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The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.

The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.
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The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.






How Should Atlanta Deal With Traffic And Confederate Monuments?

We start with a conversation about transportation. Last week, local mayors and city leaders met to discuss transit and the I-285 expansion. Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul was at that meeting and tells us what he heard. Next, GPB's Stephen Fowler joins us to talk about what he's learned about Atlantans' attitudes towards a particular ode to the Confederacy: Confederate Avenue. Then, Roy Moore's wife has another message to the media and mainstream Republicans: her husband is here to stay. And...

Duration: 00:53:09

Which Mayoral Candidate Will Rise Up?

On this edition of Political Rewind, the candidates for Mayor of Atlanta slug it out in their first runoff debate. Did we learn anything new about the matchup between Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood? A Democratic state representative has introduced legislation to ban “bump stocks” in Georgia and one GOP candidate for governor is already attacking the measure. How will it fare in the 2018 session? Plus, after attacking GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Democrats now have one of...

Duration: 00:52:50

Bobby Kennedy And Politics Today

On this edition of Political Rewind, Hardball host Chris Matthews joins us to discuss his new book, which offers fresh insights on the life of Robert Kennedy. Matthews sees Kennedy as a shining example of the kind, moral leader he sees as absent from the political scene today. Also, we’ll look at the latest developments in Alabama and in Washington in the ongoing Roy Moore controversy. Despite increasing pressure, Moore seems determined to say in the race. Plus, Hillary Clinton tells a...

Duration: 00:52:52

Roy Moore Fights Back As Opposition Mounts

On this edition of Political Rewind, Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore fights back against allegations he once initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl. Response to the explosive report is further splitting the GOP. Also, Tom Price is out as Health and Human Services Secretary, but an investigation into his use of luxury private jets and the leaks that led to his ouster continue to rock the department. Plus, two former mayors of Atlanta weigh in on the dynamics of the runoff...

Duration: 00:52:21

GOP Leaders Non-Committal Following Moore Harassment Allegations

On this edition of Political Rewind, a bad week for Republicans is now even worse: accusations of inappropriate behavior by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore puts what should be a safe GOP seat in jeopardy. Then, in an effort to end a boiling controversy, Kennesaw State University now says cheerleaders can take a knee at athletics events, but is it too little, too late for those who say KSU was stifling free speech? Plus, in the aftermath of this week’s elections, Georgia democrats see a...

Duration: 00:53:05

Democrats Dominate National, State and Local Races

On this edition of Political Rewind, Democrats finally have something to cheer about , chalking up important victories in Virginia and New Jersey while, in Georgia, Dems cut into the dominant GOP majority in the legislatures. The Atlanta mayor’s race heads into a runoff and once again city voters are confronted by a contest divided on racial lines. Also, GOP gubernatorial candidate Casey Cagle picks a fight with Decatur over its treatment of undocumented immigrants. Plus, on the one year...

Duration: 00:52:59

Georgia City Looks To Move Beyond The Past

On this edition of "Political Rewind," another mass shooting rocks the country. Is easy access to guns to blame? In Georgia, new efforts are underway to move away from the past in a city that was a key part of the Civil War. We discuss. Also, a Republican legislator says it’s time to move past “repeal and replace” and look to using Obamacare to expand Medicaid in Georgia, but with a narrow purpose in mind. Plus, candidates for mayor of Atlanta gear up to get out the vote for Tuesday’s...

Duration: 00:52:19

Divisiveness Among GOP on Tax Plan; Dems Aim for Georgia Seats

On this edition of Political Rewind, after rolling out their long-awaited tax reform plan, House GOP leaders are already facing resistance from their own ranks, and Democrats are pushing back hard. Also, a new eyewitness report indicates that Jeff Sessions was more aware of efforts to connect the Trump campaign to Russia than he’s admitted. Now Democrats want him to explain himself. Plus, a number of Georgia Democrats are putting up vigorous efforts to win back legislative seats in next...

Duration: 00:52:48

Mueller Indictments Cast Cloud Over Washington

On this edition of "Political Rewind," the first indictments in the Russia collusion probe remain the chief pre-occupation in Washington, even as the president and the GOP try to shift focus to tax reform and a crucial Trump trip to Asia. Our panel will look at the latest developments in the Mueller probe and weigh in on emerging details in the tax plan. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is under fire for his comments on the causes of the Civil War and the general who led the...

Duration: 00:52:31

Two Trump Associates Indicted, Another Pleads Guilty

On this edition of Political Rewind , in this era of Donald Trump, is the “right” losing its mind? The popular conservative commentator Charlie Sykes thinks so, and he’s written a book to make the case. We talk with Sykes about the book and about the breaking news that’s sending tremors across Washington: Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, has surrendered to the FBI. He and his top aide are the first two handed indictments in the Special Counsel’s Russia probe. What impact...

Duration: 00:52:16

Amid Lawsuit, Georgia Voter Data Erased

On this edition of "Political Rewind," how did voter data end up being erased from state computers even as a lawsuit challenging the integrity of Georgia elections was underway? It’s a story that could haunt top candidates in next year’s statewide elections. Also, President Trump speaks out about the opioid crisis. Did he make it clear he’s ready to commit the resources necessary to make an impact? It matters in Georgia, where the crisis looms large. Plus, Obamacare rates are out for 2018,...

Duration: 00:52:59

Congress In Chaos?

Today on Political Rewind, is Congress in chaos? Arizona Senator Jeff Flake says he won’t run for re-election just hours after Senator Bob Corker unloads on Donald Trump. Where does the dissension leave the GOP’s push for tax cuts and how serious is the fracture in the Republican Party? While the Republicans are reeling, Democrats have their own problem--news that a potentially devastating dossier on Trump and Russia was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton...

Duration: 00:52:41

Jimmy Carter Offers Praise, Assistance to Trump

Today on Political Rewind , Former President Jimmy Carter wants to help try and end the crisis with North Korea. Will President Trump let him do it? Carter and Trump are different in many ways, but they also have a lot in common. We discuss. Also, State Representative Betty Price defends her comments about quarantining Georgians with HIV while condemnation of her words grows. Plus, a candidate for governor gets a big, early endorsement and those who want to be the next mayor of Atlanta...

Duration: 00:52:31

A Look At GOP Gubernatorial Race: Who Does Cagle Need To Watch Out For?

On today’s "Political Rewind" we look at where the GOP race for governor stands in these early days of the contest. A new poll shows Lt. Governor Casey Cagle with a significant lead. But the poll reveals a surprising result in the battle for second place. The panel also weighs in on the latest developments in the controversy over the cheerleaders who protested during the playing of the national anthem at a KSU football game. The state Board of Regents wants to know who at the University...

Duration: 00:53:06

National Debate Takes Center Stage On Georgia College Campus

On today's Political Rewind, the national debate over athletes and the national anthem lands on the football field at Kennesaw State University. Does newly released evidence show that political pressure shut down protesting cheerleaders? Also, a high level Stacey Abrams campaign official appears on Russian media that is part of the FBI's investigation of organizations that tried to influence last year's presidential election. We also discuss the feud between the president and the family of...

Duration: 00:32:16

Atlanta Pride Parade Attracts Mayoral And Gubernatorial Candidates

On today's Political Rewin d, we take a closer look at just what President Trump’s executive orders on health care really mean for assuring quality insurance coverage. Who are the winners and losers in the deal? How will it affect Georgians? Andy Miller of Georgia Health News helps illuminate the issues. Then, there was a time when Atlanta’s Pride Parade was off limits for elected officials and candidates for office. But no longer. The turnout for this year’s parade makes it clear...

Duration: 00:33:00

Trump Begins To Dismantle Obamacare Piece By Piece

Today on “Political Rewind,” Delta Airlines CEO Edward Bastain is bristling at a few Trump administration policies that he says will hurt the company. It’s the first time the company has expressed deep concern with the president. Our panel talks about the friction. Then: negotiations on a new NAFTA agreement break down, Georgia farmers could pay a steep price for failure to strike a deal. How much will tariffs hurt agriculture exports, especially in the North Georgia poultry industry?...

Duration: 00:32:23

Georgians Gun Rights Moving Forward

On this edition of Political Rewind, will Georgia legislators proceed with plans to expand gun rights in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre? We’re getting our first clues now. Plus, new signals that state GOP leaders may be dropping their longtime resistance to investing in public transit. In Washington, Senate Republicans urge Bob Corker and President Trump to stop their war of words out of fear it jeopardizes their entire agent on Capitol Hill, but Trump further enflames the feud...

Duration: 00:52:57

What The First GOP Gubernatorial Debates Say About What's To Come

On this edition of Political Rewind, the panel looks at the issues that emerged in the debates among GOP candidates for governor of Georgia, which took place in Milledgeville and Augusta over the weekend of October 7 and 8. All of them endorsed a religious liberty bill, and turned thumbs down to legalizing casino gambling. How will those positions play with voters?

Duration: 00:52:46

John Lewis Leads Democratic Push For New Gun Laws

Today on “Political Rewind,” Georgia congressman John Lewis once again is leading the Democratic charge to pass new gun laws; and now Republican leaders on the hill are signaling that they might support a restriction on the device that turned Stephen Paddock’s weapons into mass killing machines in Las Vegas. Critics say the GOP is making only a token gesture. Plus: we’ll ask former Georgia congressman Buddy Darden to give us a lesson in how voters here have responded to past gun control...

Duration: 00:52:39

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