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Pondo's Playground Episode 10: The Question of Setting

The setting of a story is just as important as its plot and characters. It is often the writer's first decision when outlining and serves as the backbone to the words on the page. Join Jon, Steven, and Tiffany as they talk about the importance of setting and how it affects the story as a whole.


Pondo's Playground Episode 9: Story Formulas

Stories can bring us to worlds both foreign and familiar. From the moment they begin. there are many components at work which strive to create and maintain a connection to the audience, but what makes a good story? Tune in with Tiffany, Steven, Jon, and special guest Kella Campbell as they attempt to answer that question on this week's episode of Pondo's Playground.


Pondo's Playground: 90s Ramblings

The 90s were a strange time, and all in all the crew at Pondo's Playground came out of that decade relatively unscathed. Pokemon cards were all the rage, Pogs ruled the school yard, and Zelda was in its prime. Join Tiffany, Jon, and Steven as they discuss a few of their favourite things from that time and reminisce on some of their best childhood memories.


Pondo's Playground Presents: Old World Ruins, New World Blues

Pondo's Playground Presents: Old World Ruins, New World Blues a horror duology written by Jon Siniecki and T.J. Lockwood, and read by Steven Duenas. Part 1: Old World Ruins Written by T.J. Lockwood Liz and Todd are local students who find themselves running from a terrifying creature after a cosmic ritual proves to have been successful. Whether they are aware or not, their attempts at survival will not only shape the present, but the future as well. Part 2: New World Blues Written by Jon...


Pondo's Playground Episode 7: Monster Horror

The world of Horror has been home to many monsters from this dimension along with many others as well. These beings can seem otherworldy and have origins bound in more than a little mystery. Join Steven, Jon, and Tiffany as they explore the unknown beings who haunt us in this week's episode of Pondo's Playground.


Pondo's Playground Presents: Valentines Day with Kella Campbell

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! February 14th comes once a year and with it, a super special episode of Pondo's Playground. Romance is a genre which can feel both foreign, familiar, and comes with a few writing rules. The art of relationships can be just as complicated on the page as off of it. Join special guest host and romance author Kella Campbell as she educates Tiffany, Steven, and Jon on the nuances of the genre and gets ready to launch her debut novel, Rock Star's Heart, on February...


Pondo's Playground Presents: Rock Star's Heart

Pondo's Playground proudly presents Rock Star's Heart, a romance novel by Kella Campbell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When a twist of fate throws university student Crys Murphy into an unexpected job on tour with a wildly successful rock band, her crush on the guitarist turns into powerful temptation. But there’s a dark side to the glamour and champagne: Blade has anger and addiction issues, a history of partying with groupies, and a tendency to get naked in...


Pondo's Playground Episode 6: Survival Horror

Horror hosts a variety of subgenres. Among them are creatures and murderers whose soul objective is to hunt down and kill the heroes of the story. Join Steven, Jon, and Tiffany as they talk about surviving in an environment where everything wants to kill you on this week's episode of Pondo's Playground.


Pondo's Playground Episode 4: Eldritch Horror

Horror is a genre which is both complex and always changing. It includes everything from the supernatural, gratuitous gore, and all the monsters which crawl in between. Join Steven, Tiffany, and Jon as they take a look at the world of darkness and jump scares on this week's episode of Pondo's Playground.


Pondo's Playground Presents: Clockwork Villains

After one month of intense Sci Fi discussion, Pondo's Playground presents its first dramatic reading. Clockwork Villains by T.J. Lockwood is the story of a world where a citizen's societal worth determines whether or not they earn a ticket on the MagTrain, the only vehicle capable of transporting people to RigMire, one of the twelve flying cities. There will be storms, holograms, and even innovations on the journey, but one thing is certain; not everything is better up in the skies.


Pondo's Playground Episode 3: Tech and Villains

Every Science Fiction story serves as a gateway into new worlds of futuristic cities, space exploration, and even robotic life. Even with these vast settings, the stories are nothing without their innovations and their antagonists. Join Tiffany, Steven, and Jon as they examine their favourite tech and villains within the Science Fiction genre.


Pondo's Playground Episode 2: The Degree of Science

In a world of laser swords, super fast space ships, and extraterrestrial exploration one must wonder just how this is possible. How much science is necessary for a story in the science fiction genre to be believable? Join Tiffany, Steven and Jon as they attempt to answer this question in episode two of Pondo's Playground: The Degree of Science.


Pondo's Playground Episode 1: Science Fiction

The world of Science Fiction encompasses a wide range of sub-genres from Cyberpunk, Dystopia and beyond. It has evolved and changed through the decades, been the gateway for a variety of messages and been the vehicle which questions technology's place in mankind's future. Like space ships? Cybernetics? Alien encounters? Join Tiffany, Steven, and Jon as they discuss the evolution of science fiction on the first episode of Pondo's Playground.