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The Poop Culture is sure to be the most irreverent podcast and it is coming your way courtesy of three great newcomers to the Podcast scene. Brothers Derek and Randy Boobie have united with pop culture powerhouse Rick Mancrush to bring you their latest take on all types of pop culture. While Poop Culture will be emphasizing on pop culture topics such as reality tv, current events, music etc the topics are sure to reach out to just about every area of interest. However, make sure you leave your political correctness behind as Boobie, Boobie and the Mancrush deliver an amazing show of complete debauchery.




Poop Culture - POOPIEMON GO! Collect them all! Find us at RadioMisfits.com

Find and collect all the Poopiemon GO! pieces that you can! Remember, the podcast has moved and you can find us at: http://radiomisfits.com/podcasts/poop-culture/ Or on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/poop-culture-on-radio-misfits/id1136294606?mt=2

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We moved to Radio Misfits! Make sure you listen to this and find out where we moved to!

We've moved! If you want to hear episode 40 and beyond, you need to go to www.radiomisfits.com! If you already subscribe to us on iTunes, this mini episode will tell you where to go! Otherwise, check out the links below. See you guys there!! iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/poop-culture-on-radio-misfits/id1136294606 Radio Misfits - http://radiomisfits.com/podcasts/poop-culture/

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Radio Misfits here we come! Jay gives his hilarious take on film, and the Idiot Showdown! Ep39

Big news for us! We're moving on to a great new network, Radio Misfits! Other news we cover on this episode - some crazy Pokemon Go stories, Carrie Fisher spoils Star Wars, and drinking on the job. Find out who this weeks Truth Be Told winner is and join the challenge yourself. Jay drops some AMAZING movie wisdom on everyone, and explains his own plot lines to some of the most famous moves....he's never seen. You have to check out the secret film trailer hidden within the episode, it will...

Duration: 01:01:57

Bye Jozea! Our Big Brother 18 recap and review with Judd Daughtery continues- Week 2!

Former Big Brother house guest Judd Daughtery and I are back with week 2 recaps for Big Brother 18! 2 weeks down, and another newbie voted out! Bye Jozea! However, there are some twists to this years show that might make things even more interesting. We dive into this past week, and Judd gives an in house view on what's going down. We've included predictions for the coming week, and once again we don't see eye to eye. What should Judd and I wager? Our week 3 recap should include another...

Duration: 00:49:03

An expose with The Unknown Cameraman. Popular urban explorer tells all. Ep30

Jay and Rick are joined by the man that no one knows, a man with no name that remains shroud in mystery to the rest of the urban explorer community...The Unknown Cameraman. An urban explorer (aka urbex)that's explored abandoned insane asylums, mental hospitals, schools, underground mines, missile silos, factories, trailer parks, caves, an abandoned city that's on fire and many other places that time forgot. Listen in as The Unknown Cameraman walks us through what he does, what he's seen,...

Duration: 00:47:26

Daniel Baldwin! An Interview with the number 1 Baldwin brother in your hearts! Ep 29

Special guest interview with Daniel Baldwin! Danny talks to us about growing up Baldwin, and being one of the famous Baldwin Brothers. He talks about terrorizing his sister's boyfriends, sings us a tune that makes him Grammy worthy. Dan also discusses Celebrity Big Brother, reality TV, and we brainstorm our own celebrity fight club. We also get some behind the scenes info on Celebrity Rehab, John Carpenter, Homicide: Life on the streets. Where the hell is Felton anyway? Last but not least,...

Duration: 01:00:53

Are you a co-worker from hell? Do you know any of these people? Awful co-worker traits. Episode 28

Jay and Rick reflect on some of the most common annoying, horrible, and cringe worthy traits of their past and present fellow coworkers. From poor hygiene to painfully awkward social misfits, the guys rattle off a list that is bound to trigger some work related indignation. As the guys from poop culture run down what it is to be THAT girl/guy at work, Guest Nick from Epic Film Guys also weighs in. Do you know anyone described on this list? Are YOU on this list?! All this week on the Poop...

Duration: 00:28:04

Sharknado fans strap on your seatbelts and listen to producer David Michael Latt of Asylum! Ep25

Super special episode 25 with big time movie producer David Michael Latt! Latt sits down with Derek, Rick, and reoccurring guest Dreadworld to discuss the business of making movies, what a producer actually does, how he lives his lavish lifestyle in Hollywood, plans for the future and more. Latt is known for being the co-founder of The Asylum and producer of hundreds of films and TV shows to include: Sharknado, Megashark vs whatever, Z Nation, and soon the Poop Culture full length motion...

Duration: 00:55:07

The boys have a fireside chat with Simo's own guitar dynamo JD Simo. Episode 24

Hot off the heels of their release Let Love Show The Way - Simo take a turn for the road. Tonight, Its in Troy, NY near the wonder cache that the boys light the fire for their fireside chat with master of the tool JD Simo. For those that know JD, there is no need to explain what an amazing guitarist and musician he is. For those of you that don't know Simo, here is your chance to take a musical journey that will leave you longing for more. Take a listen, and then find Simo on the road! No...

Duration: 00:39:32

Summer movie preview & Derek surprises with his NFL draft knowledge. Ep23

This week on The Poop Culture Podcast, which may or may not be sponsored by The Perfect Dump...The Boobie Brothers discuss their minor league baseball outing (5:00)...Mancrush desperately needs his riding lawnmower back (14:00)...Nick Cannon works for RadioShack? (32:00)...a comprehensive Summer Movie Preview (40:00)...Derek remembers Charlton Heston (1:05:00)...and a musical tribute to Guns'n'Roses (1:20:00)All this week on the Poop Culture Podcast brought to you on The Misfits Podcast...