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Orange County, CA




ALN - Adam and Brad

The only guest for this episode is the love between the two hosts, and Brad and Adam talk about movies they've seen, the Louis C.K scandal, being on round-table talk shows, "selling out", TIffany Haddish and Larry David's SNL monologues, "whataboutism", teaching anal at Harvard, Adam talks about going to a Seahawks vs. Cardinals game, Brad's tells the heartbreaking tale of what it's like being a Bronco's fan, and a ton of other topics! Follow the show on TWITTER @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad,...

Duration: 01:07:12

ALN - Adam Ray

Adam does another SOLO episode and talks about what different animals sound like, his experiences staying at a resort, social media photos, gives his review of Thor, and touches on a ton of other different topics! Follow everybody on the podcast @ALNPodcast, @AdamRayComedy, and @FunnyBrad!

Duration: 00:27:51

ALN - Adam Ray

In this solo episode of About Last Night, Adam talks about the future of the podcast, debuts the new "Morgan Freeman Thoughts" segment, his upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, tells a story about an experience he had at Nordstrom, Y2K, going to his friend's wedding, and so much more! You can follow the podcast @ALNPodcast, @AdamRayComedy, and @FunnyBrad!

Duration: 00:45:11

ALN - Harry Basil

The hilarious comedian Harry Basil makes his ALN DEBUT and talks about what it was like opening for Rodney Dangerfield, his journey through comedy and how he became a headliner, some of the various elements of his act and how they've developed over time, tells a story about what not to do with a toy gerbil, and SO much more! Enjoy this episode and follow the show on TWITTER @ALNPodcast, @AdamRayComedy, and @FunnyBrad!

Duration: 01:06:43

ALN - Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser makes her ALN DEBUT to talk about the journey she took to become the comic that she is today, navigating talking about your personal life in your act, doing roasts, being a woman in comedy, her struggles with eating disorders, sexuality and porn. Hope you enjoy this amazing episode and follow her on twitter @NikkiGlaser, Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @FunnyBrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:25:01

ALN - Brad and Adam

Adam and Brad roll solo (duo?) this week to talk about the upcoming halloween holiday, Brad's experience taking a tour of Bronco Stadium, Adam talks about his worst costume of all time, the guys give their candid opinions regarding anal sex, and SO much more! Enjoy this episode and follow the show on TWITTER @FunnyBrad, @AdamRayComedy, and @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:08:29

ALN - Adam Ray

Adam does another SOLO episode this week to talk about his athleticism, the approaching holidays, does some Santa impressions, meeting Larry David at the Comedy Store, and more!

Duration: 00:37:00

ALN - Andres Izquieta

Five-Four co-founder Andres Izquieta drops by the podcast to talk about creating the Five Four clothing company and his journey through the business world! He also gives listeners a special Five Four discount code, so be sure to listen for that! You can follow Andres on TWITTER @AndresIzquieta, Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @FunnyBrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:25:14

ALN - David Sullivan

The great David Sullivan drops by the podcast to talk to the guys about his days as a field goal kicker, his early days in Los Angeles and how his acting career started, some of his experiences working on "Flaked" as Dennis, teaching acting, and SO much more! You can follow everybody on TWITTER @davidsullivan, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:30:14

ALN - Jeremiah Watkins

Jermiah Watkins talks about crossing lines on Roast Battle, his journey through comedy, his experiences growing up in the midwest, doing stand-up, a suprise interaction he had with Dennis Rodman and SO much more! Enjoy this episode and follow everybody on TWITTER @jeremiahstandup, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:11:03

ALN - Taylor Tomlinson

The hilarious Taylor Tomlinson makes her ALN DEBUT to talk about how much of a geek she is, her mock trial experiences, doing stand up, her journey through the industry, "dwarf math", and SO much more! Follow her on TWITTER @taylortomlinson, Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @FunnyBrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:15:49

ALN Classic - Dane Cook

In this CLASSIC episode (Originally Aired October 2014), Dane Cook returned to the podcast to discuss his first standup special in four years! “TROUBLEMAKER” airs October 17th on SHOWTIME, and Dane shares with us get the process of putting together his seventh hours special, all on his own. We also take a trip down memory lane, and talk about the highs and lows of a career that is heading in a new direction, and still fucking hilarious. If you’re a young comic, or just a human being,...

Duration: 01:13:37

ALN Classic - Tiffany Haddish

In this ALN CLASSIC episode (Originally Aired December 2015), Tiffany Haddish joined the podcast to talk about her journey into this business is one of the most awe-inspiring stories you'll ever hear. From foster care at 13, to joining the Laugh Factory comedy camp to avoid psychiatric therapy, to how she manifested her role on NBC's THE CARMICHAEL SHOW, and the greatest sex story of all time, this episode may just be your favorite. Tiffany is on of the sweetest, and hardest working people...

Duration: 01:32:00

ALN - Jaleel White

The AMAZING Jaleel White drops by the podcast to talk about his new show "Me Myself and I" on CBS, his career in acting and the entertainment industry, Kevin Durant and basketball, generational differences, and SO much more! You can follow him on TWITTER @jaleelwhite, Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @FunnyBrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:02:56

ALN - Adam Ray

Brad is in Germany on his honeymoon, so Adam does a SOLO episode this week! Adam talks about his comedy, the passing of Hugh Hefner, what the future holds, he plays a clip of him and Avery Pearson singing a song about a dude sexting at one of his shows, Brad and his wife send in a short message at the end of the episode, and SO much more! Follow Adam on TWITTER @AdamRayComedy! This episode is brought to you by the DRAFT app and Dollar Shave Club!

Duration: 00:59:47

ALN Classic - Jim Jefferies

In this CLASSIC ALN Episode (Originally aired August 2016), Jim Jefferies talks about everything from meeting Al Pacino, to his early roots in Australia, to bar fights in England, and it’s laughs from start to finish! Check out his latest NETFLIX special “Free-Dumb,” and follow Jim on TWITTER @jimjefferies, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

Duration: 01:24:47

ALN - Jubal Flagg

Comedian and radio host Jubal Flagg drops by the podcast to talk about how he got into comedy, his journey through radio and some of his most memorable radio experiences, stories from his radio show 'Brooke and Jubal in The Morning', and so much more! You can follow Jubal on TWITTER @JubalFlagg and you can follow Adam @AdamRayComedy, Brad @FunnyBrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:25:47

ALN - Brent Morin

Brent Morin stops by the podcast for his RECORD 11th appearance and it's another great one! Check out his Netflix special "I am Brent Morin",follow him on TWITTER @BrentMorin and follow the rest of the guys @AdamRayComedy, @funnybrad, and the podcast @ALNPodcast!

Duration: 01:32:35

ALN - Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite returns to the podcast for another hilarious episode! The guys talk about a ton of stuff including Jonathan's work on 2 Broke Girls, their collective fandom of Will Smith, bad morning radio show experiences, do a bunch of great impressions (including the old, cliche "Barack Obama as a fax machine" impression), talk doing impressions in their day-to-day lives, come up with their own NFL on CBS theme songs, play a bunch of movie and internet clips, and so much more! Hope you...

Duration: 01:24:17

ALN - Piotr Michael

The hilarious Piotr Michael returns to the podcast to talk a little bit about Burning Man, Donald Trump, and do a TON of great impressions! Hope you enjoy this episode and you can follow Piotr on TWITTER @ThisIsPiotr, Brad @FunnyBrad, Adam @AdamRayComedy, and the podcast @ALNPODCAST! This episode is brought to you by DRAFT! Download the Draft app or visit and start playing fantasy football today! Use promo code ALN for a free game!

Duration: 00:49:18

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