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Our look at the pop culture universe with our two hit shows Pop Culture Cosmos and the PCC Multiverse!

Our look at the pop culture universe with our two hit shows Pop Culture Cosmos and the PCC Multiverse!
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Our look at the pop culture universe with our two hit shows Pop Culture Cosmos and the PCC Multiverse!








PCC Multiverse #59

On our latest show Josh and Gerald ask each other if they could sit through a 31 hour marathon of the Marvel Cinematic universe recall fond memories as a Toys R Us kid and speculate if Tomb Raider will finally break the video game movie curse All this plus Rob McCallum weighs in on the next Fantastic Beasts film Jessica Boggs from the TV Ratings guide has another update on some shows she is keeping an eye on plus another great song from Hyperschmitt and as a BONUS we have an extra episode of...


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #80

Josh and Gerald share thoughts on if there is a correlation between gun violence and video games and they give advice to Kevin Feige on if he should continue spreading those Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers Plus Skip from the Skip and Josh podcast breaks down the favorites and dark horses in the upcoming NCAA Mens basketball tournament Jessica Boggs from the TV Ratings Guide gives us a ratings update on some of your favorite FOX TNT and ABC shows and Rob McCallum relays his concern over...


PCC Multiverse #58

On our latest PCC Multiverse were talking A Wrinkle in Time the latest


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #79

We recap the OSCARS share thoughts on the box office with Black Panthers continued success and could the sketchy choices for the big stars of today mean a lack of success come tomorrow Plus Rob McCallum talks Star Wars the Super BS Gamescast crew comes together on the video game releases for March what games do we want remade and what does Nintendo need to do in Year Two of the Switch All this and a BONUS Episode of the Backed or Busted show as Rob McCallum decides whether to back or bust a...


PCC Multiverse Episode #57

We preview the OSCARS with our predictions is Wreck it Ralph 2 worth getting excited over and why is Infinity Wars release date moving up a week Plus Rob McCallum talks Esportds and Nutty Nuchtchas of the Nutty Bites podcast shares thoughts on the upcoming slate of female superhero films All this plus we talk Ready Player One and provide a BONUS episode of Topicocalypse from Humannequin Media as they share insight into what TV shows you should check out


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #78

Were sharing our thoughts on Annihilation is Black Panther an Oscar contender Rob McCallum shares thoughts on David Letterman Nutty Nuchtchas talks female empowerment long overdue in superhero films and is it too late for us to play Dungeons and Dragons Plus another great song from Hyperschmitt thoughts on a Sonic the Hedgehog comparing to a new Super Mario movie and as a BONUS a sample from our friends at the Voice from the Underground


PCC Multiverse #56

Were talking the cultural influence of Black Panther with TJ Johnson of the Voice From the Underground a Marvel Comics reboot Rob McCallum sees Kickstarter issues with System Shock and Eye of the Beholder another hit song from Plazma Z and whats this about a Flamin Hot Cheetos Movie All this plus a BONUS Episode of the Super BS Gamescast talking Kingdom Come Deliverance and more


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #77

Were talking the HUGE weekend for Black Panther with SPOILERS on what we thought of the movie and just how good it is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Rob McCallum has some Disney issues he brings up in a lightning round Cosmic Crossfire what Josh thinks of the game FE and will the Games as a Service business model service gamers long term All this and another hit song from Hyperschmitt and a BONUS episode of the Super BS Gamescast talking a Multitude of video games


PCC Multiverse #55

Josh Pederson reviews Black Panther plus Rob McCallum weighs in on the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Cloverfield Paradox Anthony Barbarin shares thoughts on the NBA trade deadline Marcus De La Garza from Tripod Sports gives us insight on the NASCAR season we have the latest song from Warren Fernandez and is Kingdom Come Deliverance a good game All this and a BONUS Episode of Backed or Busted as Rob decides whether to back or bust the crowdfunding campaign of the video game Starmancer


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #76

On this weeks show Tyler Baker from the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast joins us as we talk box office predictions for Black Panther how the Cloverfield Paradox may be a precursor for future box office duds and thoughts on a DC Joker prequel plus Rob McCallum from Rob McCallum Films shares thoughts on the Super Bowls future as a pop culture staple and Mike Crockett from the Wrestling Podcast About Nothing determines if there is another New Japan Pro Wrestling success story on the horizon...


PCC Multiverse #54

The pop culture trailer barrage continues as Josh and Gerald break down their thoughts on the new Solo Deadpool 2 and Venom teasers Rob McCallum also weighs in with his thoughts on the new Solo movie we gauge our excitement at the announcement of the Game of Thrones showrunners being handed their own Star Wars trilogy plus TJ Johnson from the Voice from the Underground stops by with some opinions on the reports of a new Call of Duty Black ops 4 on the way All this and why Captain America...


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #75

On our latest show we choose the best and worst of the Super Bowl commercials and what movie trailers had us more excited Plus Black Panthers release date quandary the EAStar Wars lovefest quickly coming to an end and who is the best pro wrestler in the world Join us as director Rob McCallum and Mike Crockett from the Wrestling Podcast About Nothing stop by to share their thoughts Plus as a BONUS we add Rob in his latest Backed or Busted Crowdfunding video judging Mythic Magazine just for...


PCC Multiverse #53

With all the Marvel movies coming out in 2018 were asking again if people might be thinking that its too much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Plus Rob McCallum asks why anyone would want to go on a Disney or Harry Potter Cruise Mike Crockett from Wrestling Podcast About Nothing discusses the state of the WWE Tyler Baker has his Super Bowl pic plus our thoughts on the Red Dead Redemption2 and iron Man 3 being Robert Downey Jrs best Iron Man performance All this and as BONUS material we...


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #74

Were back talking the revival of Sci Fi on television with Black Mirror Electric Dreams Star Trek Discovery and more reasons to watch Plus Xboxs hopes in 2018 with its Xbox Game Pass why the original Avengers movie doesnt seem quite what it used to be plus Rob McCallum in the Cosmic Crossfire talking Duke Nukem and the Solo movie plus a SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Australias 1 hip hop artist Mugzy sharing thoughts on Eminem Iggy Azalea Australias hip hop scene and more Plus one of Mugzys great...


PCC Multiverse #52

The Oscar nominations arrive and Josh and Gerald break down the snubs and surprises Rob McCallum stops by to chat about the problems with the Hasbro movie universe Alex Verrey from Little Big PR talks the return of Mad Catz to the gaming world from CES 2018 plus our thoughts on if Captain America The First Avenger has held up over the years and the enduring video game legacy of Dragon Ball Z All this plus another great hit from Plazma Z and as a BONUS for downloading it is Brian Wegner...


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #73

We are talking the possibilities for Monster Hunter World as the first big video game release of 2018 plus Playstation and their cloudy future this year and does the original Thor movie really matter anymore in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Plus Rob McCallum weighs in on Hulu taking a stand in the streaming wars Anthony Barbarin sharing some thoughts at the halfway point in the NBA season and a awesome cover by Chad from Hyperschmitt and Moi Navarro All this plus as a bonus we complete the...


PCC Multiverse #51

We are back talking YouTube taking out its frustrations on smaller channel owners an NFL Championship preview what is Nintendo Labo why Iron Man 2 is important to the MCU and how crucial is Chewbacca to the Star Wars Universe All this plus a bonus episode of Inside Sports as Charles and Chris talk more about the NFL Championship weekend


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #72

Could a Black Widow movie be on the horizon Josh and Gerald share thoughts on the possibility as Marvel zeroes in on a writer We discuss Nintendos 2018 outlook Ubisoft falling in love again with Assassins Creed and can you afford to miss 2008s Incredible Hulk movie with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Plus we throw in songs from Hyperschmitt and Plazma Z a review of Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus from Brian of the Super BS Gamescast and a Bonus Episode of the What About This podcast as the...


PCC Multiverse #50

CES 2018 was back and we talk the trends at the show and what should be the keys for those looking into the latest and greatest in consumer technology We also share thoughts on what the Overwatch League needs to do to become the next big thin in esports and why Iron Man could be the most important movie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe plus Rob McCallum breaks down the crowdfunding campaign for the SEGA Genesis top down shooter Xeno Crisis and states whether you should back or bust it and...


Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #71

With Jumanji dominating the current box office we ask why the month of January is so bad for films in the first month of 2018 Rob McCallum in the Cosmic Crossfire grills Gerald on what to look forward to in 2018 another hit song by Hyperschmitt why Black Panther has us excited again for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more All this and as a BONUS it is another episode of Backed or Busted as Rob breaks down Fred Heads the Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary crowdfunding campaign and...


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