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Like an edited version of a good night out, Podcasts from the Pub brings you stories, chat, music, and guests. Regular hosts James Diamond and Nathan Human settle in the pub to share tales on a new topic each episode. These might be about our own lives or stories we've heard, seen, or stolen. From time to time a guest will join us at the bar and the jukebox.








Mash Ups

Some things just go together naturally, like tea and biscuits or Torvill and Dean. Other combinations don’t seem such an easy fit, like chilli and chocolate or Orville and Cuddles. In this episode we investigate the science of food duets and the mash ups of sports. We find out that Chess boxing is actually real, and get to play a round of Foot Golf with some of the leading players in the UK. Whilst they give us some tips, we find out about one of the fastest growing sports, the...

Duration: 01:16:19

When Are You Too Old

You lose health, but you gainwisdom. You lose looks, but yougain experience. We chat about getting older and some of the cliches and the people that defy them. Have you done a Danny Glover and said "I'm too old for this shit?" Or is age just a number and no barrier to fashion or lifetsyle? Music choices include The Beach Boys, Kula Shaker, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Theme Song "Sly Tout Croche" by Tortue Super Sonic, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Modified to use as theme song...

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

We kick off with some new music and also ponder "do we all do opposition research?" This episode our tales are about those pubs we've entered with a sense of trepidation. Should we be scared of the locals or are they (maybe rightly) wary of us? We're joined by Ross McMinn for our trip to the bar and the jukebox and to help us come up with our movie pitches for a Thriller. www.podcastsfromthepub.com www.morefuzzylogic.com

What's Going On?

A quick update on the next episodes, a special event, and a grovelling apology for the delay,


Two quite sensational stories for this episode that at times seem hard to believe including daring escapades and larger than life characters. Life really is stranger than fiction. Biopics might not always be the biggest draw at the box office, but they always seem to be a favourite around awards season. What are the ingredients for a good biopic? There are a couple of common links between the pitches this episode and some casting choices that bounce from Oscar winners to hit French TV...

Under The Covers

Episode 16 of Let The Music Play On Dive under the covers with Diamond and Human as we talk cover versions. Are they cynical commercial opportunities by failing bands and ambitious celebrities? Or they cool calling cards by artists letting us know their influences? What about the songs we didn't realise were cover versions? With a seemingly endless supply to choose from, join us in the pub as pick our choices and tell some stories, including the time we pretended to be someone else......

The Pitch: A New Bond

Spectre is out in October and the trailer was just released, so obviously this seemed like a good time for us to pitch our ideas for the film that comes next. What are the Bond elements you have to keep? Can you mess with the Bond formula? As well coming up with a new story we also have the fun (pressure?) of casting Bond and picking our own theme tune. Who has got the best pitch, or did we both get Bond wrong? Theme music by Jackson F Smith Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music...

Triumphs And Treachery

In this episode James and Nathan share some quite frankly very dubious sounding stories about sporting triumphs alongside some far more plausible tales about getting away with it. These stories from the pub are mixed up amongst some cracking music including current ear worms as well as those tracks that we once hated but now...well, now we quite like to boogie along to. Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for www.diamondandhuman.co.uk Intro music by Digi G'Alessio

Duration: 01:12:17

Boom And Bust

It's dirty, it's in a rich man's world, it makes that world go round...or does it? Money. We avoid (mainly) the big topics and instead have a chat about our own stories around money such as the first "treat" we remember getting for ourselves, whether we both prefer to save for a rainy day, and examples of obscene use of money. Music this episode veers from late 80's funk rock to a winsome ditty by a green hero... Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for...

Duration: 01:09:52

Bonus Material: The Pitch - Superheroes

An extra edition of The Pitch. This Bonus Material podcast is an addition to the Superheroes episode. With an extended interview with comic book creator Rachael Smith as well as an interview with filmmaker Mbili Munthali and more from writer and comic reviewer Dan Carpenter. We chat about diversity in the superhero and comic book world and the crossover from comics to films. Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for www.diamondandhuman.co.uk Extra music from Podington Bear and...

Duration: 00:22:54

The Pitch - Superheroes

It seems like pretty much every weekend for the next 10 years we will be greeted at the cinema by a new superhero film. We chat about why this might be, what have been stand outs of the genre, and also get some help by chatting with writer and comic book reviewer Dan Carpenter to find out about any rules of the genre. For the first time, it seems that both pitches have taken inspiration in similar places and both eschew the the recent "dark" tone of big budget superhero films. But which...

Duration: 01:03:26

Belonging And Anthems

With the reinterment of Richard III completing a turnaround in Sometimes you're in, sometimes you're out. Belonging. Most people want to feel part of something, to feel accepted. With the reinterment of Richard III showing the journey from discarded to coveted can take half a millennia, this episode talks about stories of fitting in and, well, not fitting in. The stories about online groups, teenage drinkixes and messianic compleses are shared with the usual mix of music in the latest...

Duration: 01:22:28

The Pitch - From Page To Screen

In this episode of The Pitch, Diamond and Human go from the page to the screen, looking at books that have become movies. As well as looking at the ones that worked and those that didn't, the challenge is to pitch a brand new movie, an adaptation of a book that hasn't been done yet. Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for www.diamondandhuman.co.uk

Duration: 00:52:44

Anniversaries And Memories

It's been a year since the first Diamond and Human podcast so it seemed like a good time to talk about memories and marking the passage of time. From thinking about the dark side of the moon, to filling in as the singer with your favourite band, and also taking in ear worms as well as a featured artist; this bumper episode is a good summary of Let The Music Play On. Cheers! Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for www.diamondandhuman.co.uk

Duration: 01:18:56

Episode 10 - Regrets, I've Had A Few.

Do you forgive easily? Do you find hard to forget? When we're thinking about making a new start or maybe trying to make a change, do we look to ourselves first or is it clearly someone else's fault? This episode, we get to grips with moving on...

Duration: 01:03:55

The Pitch - Sci - Fi

One of the most talked about films of 2014 was Interstellar, whether you liked it or not. On a different point of the sci-fi scale was Guardians of the Galaxy, another film we both loved. We kick off this episode with our views on favourite Sci-fi films, styles and set ups and why do we like sci-fi? Are we just being snooty? Then we each pitch our own idea for an intelligent sci-fi film.

Duration: 00:37:30

Episode 9 - Christmas And Pants

Surprisingly, James and Nathan have ever so slightly differing outlooks to Christmas. With a quick catch up of our most played song and favourite film memories of the year we then get stuck into Christmas past, present, and future.

Duration: 01:15:07

Episode 8 - Revolution And Birthdays

It's James' birthday this week so not only have we picked songs from a memorable birthday, but James has also chosen the featured artist(Manic Street Preachers)for this week. Other topics this week are "One Hit Wonderful", songs to soundtrack the revolution and what new tracks have grabbed our attention since the last podcast. Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for Diamondandhuman.com

Duration: 01:16:35

Episode 7 - Fireworks And Failings

Diamond and Human in typical fashion have ignored the sugar coated lure of a Halloween special and instead put together some stories and themes around Guy Fawkes Day, giving us a great excuse for some corking tracks. We talk about times when it's all kicked off, gigs that have been a damp squib and who do we love to hate? Licence from PRS for Limited Online Music Licence for Diamondandhuman.com

Duration: 01:28:31

The Pitch - The Historical Movie

The Pitch. Each episode presents a cinematic challenge to your hosts. We shall have a different brief to respond to and we'll have to come up with our own film idea complete with cast, crew, location, and style. Episode 2 tackles the true story and we have to come up with a film about an historical event. Beginning by discussing giants of the genre from the old swords and sandals epics to more up to date films such as Argo. As usual, we've both come at this from very different angles with...

Duration: 00:42:54

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