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What You Shouldn’t Worry About – PHD098

Here are the things I DO NOT worry so much about in my Podcasting: 1. My Statistics / Numbers 2. My Reviews, Ratings and Rankings 3. iTunes 4. Audio Perfection 5. Being Absolutely Everywhere 6. MP3 File Names Things I do worry about: 1. Audience - Give them a reason to listen 2. Knowing my listeners 3. My RSS feed address 4. Being everywhere that matters 5. Ease of use for my listeners and web visitors You will have to listen to the show to find out more :)

Duration: 00:43:25

New Beginner Series – Getting Started – PHD097

He's Baaaaackkkk! :) Today I give a bit of an overview of what you need to do BEFORE you put out your first episode of your podcast. 1. Pick a Topic 2. Pick a Title (for the show) 3. Pick and get your domain name 4. Figure out how you are going to do your RSS feed 5. Setup your site and feed 6. Figure out how and what you are going to use to record your podcast 7. Test record to make sure you know how to use your mic, software, devices and whatever else you use to record and edit your...

Duration: 00:28:06

I’m Still here – PHD096

Just a short note to let everyone know I'm still here and will be producing podcasts again VERY SOON! Thanks for staying subscribed!

Duration: 00:01:17

How Wrong Was Mike? – Podcast Predictions From Last Year – PHD095

My Predictions from 2015 in podcasting for the Year 2016 I Made some guesses on what was going to happen in 2016 back in Episode 71. Now we find out just how wrong I was. Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host (Wrong, they are still here) Soundcloud is still here and still nobody has bought them and they haven’t gone out of business (yet) There will be at least one new podcast media hostt (Right) Dan Benjamin's Fireside along with a BUNCH of others that didn’t really make a...

Duration: 00:12:47

The 12 Things you should NOT do in 2017 – PHD094

1. DO NOT Host your mp3 files on your own webserver Hosting your files on a webserver is the single quickest way to get kicked off of your web hosting server. Plus, if you get popular at all, your mp3 downloads will compete with your website and your RSS feed. It’s simply not a good idea. 2. DO NOT Use Feedburner (or feedblitz or any other 3rd party RSS feed service) We have beaten this dead horse but I get calls every week from someone who is on feedburner and something goes wrong....

Duration: 00:38:17

What is a Podcaster? – What is a Podcast? – PHD093

News: Spotify NOT buying soundcloud after all Was your show canceled by the Podcast Authority? --------------------- Listener Question Q: Is a Blue Yeti a good microphone to start out with? A: NO Now, to be fair, the Blue Yeti is a nice microphone and would be a great mic for someone that has a very quiet recording environment and/or is willing to put in the time to learn how to use it properly. Is it the best? No, is it the worst? Sometimes. -------------------- What is a podcast? noun a...

Duration: 00:29:40

MacKenzie Bennet from the PowerPress Podcast and Feedburner Again – PHD092

Today I talk to MacKenzie Bennett from The PowerPress Podcast about her journey in podcasting as a beginner. MacKenzie is the Affiliate and Services Coordinator at RawVoice Inc. and Blubrry Podcasting. You can contact MacKenzie at mackenzie@blubrry.com or on twitter @MacKenzieB6 I also went on another rant about Feedburner and the few podcast "gurus" out there that still say you should use feedburner. If you would like a free month of Hosting or Stats at Blubrry.com, use the promo code...

Duration: 00:33:10

Gary Leland and Podcasting For Business (and other fun stuff) – PHD091

I got to chat with Gary Leland from, originally, Podcast Pickle and a bunch of other sites, podcasts and businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas. We also got into a lot of the "back in the day" about podcasting and generally have a great conversation. You can find out about all that Gary does here: Gary Leland dot com Also here: https://fastpitch.tv/, Fast Pitch Radio Network and a few other places found on GaryLeland.com. It was a fun conversation. ------- Check out my other...

Duration: 00:48:28

Dangerous Web Players – PHD090 – PHDQH4

Subscribe in Pocket Casts Happy International Podcast Day! For IPD, I thought I would put out a Quick Hit on the regular PHD feed. If you would like to continue to get these short 1 topic episodes from time to time, subscribe here. They are normally 5 minutes or less and a single topic of interest to podcasters. I only put them out when I have some news or a topic that is getting on my nerves. Could be a lot some weeks and maybe not so much other weeks. This quick hit is about dangerous...

Duration: 00:05:21

Do You Need A Website For Your Podcast? – phd089

I’m back after taking the summer mostly off and I have a lot of news in this episode along with some things to think about when you are doing your website for your podcast. ------------------- IAB Podcast measurement guidelines released Overcast Ads? Patreon Launches Private Feeds International Podcast Day IPD Gratitude Awards ------------------- Website website website! Do you need a website for your podcast? YES!! Here is why: 1. Google - People can’t find you on Google or Bing if you...

Duration: 00:40:34

iTunes Slow To Update Podcast Listings and More News – PHD087

Tunes Listings for Podcasts are updating slowly It's a known problem at apple. They are having issues keeping listings updated. They know about it and are working on it. The iTunes store listing and what appears in your feed are two different things. People that subscribe to your feed in iTunes will get the new episodes as you post them but the listing at iTunes can lag by a few days (or up to a week or so) behind your feed. This is normal. People get the wrong impression that your RSS...

Duration: 00:20:27

Is It A Good Idea To Put Your Podcast On Vacation? – PHD086

The answer to that question is... I don't know, but I'm going to try it for the summer. That's right, Podcast Help Desk is on Vacation. I'm taking the summer *mostly* off from this podcast. Instead of trying to put out an episode every Friday during the busy, project filled summer, I'm going to just say, the episodes will come out when they come out. My plan is to write more on this site. Podcast news, Tips, Tricks and other tidbits. AND, I will put out some episodes as I get them done, or...

Duration: 00:10:01

A Conversation With Shawn Thorpe – phd085

I sat down and had a great conversation with Shawn Thorpe from HyperNonsense.com, PodcasterNews.com, Shawn.mx and GeekNewsCentral.com. On top of all that, Shawn is a colleague of mine over at blubrry support. Follow Shawn on Twiter @shawno We talked about all kinds of things. -Web Hosting -Podcasting (Duh!) -Recording -Life -and more podcasting :) Enjoy! The post A Conversation With Shawn Thorpe – phd085 appeared first on Podcast Help Desk.

Duration: 00:58:29

Podcast Help Desk Update – 4-22-16

Quick update on Google Play Music Podcasts. Also talk about some new stuff at Blubrry.com Full show next week with a special guest I think you will really enjoy! The post Podcast Help Desk Update – 4-22-16 appeared first on Podcast Help Desk.

Duration: 00:06:05

6 things to Uncomplicate your podcasting – PHD084

News: Radio Station Hijacked with Explicit Podcast Content 2016 Podcast Awards Rules ----------------- 6 things to Uncomplicate your podcasting 1. Organize your episode show prep 2. Once you have your recording setup figured out check it off the list 3. Once you have your RSS feed / website set up, check it off the list 4. Don’t try to game the system. Just make sure you have great content and market it normally. No need to worry about things like N&N or review snapping. 5. Once you have a...

Duration: 00:43:21

Some of the Biggest Lies in Podcasting – PHD083

News: Academy of Podcasters, Hall of Fame 2016 inductees New Media Europe in June People's Choice Podcast Awards needs your help ------------------- Some of the biggest lies in podcasting - You must have a big launch. - New & Noteworthy at iTunes will guarantee success in podcasting - You only have 8 weeks to be in N&N - Someone can be #1 in N&N - Daniel J. Lewis' Article - You must Pay BIG BUCKS to learn how to podcast - You need a Heil PR40 Microphone to podcast (substitute any other...

Duration: 00:28:29

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Podcasts Connect at Apple – phd082

Apple introduced a new way to manage your Podcasts on iTunes. Access the site here: http://podcastsconnect.apple.com I go over what you should use it for and what you should NOT use it for. The Good: - Submit your podcast to the iTunes podcasts directory via the web rather than the iTunes desktop app - Ability to change the feed address that iTunes pulls to your LISTING (listing only, see below) - Another vaildator for podcast feeds The Bad: - Ability to really mess up your listing - Must...

Duration: 00:19:53

Podcast Feed Validation and More with Charles Wiltgen – PHD081

I talk to Charles Wiltgen from PodBase and Farstuff Podcast I will be talking about the iTunes changes next week. The post Podcast Feed Validation and More with Charles Wiltgen – PHD081 appeared first on Podcast Help Desk.

Duration: 00:52:55

Colin Gray from Podcraft and The Podcast host – PHD080

I had a nice chat with Colin Gray from Podcraft and The Podcast Host. Another podcaster about podcasting. I guest hosted The PowerPress Podcast this week. Lots of info about the new Apple Podcasts connect and the new version of PowerPress (Please update!) Also, if you love PowerPress, Please rate and review PowerPress here: https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/powerpress?rate=5#postform I also co-hosted The New Media Show #120 with Todd Cochrane this morning. The show should...

Duration: 00:41:40

Podcast Statistics News and Views – PHD079

News: Happy Birthday Dave Jackson and Happy Show 500 for the School of Podcasting! http://schoolofpodcasting.com School Of Podcasting 500 - A launch story/ Public Radio Podcast Measurement Guidelines RawVoice Inc. Responds Deep Dive on Blubrry Podcast Statistics Google Play Podcasts this month? Soundcloud may have to close soon Blubrry ads another conduit to getting your show on Spotify music service 1.Login to your blubrry.com account, or create one 2. If you have a show listed at...

Duration: 00:30:55

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