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Podbros Promotions is a show about helping and promoting others in the independent business world. Whether it be talking with other podcasters, authors, actors, or business owners, John sits down and talks with people to get their message out into the open, meanwhile helping other folks that might not know where to start. This is a show for those that want to help business and projects grow, as well as a podcast for those just getting started in achieving their own goals.




Episode 101: BlokeBusters with Paul and Brian

We are back! John is joined by Brian and Paul to talk all about the updates with their show! It has been some time since John last had Paul on Podbros Promotions and many things have changed since then – listen in as they all talk about new shows, new movies, and how they continue […]

Duration: 00:51:42

Episode 100: 100 Episodes!

John is back and he’s going solo in this milestone marker! It has been a long, long ride for Podbros Promotions with many changes and many friends. John talks about how the show evolved, the Network, and some big news regarding the show going forward. A gigantic THANK YOU to all of those that have […]

Duration: 00:40:56

Episode 98: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 31 Part One

Time flies. It seems like we just did Volume 30 not that long ago. Either way, we are back with another great episode featuring the guests from PechaKucha Detroit! In this episode, four speakers from different backgrounds spoke about the many happenings in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. This includes: Mallarie Gainer talking about the […]

Duration: 00:33:27

Episode 96: Sarcasm City

Podbros Promotions is brand new this week! John sat down with Flawless from Sarcasm City to talk a little bit more about the show, battle rap, the grime scene, and how Flawless got into it all!

Duration: 00:55:17

Episode 95: Jeff Sanguis

John was joined by Jeff Sanguis from the Jeff Sanguis Show! The two discuss his show, how Jeff got involved into podcasting, and some of the do’s and don’t’s as an independent podcaster.

Duration: 00:54:01

Episode 94: Crazy Mark

John was joined in studio with Mark Maxwell aka Crazy Mark aka Mark Monster! The two talk about Mark’s past, how he got involved in Public Access TV, and a lot more in this episode! A special thanks to Willy the Weasel for stopping by (even if it was unannounced).

Duration: 00:57:57

Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health

Welcome back to another episode of Podbros Promotions! You may recall listening to a more recent episode featuring PechaKucha Volume 30. On that episode, we heard from Dr. Paul Thomas about his business, Plum Health – Direct Primary Care. John asked Paul to come to our studio to talk a little bit more about what […]

Duration: 00:42:16

Episode 91: Richard from the Language of Bromance on the Food Industry

John is joined by Richard from the Language of Bromance! Instead of talking about podcasting in this episode, the guys sit down and discuss what it’s like to work in the food industry. Richard has pretty much done it all and has worked in every sort of establishment related with cooking and eating. Hear some […]

Duration: 00:53:20

Episode 90: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 30 Part Two

We’re back! Sorry about that! I ended up going to a place that had very limited internet and didn’t realize it until I got there. So instead of getting Part Two uploaded back during the holidays, you’re receiving it now. Anyway…. Here is Part Two of Volume 30 for PechaKucha Detroit! In this episode, you’ll […]

Duration: 00:44:32

Episode 88: 2016 Podbros Holiday Special

It’s that time of year again! We are back with a Not Safe For Work and Explicit episode. That’s probably the third warning to let you all know that this isn’t your normal Podbros Promotions episode. This year, we are joined by Tony (KAPOWcast), Crazy Mark (Media Litter Sandwich), Damon (TAWF+), Jeff (Flask Action Heroes+), […]

Duration: 02:19:58

Episode 87: Talking Audio Dramas with Paul Sating

John was joined by the creator of Atheist Apocalypse, Subject: Found, and Diary of a Madman, Paul Sating. Paul has been doing something wonderful in the podcasting world by creating audio dramas. For those unaware, these are fictional based stories set up to take the listener on an adventure through fantasy, imagination, and entertainment. John […]

Duration: 00:54:11

Episode 86: Jonathan Presley with Detroit Style Wrestling

Jonathan Presley from Detroit Style Wrestling came to the studio to sit down and talk with us about the wrestling scene in the Mid-Michigan area! In this conversation, John and Jonathan discuss his wrestling past, how he got involved as a manager, what training was like, and how to properly run a promotion. For those […]

Duration: 01:01:27

Episode 85: Michael O. Varhola and David Boop

Welcome to a brand new episode of the show that asks, “What do you do and how do you do it?” In this episode, John isn’t the one doing the interviewing. Due to some prior obligations, John asked Heather (Tin Foil Hat with Heather) to go interview Michael Varhola and David Boop – both creators, […]

Duration: 00:56:00

Episode 84: PechaKucha Night Volume 29

PechaKucha previously had their third installment for the year at Shinola Detroit and Podbros was there to record! On this episode of Podbros Promotions, listen to the whole event with speakers talking about architecture, painting, graffiti, acrobatic performances, and more! A big thank you to everyone at PechaKucha for putting on this wonderful event. Go […]

Duration: 01:17:56

Episode 72: Updates and Future Events

John is back with a new episode of Podbros Promotions. Unfortunately, the original episode went missing and in its place was 30 minutes of silence. So instead of listening to 30 minutes of silence, John came back with 8 minutes of updates and future events. He talks about all of the events Podbros will be […]

Duration: 00:08:04

Episode 71: Downriver Indie Craft Fair

John had the chance to visit the Downriver Indie Craft Fair and get interviews with some of the local artists and vendors! John also spoke with two of the people helping to run the event and asking them how things got started, future plans, and how people can find out more about the event next […]

Duration: 00:30:15

Episode 70: Chatting with Alex on Programming

John was joined by the guy behind the scenes, Alex! The two talk about the new site, new features, and how he got into a career that he loves. They also discuss how others can get into programming – at any age!

Duration: 00:32:53

Episode 69: Jeff from Flask Action Heroes and Kapowcast

John is joined by Jeff from Flask Action Heroes and Kapowcast in this latest episode. The two talk about how Jeff got involved in podcasting, comics, and more!

Duration: 00:52:56

Episode 69: Jeff from Flask Action Heroes and Kapowcast


Duration: 00:52:56

Episode 68: InSession Film with JD Duran


Duration: 00:42:21

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