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012: Inside The Emerging World Of Veterinary Sports Rehabilitation w/ Jessica Rychel

When most people think of veterinary medicine, they think of emergency surgeries or sick pets. Not many of us would immediately think of rehabilitation or sports medicine, but this is a growing field that is allowing us to help our clients and patients in new ways. Jessica Rychel is a pioneer in this field and she shared a lot of insights with us on this episode of Podcast A Vet. Dr. Jessica Rychel is a DVM, a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and...


011: How To Handle Difficult Emotions In The Veterinary World w/Erin Allen

Veterinary medicine is no doubt one of the most emotionally taxing professions out there and the need for support within the community and for our patients & clients is massive. Erin Allen spends every day in the thick of it, whether it is advocating for patients or debriefing the staff, she is always there to be of service to anyone who needs help in navigating the emotions and stresses of this field. Erin Allen is a clinical counselor at the Argus Institute at Colorado State University...


010: How To Form Relationships That Will Open Up Opportunities w/ Clara Goh

We’ve all heard stories about how an influential mentor changed someone’s life and career path entirely, and we’ve got another one for you today. Today’s guest has had a few twists and turns in her veterinary career and they all came from as a result of mentors who believed in her before she believed in herself. Clara Goh is an Australian born veterinary surgeon working in Colorado who has quite a few titles under her belt including small animal surgeon, surgical oncology fellowship at...


009: What To Expect When Specializing As A Vet Tech w/ Lindsay Carroll

If you’ve ever looked into specialization as a certified vet tech, you’re probably aware that it’s no easy feat, and that you’ll have to make some sacrifices along the way. The resulting opportunities, however, can be incredibly rewarding and lead you to places you might not have previously imagined. Today’s guest walks us through the process of specializing as a vet tech and what you can expect if you choose to go down this road. Lindsay Carroll got her bachelor's degree and took the CVT...


008: The Importance Of Mentorship & The Future Of Vet Oncology w/ Bernard Seguin

Are you someone who knows exactly what path you are going down with every step planned in advance, or do you go where the opportunities take you? Today’s guest always knew he wanted to be a vet, but would have never guessed that he would end up as a doctor of surgical oncology at Colorado State University. Dr. Bernard Seguin is an Associate Professor at CSU with a very long list of letters after his name including D.V.M., M.S., Diplomate ACVS, and ACVS Founding Fellow. To say he knows his...


007: How To Maintain A Healthy Mind, Body, and Work Environment w/ Jocey Pronko

It should come as no surprise that working in critical care and emergency departments can put a lot of pressure and stress on the vet professionals involved. At the same time, they provide a fast-paced, never boring environment with the opportunity to make a difference every day. Today’s guest is the managing nurse of both critical care and emergency at Colorado State University’s teaching vet hospital and she has perfectly mixed her passion of wanting to make a positive difference with...


006: Why An Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Important As A Veterinarian w/ Aaron Wallace of Lacuna Diagnostics

Did you go to school for one thing but always wanted to pursue other areas as well? So many of us are told that we should focus on one area only in terms of schooling and business. Today’s guest is going after two different degrees, which from the outside look like they wouldn’t mix but boy, has he found the common ground between the two. Aaron Wallace is a fourth-year veterinary student who is only one of five students at CSU that are in the MBA/DVM program which means he will...


005: How To Balance Family & Vet Practice w/Mike Suit

Being an ambulatory equine veterinarian comes with a completely unique set of challenges and stories. Today we’re talking to Dr. Mike Suit about his journey, including his switch from dental to vet school, balancing family and business, and making time to enjoy your “happy place.” Mike is an equine vet who works on-call from his truck in northern Colorado. Today we talk about his transition from dental school to veterinary school, dealing with self-doubt in the application process,...


004: Embracing Failure & Heading Back To Vet School w/ Kelsey Cates

How many times have you changed the direction of your career path? Did you get a degree in one area but decide to chuck it all and completely start over somewhere else? Kelsey Cates got her degree in cultural anthropology with a certificate in conflict management but is now going back to school in hopes of getting accepted into Veterinary Medicine school. Find the full show notes at: https://podcastavet.com/podcast/essential-skills-practice-manager Keep up with everything Podcast A Vet...


003: The Most Essential Skills For A Successful Vet Practice Manager w/ Susan Wyman

While doctor and nurse may come immediately to mind you think of possible careers in a vet clinic, there’s more to running a successful clinic than just the medical specialists. Today we get into the nitty gritty of what it takes to thrive in one of the most demanding - and essential - roles in any clinic: Practice Manager. Find the full show notes at: https://podcastavet.com/podcast/essential-skills-practice-manager Keep up with everything Podcast A Vet at: https://podcastavet.com


002: What We Can Learn From International Vet Professionals w/ Fernanda Coelho

Have you wondered what veterinary medicine is like in other countries and how it might differ to what we’re taught here in the US? Is the education process better, worse, or just different? On this episode we talk about the differences and similarities of vet medicine between Brazil and the US, and how getting a glimpse into both countries can open our minds and hearts, making us better, more well-rounded vets. Find the full show notes at:...


001: How To Overcome Compassion Fatigue w/ Dr. Bronwen Foster

Have you ever reached the point of actually dreading walking through the front door of your clinic? Has the feeling ever been so strong that it actually caused you illness, anxiety, or depression? On this episode of Podcast A Vet, we’re talking with Dr. Bronwen Foster about burnout and compassion fatigue, two issues that almost all vet professionals experience at some point in their careers, but which is vastly under-acknowledged. Find the full show notes at:...


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