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18 - Day Drinkin' w/ Sean pt.3

Here it is, the final part of our epic day/night with Sean. We talked a lot more about everything and anything. More specific, we talk local amateur comedy, less specific we talk comedy in general. We abortions, how we're bad people, finding porn in the 90's, sex, buzzfeed quizes, we take a selfie and someone pukes! So much excitement! Find us on facebook Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete and follow us on twitter @KnPComedy

Duration: 01:02:17

17 - Day Drinkin' w/ Sean pt.2

In part 2 of our time getting rekt with Sean, am I saying that right, getting rekt? Anyways we're smashed and we talk all kinds of shit. A hitch hiking hooker, the television industry, high school, stand up comedy, and probably some other shit. Find us on facebook - Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete And follow us on Twitter - @KnPComedy

Duration: 00:43:58

16 - Day Drinkin' w/ Sean pt.1

Part 1 of 3. We get wasted with our good friend and local comedian Sean. We're all over the board in discussions, we talk about booze and bars, accidental racism, scams on public transit. Was there a murder or domestic dispute gone way too far in Pete's apartment? We discuss the weird blood splatter on his ceiling, and so much more. Find us on Facebook - Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete and on Twitter @KnPComedy

Duration: 01:04:23

15 - Day Drinking w/ Dylan

This episode almost ended the show. not really but that's pretty dramatic and maybe there was drama, also maybe there wasn't. The joys of black out drinking you forget what gets said. But our friend Dylan popped in for a chat, have a listen.

Duration: 01:05:56

14 - Day Drinking w/ Kristina & Pete

This week our hosts get smashed together without any guests. Kristina writes a letter to Charles Manson, we discuss the lego movie, it and other things even our good friend (B)Ryan Gosling. It's lit!

Duration: 01:02:52

13 - Drinking With Patrick Casey

In this week's 'sode Peter is sick and can hardly talk not to mention too drunk so for the most part Kristina and our guest Patrick Casey shoot the shit about lots of things including what may or may not have been a prostitute at our comedy show.

Duration: 01:30:27

12. Drinking With Tim

Our fantastic hosts sit down and get smashed with our local comedy friend Tim, who's last name he doesn't want us to give. Probably ashamed to know us, I know we are.

Duration: 01:36:15

11. Day Drinking w/ Sasha and 5tephanie

Surprise episode. Kristina and Pete are away and some basic white bitches come and do the show instead. Meet Sasha and 5tephanie, 2 garbage people who make Kristina and Pete look amazing. SELFIE!

Duration: 01:06:08

Drinking with Jordan Minter and Kathryn Chatten 3 of 3

the final chapter of our time with Jordan Minter and Kathryn Chatten

Duration: 00:41:52

Drinking with Jordan Minter and Kathryn Chatten 1 of 3

we're back again and with friends! In this 3 parter Kristina and Pete get wasted with local comedian Jordan Minter, and Pete's girlfriend Kathryn

Duration: 00:55:23

Drinking with Bret Measor -3 of 3

Finally the third instalment of our drunken conversation with the fabulous Bret Measor

Duration: 01:05:50

Drinking with Bret Measor Par 2 of 3

Here's the second instalment of our drunken conversation with our friend and comedian Bret Measor

Duration: 00:57:02

Drinking with Bret Measor - a 3 parter

This time around our friend and hilarious comedian Bret Measor stops by and shoots the shit with us while drinking rum with us. the recording was 3 hours long so we broke it up into 3 parts, here is the 1st.

Duration: 00:58:19

We're Cunts But Nana is BAE - Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete

It's the day after episode 3 and our hosts are still pounding back the rums and the show goes on.

Duration: 00:59:39

If you're out there person that wrote room - Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete

Episode 3 of Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete - AT NIGHT! - This time around the 2 drunk hosts talk about more stuff thats all over the board including the book Room, which inspired the Best Picture winning movie. and we want the author to come on the show

Duration: 01:01:38

Day Drinking W/ Kristina & Pete - Nick Kroll John Mulaney (B)Ryan Gosling sex stuff

in this one Kristina and Pete are still drunk and discuss Nick Kroll and Ryan Gosling

Duration: 00:58:16

1. Bill O'Reilly Should Kill Himself or something about Ryan Gosling

Day Drinking W/ Kristina And Pete episode 1

Duration: 01:03:44