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we smoke meth we hail satan we're a podcast that's worth ratin'

we smoke meth we hail satan we're a podcast that's worth ratin'
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we smoke meth we hail satan we're a podcast that's worth ratin'








579 Pinup Calendercast / Piers And Erik's Sexy Daily Pinup Pod

In which Erik puts two sexy boys in the centrefold for a truly excellent cause, while Piers converts raw visual sex appeal into raw audio arousal.

Duration: 00:16:35

578 Times In The Past When Piers Was So Funny I Laughed Myself To Tears / Underrated Zeldas

In which Erik fondly remembers every time that Piers has made him laugh in the podcast, and Piers ranks the Zeldas that don't get the rankings they deserve.

Duration: 00:14:28

577 What's In My Mouth, Daddy? / What's In My Mouth, Daddy? [2] / Full Metal Jacket

In which special guest Dr. Ewell (Ronald Dario)brings some much-needed dentistry to our oil-rig micronation, Erik wonders if there's a better way to tell Daddy what's in your mouth, and special guest host 'PUTER the AI tries to pick the perfect outfit to impress Piers.

Duration: 00:23:52

576 Where In The World Is My Mother? / Welcome To The Party, Pal / Reading Armen's Journal

In which special guest Armen Liebowitz (Ronald Dario) arrives in PvPLand on a quest for the birth mother that abandoned him, Piers takes your motion-sensor doorbell (and also your party) to the next level, and Erik reads somebody's very private diary out loud.

Duration: 00:31:26

575 Not Our Problem / So What'd I Miss? / Piers' Commentary

In which Erik gloats over how great his life is compared to those people living in volcanos, Piers loses a bunch of carrier pigeons to vicious squirrels, and special guest RONALD DARIO adds Piers' much-missed thoughts and opinions into his absentee episodes.

Duration: 00:18:52

574 Caged Feelings / A Podcast For The Atlantic / Title This

In which special guest SASKIA WERNER embraces her mixed feelings about a popular celebrity, Erik takes Atlantic magazine to task for their terrible taste in podcasts, and other special guest HANNAH DAVIES gives titles the time they deserve. Piers Rae - your usual co-host, and hero to the common man - remains missing yet again.

Duration: 00:14:29

573 Please Don't Spoil It For Me / What's Your Name? / Dreamcatchers

In which regular host Erik Jovanovic nimbly ducks and dodges spoilers in film and television, special guest SASKIA WERNER uncovers Erik's viking origins, and additional special guest playwright HANNAH DAVIES transforms your insane dreams into art therapy. You're welcome. Most favoured regular host Piers Rae is still absent, but our love for him never dims.

Duration: 00:14:20

572 OPP / We Can Work Out The Details Later / Bathroom Roulette

In which special guest HANNAH DAVIES kidnaps other people's beloved pets for her own sick amusement, regular host Erik tries his best to be more open-minded but Hannah shoots that idea out of the sky, and other special guest SASKIA WERNER puts title before concept. Charming and kind-hearted co-host Piers remains absent, but is abused in this podcast by his so-called "friends."

Duration: 00:13:27

571 The Bechdelizers / Final Resting Place / When... Did This Happen?

In which regular host Erik learns about the Bechdel test from his little brother, special guest HANNAH DAVIES starts planning the end of our days, and other special guest SASKIA WERNER turns time into a game. Usual super host Piers Rae remains MIA.

Duration: 00:21:24

570 Sickness Tracker / Things We Told Piers / Things We Never Told Piers

In which special guest SASKIA WERNER keeps close tabs on her friend's sicknesses, HANNAH DAVIES invents a quiz show around Piers' inability to retain boring information, and regular host Erik pretends that he isn't constantly changing his opinions on things. Everyone's favourite co-host - Piers - is absent for Christmas.

Duration: 00:17:11

569 Potential Mailbag / The Perfect Show

In which Piers realizes all those advice column letters could've been addressed to just about anybody, and Erik creates the most 100% perfect show of all time - *ever.*

Duration: 00:14:03

568 Erik's Big List Of Things He Doesn't Like / Erik Stays In His Shell

In which Piers compiles a big long of classic Erik "harrumphs," and Erik prefers to keep to himself, thank you very much.

Duration: 00:09:53

567 Keyduce, Keyuse And Keycycle / Anybody Out There Want A Key?

In which Erik puts the old keys of the world to new and exciting purpose, and Piers gives away the keys to Erik's Kingdom.

Duration: 00:10:30

566 Getting Into The EU / PVP Job Board

In which Erik finds a suitable replacement for the United Kingdom, and Piers looks for suitable replacements for our missing sandwich artisans.

Duration: 00:11:44

565 Methods For Starting A Podcast / About Anecdotes

In which Piers examines the many ways people (other people) generate their terrible podcast ideas, and Erik tells a rambling anecdote about how he hates anecdotes.

Duration: 00:12:22

564 Band Names / Yeah, No

In which Erik has some really, really good band names he'd like to share, and Piers has some ideas about who really deserves to win those Nobel prizes they seem to be giving out to just about anyone.

Duration: 00:17:32

563 Soul Beatles / The Asylum

In which Piers remembers that Soul Asylum is a band at least as good as the Beatles, and Erik remembers that The Beatles were at least as good as Soul Asylum.

Duration: 00:10:00

562 We Deserve Souls / Piers Rae's Quick Slick Pitch Pile

In which Erik takes a surprising interest in our divine and everlasting wellbeing, while Piers pulls in a bunch of stillborn ideas from the depths of his sleeping brain.

Duration: 00:17:43

561 Haunted House Review / Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Casket

In which Erik reviews your terrible homemade haunted house (yes, it *is* terrible,) and Piers brings the Japanese game-show format to your pathetic excuse for a haunted house.

Duration: 00:11:42

560 Unprecedented With Piers And Erik / Officially Unprecedented With Piers And Erik

A very special Christmas Day special episode that features no Christmas content whatsoever in which Piers sets some truly groundbreaking precedents, and Erik *officially* sets some truly groundbreaking precedents.

Duration: 00:12:39

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