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Eat My Shorts 6: Bart’s House of Weirdness / Bart vs. The World / Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

This week, we’re back on the videogames The Simpsons have starred in! We dig deep into the House of Weirdness, a weird, House-of-Leaves inspired (probably) space of horror and disorientation. We look at Bart vs. The World and say ‘huh, little racist, huh?’. And we dig into Bartman vs Radioactive Man, which…look, I have a very good idea for a Radioactive Man game. I dig into it, and if any of the license owners for The Simpsons are listening, yes, I am available to script it. Let’s...


26: Flaming Moe’s / Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

James and Nick have finally made it to the Land of Chocolate. Having arrived ten minutes ago, as of this recording, James and Nick spend a long time talking about alcohol (because the first episode was about Moe!) and try to unpack some of the current-day murkiness of what The Simpsons looks like now that we’re old and jaded about the world that has left us behind. These are solid eps. Come join us! Pods in the Key of Springfield! Our English is, how you say…inelegant? Twitter:...


25: Lisa’s Pony / Saturdays of Thunder

This week on Pods in the Key of Springfield - Lisa gets a pony! Bart gets a cart! Homer plies both of his children with modes of transportation, one made of flesh and blood and bone, the other of wood and nails and glue. Come and join us to find out which is which, in this, the fourth episode we recorded on New Year’s Day. We dig deep on our feelings on ice-cream, the show’s…now very awkward reference to a certain 90s comedian, and the possibility that we witnessed the on-screen death of...


24: Treehouse of Horror II

Welcome to Pods in the Key of SPOOKY Springfield! It’s January (or probably February by the time you get around to downloading this), the scariest month, so we’re all over Treehouse of Horror II. Listen as we plan out our own monkey paw wishes, compare these vingettes to the short stories they were based on (that egghead James has read some of ‘em) and, uhhh, who we would kill if we had Bart’s power from that second bit. Come join us for Pods in the Key of…*checks notes*...


Eat My Shorts 5: Butterfinger Review

In 1922, Otto Schnering was a man with a simple dream - to invent a chocolate bar with enough sugar in it to send anyone who ate it into a spiral of loathing. From 1988 until 2001, The Simpsons were shilling hard for the bar, with Bart, in particular, putting away more of them than The Simpsons family doctor recommended. Here in Australia, the Butterfinger is harder to find - for this review episode, James had to go to a candy store that specialises in imports and drop down a whopping $6 for...


23: Homer Defined / Like Father, Like Clown

This week we define Homer, and we look at the various ways in which a clown…is like a father. We delve into Bart’s relationship with Milhouse (who is, in many ways, the ninth Simpson), dig into how the Simpsons has shaped our concept of flavours having colours, pick apart James’ grandfather’s odd speech patterns, and, uh, get surprisingly worked up about how bad Krusty’s dad is. If you want to hear two guys have an epiphany about the imperfections of the third season of The Simpsons, this is...


22: When Flanders Failed / Bart the Murderer

We’ve got a pair of belters this week, friends - When Flanders Failed, which rules, and Bart the Murderer, which rules even harder. These are very good episodes of The Simpsons, and we, the podcast hosts you’re listening to, have plenty to say about them. We talk about the difficulties of being left handed like Flanders (one of us is left handed, but you’ll have to listen to find out, if that’s, uh, incentive), make the dumbest damn Black Eyed Peas joke possible, and just heap praise on Bart...


21: Stark Raving Dad / Mr Lisa Goes to Washington

James and Nick are back for season 3 of The Simpsons! This week we’ve got Stark Raving Dad, in which Michael Jackson deals with fragile early 90s masculinity, and Mr Lisa Goes To Washington, in which Mr Lisa (a character we’ve never seen prior and never see again), uh, goes to Washington. If you’ve been listening to this podcast thinking ‘this is good, but what I really want is a lengthy description of the time James won $1500 from Reader’s Digest through ethically questionable means’, then...


The Pods in the Key of Springfield 2017 Holiday Bonus Episode

Ho-ho-ho, folks. Merry everything! In this special little bonus episode, James and Nick exchange shit gifts and give all you ASMR fans a lot of nice rustling packaging. It’s a very, uh, visual concept, but I think we get away with it. This is also our chance to say thank you to you, the listeners. What’s that, you say?! Us, thanking you?! No, it’s not a misprint. For you see, we enjoy making this podcast as much as you enjoy listening to it (possibly much more, actually, we really have...


20: The Simpsons Movie (Second Viewing)

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, refusing to learn from our past mistakes, unable to remember the faces of our ancestors, doomed to repeat this cycle of watching The Simpsons Movie after each season of The Simpsons (unless literally no one downloads this one, we suppose). This is our second watching of The Simpsons Movie for this podcast, and already the cracks are showing (in us moreso than in the film). This time we delve a lot deeper into...


Eat My Shorts 4: Our Top 5 Episodes of Season 2

Finally, the episode you’ve been waiting for - the one based on the SEO principle that ‘top 5′ lists are a good way of driving audiences towards your thing! We take this process very seriously (well…some of us) and ultimately produce the only two top five lists you’ll ever need. If you only ever watch five episodes of The Simpsons…consider the episodes on these lists, uh, potential contenders. Look, season 2 was very good and we have plenty to say about our favourites. Our top choices might...


19: Three Men and a Comic Book / Blood Feud

We’re wrapping up the second season of The Simpsons! The season ends fairly strong with Three Men and a Comic Book - a throwback to when comic conventions were just a bunch of 10 year olds in a small room - and Blood Feud, which has that great bit where Homer tries to retrieve that letter, but doesn’t know Mr Burns’ first name. In this one we dig into Lisa’s Richie-Rich/Casper the Friendly Ghost theory, prattle on about Hercules and the Nemean Lion a bunch, discuss the album Revolver a...


18: Lisa’s Substitute / The War of the Simpsons

Lisa’s Substitute! That episode everyone loves! The one where Lisa falls in love with Dustin Hoffman, which, uh, we recorded well before all that stuff came out about Dustin Hoffman. Is the episode still good? More or less. Meanwhile, in The War of the Simpsons, Homer gets catfished. That’s the term when you get dragged around an ocean by a giant catfish, right? Thanks for tuning in, as always. FB: facebook.com/podsinthekeyofspringfield Twitter: @KeySpringfield


Eat My Shorts 3: Deep, Deep Trouble

If The Simpsons is the defining pop-culture of 90s America, then Deep, Deep Trouble is the foundation upon which that culture was built. In this very special episode of Pods in the Key of Springfield, Nicholas and James take an analytical perspective on Deep, Deep Trouble’s deeply, deeply troubling depiction of a young boy lost, cast aside by the father figure (his father), his tepid rebirth oscilating between being a moment of great desire and a painful milestone thrust upon him. Perhaps,...


17: Old Money / Brush with Greatness

We’ve got two early-period classics here, folks. Old Money - in which Grampa Simpson falls in love with a lovely old woman who promptly dies - is a really undervalued episode, let me tell you. We loved it, even if the ending is a bit weird. Oooohhhh, Beeeeaaa. And then, Brush With Greatness. My goodness, what a wonderful episode. Another triumph! So, what do we get into? Nick talks about breaking his arm, James lists the specific elderly people we should treasure, we get deep into...


16: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? / Bart’s Dog Gets An F

This week, we’re all about Danny DeVito (as we, perhaps, should be every week, because he’s the very best). In Oh Brother, Where Are Thou, Homer discovers he has a half brother, and we discover that Danny DeVito is the best. Bart’s Dog Gets An F is pretty good too, but does not feature Danny DeVito, so there’s a limit to just how much we can enjoy it. Seriously, DeVito is so good in this. He’s wonderful. This week we talk about the proper conduct during a ‘sexy meeting’, talk about The...


Eat My Shorts 2: Bart vs. the Space Mutants / The Simpsons Arcade Game

The Simpsons have popped up in a lot of videogames over the years, and as much as we kind of want to jump straight to Hit & Run we figured we should stay era-appropriate for the moment and look at some of the family’s first forays into the land of joysticks and D-Pads. Bart vs. The Space Mutants is a fairly forgettable title, but The Simpsons Arcade is notable for its weird twists on Simpsons lore and its willingness to outright kill one of the show’s main cast (how do we account for their...


15: Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment / Principal Charming

Episode 15! Pods in the Key of Springfield! This time, Homer takes on Lisa and…one of the commandments (the eighth one, probably) and Principal Seymour ‘Skindog’ Skinner briefly dates a woman. Which one? You’ll have to listen to find out! Or, like, remember the episode. Or watch the appropriate episode of The Simpsons, I suppose. Nick edited this one! Give him a hand. He did it because I was too busy, and now I’m also too busy to write these notes! Please enjoy. Twitter:...


14: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish / The Way We Was

Here it is, the most poorly named of Simpsons episodes! A Seussian nightmare that, as James explains in this episode (of Pods in the Key of Springfield, the very podcast you’ve stumbled upon), turned us all off fugu for life. Two sweet eps this week, as we also check out The Way We Was, featuring that piece of s**t Artie Ziff. In this one James and Nick compare bucket lists, discuss the intricate rules of basketball, play some music, unpack Nick’s increasingly intricate Omlette Theory...


13: Itchy & Scratchy & Marge / Bart Gets Hit By A Car

In this week’s very special episode of Pods in the Key of Springfield, everyone’s favourite special little guy - Bart, hellraiser, brother, son, underachiever and proud of it - gets hit by a car. Does he pull through? Is this the end for Bart, the tenacious little scamp we’ve come to know and love over the past 13 episodes of this podcast? Does he literally go to Hell for a while and meet the bloody Devil? Is the rest of the series…a death dream? Will, uh, Homer and Marge…*checks notes*...


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