer, James Wan not expected to Direct -Annabelle 2 trailer -The shaping of the "Conjuring" universe -Happy Death Day Trailer -Jurassic World sequel gets titled Fallen Kingdom and tagline “Life Finds a Way” -Jurassic World sequel catches shade from some of the group -Behind the Sightings trailer -IT gets R rating...

Duration: 00:53:15

PKN-56-Mask Off

Aaron, Homer, David are here with the NEWS NEWS NEWS! -Mask of the Phantasm get HD remaster on blu ray this summer -HBO to adapt a watchmen show -John Wick being adapted as comic to debut in September and TV show titled “The Continental” -Lord and Miller exit the Young Han Solo Movie -Fantastic four reboot as a kid’s movie -The validity of Vin Diesel's xXx movies -Venom and Silver/Black movie linked MCU -Kraven & Mysterio getting their own spin off -Carnage main villain in Venom movie...

Duration: 00:42:01

PKN-55-The West The Batman

Aaron and Homer are joined by David this week! -David can't find his remote -A solemn good bye to Adam West -Black Panther Trailer Review -Lack of review on the new Spider-Man Trailer -The Mummy review (MINOR SPOILERS) -Fate of the Dark Universe

Duration: 00:34:29

PKN-54-Oh, What Wonder

Aaron and Homer are here talking Wonder Woman! Despite cancellations and technical difficulties, the boys toughed it out to deliver the good word of Princess Diana this week! -Wonder Woman Box Office -Wonder Woman Movie Reaction -Impressed with Wonder Woman day -Patty Jenkins deal with Warner Brothers -Wonder Woman Easter Eggs -Justice League anticipation and the future of the DCEU

Duration: 00:21:52

PKN-53-Alamo City Comic Con

We went to Alamo City Comic Con! Aaron is joined again by his little big man Riley! As the whole family went out to ACCC together this year it seemed only right that Papa and son talk about their experience together. They discuss the following about ACCC: -The Venue -Cosplay -Artists -Local Art -Comics -Comic Book Artists -Merch

Duration: 00:25:16

PKN-52-You Gotta Get Better

Aaron, Phillip, and Homer have pressed record! -Zack Snyder steps down as Justice League director amidst family tragedy -Joss Whedon takes on the mantle of Justice League director -New Spider-Man Homecoming trailers -Tom Hardy as Venom -Alamo City Comic Con! Actors, Artists, Cosplayers and more!

Duration: 00:42:43

PKN-51-Eckman's Toy Show

Pocket Knife News is live! Aaron and Homer were live at Eckman's Toy Show this past weekend and recorded an episode right on the event floor. Discussing the show, toys, collectibles, Pops, and more, Eckman's Toy Show delivered once again. To learn more about the event head on over to http://www.eckmanstoyshow.com/

Duration: 00:29:09

PKN-50-Batman Animated

50 episodes!!! The time has come, for the Batman the Animated series discussions! Aaron, Phillip, and Homer are joined by special guests Corey (aka Action Figures Galore/Pop Culture Candles) and his longtime friend Ricky in this all BTAS episode. -A couple of our favorite episodes -Best action figures to come from the show -The genius of this show -Heroes vs Heroes -Some of the best tie ins -The unforgotten TLC songs "No Cups"

Duration: 01:06:54

PKN-49- Spoils of the Galaxy

Aaron and Homer are talking news! -Lego and other toys spoiling movies?! -Wonder Woman TV spots -First tease of Ares -Guardians of the Galaxy expectations -Guardians of the Galaxy 3 & 4 -Free Comic Book Day -The Flash director rumor

Duration: 00:38:48

PKN-48-Fast and Off Topic

Aaron, Phillip, and Homer are joined again by David to talk about recent news (and find themselves on frequent tangents)! -Split/Unbreakable Sequel -Fox announces 2018 X-Men lineup -Cable casting discussion -Fast and Furious spin-off green-lit with the Rock and Jason Statham -DC Comics announces new streaming App will debut with live action Titans show -Powerless removed from NBC lineup -Movies releasing this week and last -Antics ensue

Duration: 00:53:07

PKN-47-Workout with the Champions

Aaron and Homer are joined again by the Champions of San Antonio! Serena, Dante, and David join us today to help get you con and cosplay ready! -What are the first foods you should cut out -How to get started -How to Stay Motivated -Gym vs Home Workouts -What is happening with David's Hair -Antics ensue

Duration: 00:43:09

PKN-46-Hammer of Hulk

Aaron, Phillip, and Homer are bringing the funny while talking about: -Thor Ragnarok trailer -Quality of trailers so far this year -Joss Whedon's entry into the DCEU with Batgirl -The Rock's Black Atom rumored to be the Man of Steel 2 villian -The premise of the new Jumanji movie -The Fate of the Furious expectations

Duration: 00:58:47

PKN-45-Monster Madness

Aaron and Homer are joined by special guest Sam aka Halloween Happy! -How about that new IT trailer?! -Aquaman writer hired to pen the new Creature of the Black Lagoon movie -New Mummy trailer review -How the Mummy is setting up the Universal Monster universe -Tom Cruise's role in the Mummy -Some of our favorite monsters and their movies!

Duration: 00:53:26

PKN-44-Justice is Home

Aaron, Phillip, and Homer are discussing some things! -Phillip is still afraid of clowns -How awesome was that Justice League trailer? -Aaron and Homer discover they are pun/segue masters -Spider-Man Homecoming trailer delivers -SECRET GUEST joins Aaron to review the new Power Rangers movie!

Duration: 00:37:04

PKN-43-The One Symbiote

Aaron, Phillip, and Homer are joined by their longtime friend David to discuss some recent news! -WB pushes back the release date of Aquaman -WB/DC Announces a second film to release in 2018 -Suicide Squad 2 vs Green Lantern Corps -Venom movie coming 2018 -The Matrix is getting a revival

Duration: 00:48:05

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