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Episode 13 - The GOAT Series Pt. 2: Black Swan

Back in black! We hit the sack! We've been gone too long and we're glad to be back with... BLACK SWAN. Here come the "boooiiiis" with the latest and greatest in cinema talk. They start things off with a little bit of "This Week at the Movies" covered in True Grit, and Ingmar Bergmann's The Seventh Seal. Next they squeeze the juice out of 2 minutes of Tag in this weeks "Trailer Watch". Lastly they are back in "black" indeed as they dive into the deep, dark caverns of Aronofsky's mind with a...


Episode 12 - Pan's Labyrinth

Episode 12 is here! The brothers are back in action with a brief look back at the Oscars, a review of the latest movies in theatres (no spoilers) and a preview of "Sorry to Bother You" before going in depth on one of their all-time favorite's: Pan's Labyrinth. Take the Faun's advice and join us as we dive into the mind of Guillermo Del Toro following his big win at the Oscars. You bring the butter, they'll bring the heat; join the club!


Episode 11 - Academy Awards/Oscars special

Special episode alert! The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, is the ultimate event each year where movies are fairly decided to be the best in a number of categories... or is it fair? Has it ever been? What's the history of this esteemed event? What's caused the recent Academy controversy? And who will win this year? The brothers break all this and more down for you in this quarters special episode, The Academy Awards


Episode 10 - "Do you believe in Miracles?"

Draped in olympic majesty and patriotic glory, the brothers are coming out with an over-fresh cast. In this Week "What's on Netflix?", a trailer watch for Amy Schumer's new role in "I Feel Pretty", and the boys talk Winter Olympics, "Miracle", and about sports movies as a genre. Join the club, it's the popcorn brothers!


Episode 9 - Chasing Amy

Believe it or not, George isn't at home. But guess who is?! Oh, SNAP, it's the The Popcorn Brothers! They break your window, hurl you in a sack, and kidnap you with great reviews and sweet, sweet discussion. Isaac's maniacal laughter rings in your ears to this day. In "This Week: At the Movies" the boys write an oral article about The Post and exercise their free speech to point out that it kind of sucked. The new Hereditary trailer gives the club LSD trips and spooks the poop out of them....


Episode 8 - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Who's that banging down your door with the latest and greatest? Aw, yeah! It's the The Popcorn Brothers! The sweet stench of butter and super 8 film hits your nostrils as you ponder what's good in those boys' hood. "This Week: At the Movies" takes a royal flush on the flop as the brothers pull the strings on Phantom Thread. The marvel cinematic universe takes over the Trailer Watch with Antman and The Wahsp, and walking sticks are donned as we enter the bush of New Zealand to bask in this...


Episode 7 - Adaptation

Episode 7 - Your favorite brothers are back at it again. The new "This Week: At the Movies" segment goes wet and wild this week with a look at Shape of Water and Darkest Hour. Get the down low on the new trailer for Pacific Rim 2 and prepare to have your mind, once again, melted by this weeks feature: Adaptation. Our brains still need time to adapt to depth of this one. Truly, it is a movie with layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. This story has layers. Join the club, it's the...


Episode 6 - Mulholland Drive

Episode 6 - The bros get intimate with Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill. They star in the trailer for the new movie Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far which strikes a chord with Eli and Isaac. Then the boys start the engine and take a nice trip up to Mulholland Drive. And by nice, psychedelic and confusing is meant. Let the brothers guide you through this vast and confusing abyss of a movie with cold, hard evidence. Join the club, it's the popcorn brothers!


Episode 5 - First Wives Club

Episode 5 - The bros scare their own pants off to the brand-spanking-new trailer for Slenderman. Warning: you may scare your own pants off. Isaac unveils a new segment to talk in brief about what he has seen in theaters on a weekly basis (thanks, Moviepass!). Lastly we take our club to the land of First Wives Club. Eli hasn't seen a comedy drama in at least 3 years. He does have some thoughts however, whether or not this jaunt lost the plot. Join the club, it's the popcorn brothers!


Episode 4 - The Fifth Element

Episode 4 - The boys watch what is pretty much a garbage trailer. It's bad. If you can't tell they are unimpressed, you need to work on your people skills. Straight to netflix is the new straight to VHS. Then we actually review The Fifth Element for The First Time. Campy sci-fi riddled with humor and French post-apocalypse fashion. Is it Isaac's cup of tea? Maybe a little too sweet for Isaac. Join the club, it's the popcorn brothers!


Episode 3 - 2017 Wrap Up

Episode 3 - The boys feel the danger from the new Mom and Dad trailer. Is Nicholas Cage back on top of the game? Probably not, but, you know, at least let us bounce the idea around. Then we actually review Love, Actually actually. It's time to finish off the holiday cheer. Kill it with fire. The fun wraps up with a look back at the last year and a look forward at the bright, shiny, upcoming freak of a year that 2018 will be and the movies the boys can't wait to discuss over their still...


Episode 2 - Gangs of New York

Episode 2 - The boys review the trailer for Annhilation. Do CGI deer ever look good? Do you like women entering other wordly portals with assault rifles? Next the crew tackles the never-ending review of Gangs of New York. Hear them break it down to nuts and bolts and screws as our gang takes the stage to discuss the merit of the classic big apple gangs from Scorcese's epic period piece. Join the club!


Episode 1 - Singin' In The Rain

Episode 1 - The boys review the new Jurassic World; Fallen Kingdom trailer and decide if there are bombs or volcanoes on the island. Who builds a theme park on a magma chamber??? Then the first-ever film review is tipped to Isaac's personal favorite, Singin' in the Rain. Does Eli enjoy tap dancing? Did a fever almost kill Gene Kelly mid-production? Join the club this week! It's the Popcorn Brothers. Intro music by longzijun


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