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Color me “Baad” (Ep.29 F/Savvy)

The crew is joined by @ooh_so_savvy and discuss how she got into hair coloring and was it always her passion. The boys get some insight on how the hair salons are operated and whats next for Savvy. This weeks includes a Sabby says segment and as always, a good time.

Duration: 01:08:33

Ravelle-ioli (Ep.28 F/Chef Elle)

The crew is joined by Lauren G. As they discuss her life as Chef, Catering, and being a coach/advocate for healthier eating. They also discuss her vision along with a few funny encounters. Plus, Johnnie is the worst movie critic EVER.

Duration: 01:02:59

Premature flags and not enough Cash (Ep.27 F/Ant)

The crew is joined by Ant to discussed being a ref in the city of buffalo. They also discuss parenting, bike path rapist and the price of p**** being way higher than the price of d***.

Duration: 01:41:39

uh Puerto Rico Ooohhh (Ep.26 F/Rico)

PorchTalks crew chop it up with Rico this week. They take a few trips down memory lane to discuss being pulled over in the McDonald's drive thru and many other adventure that helped molded their friendships.

Duration: 01:31:28

Girl, your crazy laid dormant (Ep.25 W/Naked Tim)

Porchtalks crew are joined again with naked Tim to discuss crazy women, “stealting”, wanting to get with some one after you cooled off and update on Tim last appearance.

Duration: 01:02:59

Come here let me Coach you. (Ep.24 F/Eric F.)

Eric Farinacci joins the podcast to talk about life as a coach of youth football and a few good story that spawned for it. Sabrina struggles dealing with a hang over and more.

Duration: 01:13:14

#boujeebitches (EP.23 F/All Ladies Cast)

Sabrina and her crew of ladies hijack the podcast and speak on life through the women’s prospective. They discuss relationships, slumber parties, engagement rings and a whole slew of various topics.

Duration: 01:45:26

You should have seen this coming (Ep. 22 F/ Jen Carter)

The PorchTalks crew are back in full force as the discuss different topics with Jen Carter like being a social worker, a mom, and a medium.

Duration: 01:18:34

Game of Relationships (Ep.21 K/Ekua)

Ekua joins the podcast to discuss her professional path, love of travel, and how she and Sabrina met. They also discuss relationships and the continuation of telling your partner if he's trash in bed.

Duration: 01:27:13

Honestly, you don’t deserve an Orgasm (Ep 20 f/Naked Tim)

Mike, Sabrina, and C.Clay are joined by Tim Sztaba aka Naked Tim to discuss virginity, life experiences, and goal. Sabby Says segment prompt a great conversation with caller about man that are trash in the bedroom.

Duration: 01:18:09

Cool..But you might not like the answer (Ep. 20 F/ Kate)

Sabrina and C.Clay are joined by Kate as she discusses transitioning from the workforce to being a stay at home mom. The effort that it takes and trying to find time to treat yourself. They also discuss asking questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

Duration: 01:23:19

He’ll come off the bench for you? (Ep.18 f/Polly)

Sabrina and C.Clay are join by Joanna AKA Polly as the talk about like in their 30’s, the dating scene, and transitioning to a new phase in Polly’s life. Plus, there is a topic that cause an impromptu phone call segment.

Duration: 01:34:45

She buying drinks?? Yup…Bat signal (Ep. 17)

Sabrina and C.Clay are joined by local Singer/Songwriter/Producer Miles B. He fills them in on when he first found out he could sing. Who some of his inspirations are and his favorite performer. They also discuss if women should approach men on the dating scene.

Duration: 01:22:25

In Nerd Chikk we trust

C.Clay Sabrina and Mike are joined by Brittany Gibson owner of Nerd Chikk IT Repair & Services. She explains that tech was something she was always interested and what gave her the motivation to start her own business. They also touch on her love of sport and play Nosey Neighbors.

Duration: 01:19:00

D**k Appointments Anyone? (EP.14)

The Porchtalks crew discuss guest overstaying their welcome. Sabrina coins the phase "Dick Appointments" and we touch on airplane etiquette. We also give our good friend Deonna a call for some laughs.

Duration: 01:33:11

Shiiiddd..I don't need ya!! (Ep.13)

Sabrina, Johnnie, and C.Clay discuss their weekly wrap up and if they prefer the journey or destination. Mike also calls in to discuss cutting off a family member since he is the professional of the crew.

Duration: 01:31:15

It's a Rap (Ep. 12)

The PorchTalks crew is joined by local rapper Funderburk to discuss the state of rap and how everyone feels about it. Cam joins the panel as well and we debate on why men have side chicks.

Duration: 01:26:35

Hobo-sexual?…..please elaborate(Ep. 11)

Sabrina, Mike & C.Clay are joined by Cam and Slammin. They discuss chivalry, skinny dudes loving the BBW’s, and Cam drops another “Keep it or Sweep it” segment.

Duration: 00:56:30

That’s in the rear view. (Ep. 10)

Mike, Sabrina, and C.Clay reflect on struggles as a kid and discuss ex’s attempting to infiltrate your new life.

Duration: 00:48:23

You have the right to PUT ON A SHOW! (Ep. 9)

Officer Hy AKA AngryCops joins C.Clay and Sabrina to discuss life as a cop and shares great stories. They vibe and they to know him at his core.

Duration: 01:21:36

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