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Episode 57: There Are No Shortcuts - Courtney Gould, SmartyPants Vitamins

Courtney Nichols Gould is the Co-Founder/Co-CEO of SmartyPants Vitamins, the leading maker of premium comprehensive supplements, committed to bringing more health to more people every day. Courtney got her start working as an apprentice to the board of directors at GM, and went on to work as the COO for numerous tech and web startup companies before embarking on her own entrepreneurial venture. Courtney and I talked about a ton of great topics, listen carefully if you’re interested in a...


Episode 56: No Brands Were Built Overnight - Ariel Kaye, Parachute Home

Ariel Kaye is the Founder and CEO of Parachute Home, a retail business with the mission of supplying consumers with the best sheets, bedding, and home essentials on the market, as well as inspiring a community around sleep, wellness and creating a comfortable home. Ariel and I discussed how her background in branding and advertising really informed her ability to thoughtfully and methodically build her business from one sheet to entire home goods and lifestyle brand. Music edited from...


Episode 55: Making a Business out of Making Connections - Dana Astrow, ARC

Dana Astrow has been influencing the landscape of creativity in the brand marketing and advertising/film production community since her early beginnings in the industry. Since launching ARC, Dana has successfully and nearly single-handedly filled a definitive niche as a creative recruiter who connects the makers behind some of the most effective top-level content being produced today. Dana and I sat down for some real talk about how she’s had to make not one, or two, but three big leaps in...


Episode 54: Embracing the Unknown - Jessica Koslow

Jessica Koslow is the owner and chef of SQIRL, one of L.A.’s most popular cafes that has led to a cookbook, a jam company, a popup venture in New York City, and soon enough, a much-anticipated second location on L.A.’s West Side. Jessica and I sat down and talked a lot about a question that comes up for many entrepreneurs: ‘how do you make that big leap out of security, and into starting your business?’ Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 53: Stop Apologizing for Being Women - Lizzie Francis & Kara Weber

Lizzie Francis and Kara Weber are the Founding duo behind Brilliant Ventures. Their serial entrepreneurial credentials, amplified by a network of go-to-market experts with skin in the game, and a second proprietary network of the most accomplished, amazing and connected women in LA, make for the perfect set of assets to this investment firm. Lizzie and Kara really attribute their success to their fantastic partnership. They told me all about how they met, and what prompted them to quit their...


Episode 52: Marrying Market with a Mission - Jessamyn Waldman

Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, a social enterprise that creates professional opportunities for low-income and immigrant women. Their line of multi-ethnic breads is inspired by the bakers who make them. Before Hot Bread Kitchen launched, Jessamyn carved her path toward entrepreneurship by utilizing every resource possible, from her roommate’s computer to government grants -- definitely a crash course in making what you’ve got work for you. Music...


Episode 51: Can STORY Reinvent Retail? - Rachel Shechtman

Rachel Shechtman is the founder of STORY, a retail concept in New York City that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store. Rachel’s journey to create STORY was informed by a successful 10-year career as a consultant, and a chance encounter that unearthed ‘the startup she never started,’ prompting her to finally make the leap into starting the business she’d been dreaming about since college. You’d think that after much waiting and...


Episode 50: Sticking to What Feels Right - Amanda Eilian

This week's episode features Amanda Eilian, Co-Founder & President of Videolicious -- a video creation service for enterprise businesses and companies. Amanda and I talked about her early days as a teenage radio host, her transition into investment banking, and what led her to starting Videolicious in the first place. Most interesting, perhaps, is that Amanda and her co-founder ignored a lot of early advice they received about what direction they should take their company in -- and it paid...


Episode 49: Design That Speaks to a Rising Tide - Rachel Berks

This week I chatted with Rachel Berks -- owner of Otherwild, and designer behind the insanely popular 'The Future Is Female' t-shirt. Rachel had a lot to say about the unexpected reach of her design work, the steps she took to get enough freedom in her business to create, and how she's dealt with having her work copied by other artists. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution 3.0...


Episode 48: Listening to Customer #1 - Jordan Salcito

Jordan Salcito is the sommelier and entrepreneur behind two successful beverage ventures -- Bellus Wines and RAMONA. To kick off 2018, Jordan and I sat down to talk about her path towards entrepreneurship, and how she really followed herself as potential customer #1 to drive the ideas behind each of her businesses. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution 3.0 Produced by Rachel...


Episode 47: Conquering the New York Restaurant Scene - Victoria Freeman

Victoria Freeman has had a successful career as a New York City restaurateur for decades -- a feat in and of itself. This week we sat down to talk about her career path, and the challenges and triumphs she's had along the way. Positively Gotham Gal will be on hiatus for the rest of this holiday season -- enjoy the remainder of your 2017, and we'll be back on Monday, January 8th with a brand new episode. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 46: What Drives Me? - Olivia Young

Olivia Young is the Founder of Box + Flow, a fitness location and lifestyle brand based on the principles of personal balance and enjoying life. For the podcast this week, Olivia and I sat down and got straight to business -- from what it took for her to take the plunge into her first entrepreneurial venture, to how she brings a unique perspective to the exploding wellness industry, and everything in between. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 45: Trust What You Chose - Abbey Warsh

After over a decade of being a full-time mom, Abbey Warsh decided to take a calculated leap into entrepreneurship -- she partnered with Chef Paul Del Favero and Susan Del Favero to open the Harbor Market & Kitchen in Sag Harbor, Long Island. Abbey shares with me how trusting her gut led her to the right opportunities and collaborators, and how this mindset continues to influence her business today, as well as her plans for the future. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 44: Empowering Women with Tech - Fereshteh Forough

This week I sat down with Fereshteh Forough, Founder & CEO of Code to Inspire -- a nonprofit committed to teaching female students in Afghanistan how to code. Fereshteh talks about her journey from Afghan refugee, to international advocate for women's education and equality. You can learn more about Code to Inspire & support their mission here: http://codetoinspire.org/ Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free...


Episode 43: When You Fall in Love with the Work - Amanda Merrow & Katie Baldwin

This week features the Co-Founders and farmers of Amber Waves Farm, Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin. Located in Amagansett, NY, their mission is to bring sustainability, education, and a highly curated food experience to the farm to table market. Amanda & Katie's story takes us from their first connection during a farming apprenticeship, to opening their own, one-of-a-kind, grocery store. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 42: The Payoff That Comes with Starting Small - Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks has a career path that did not go the way she thought it would -- after having to abandon her dreams of becoming an astronaut, it took this Founder & CEO of RockPaperRobot awhile to find the right place to put her feet on the ground. But once she did, she took off. Jessica's plan of honing in on one product before expanding her business has paid off big-time, and is definitely an idea we can all find use from. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free....


Episode 41: Putting in the Time to Build Traction - Carissa Waechter

This week's episode features Carissa Waechter, the entrepreneur, baker, and pastry chef behind Carissa's Breads in East Hampton, NY. Carissa takes us through her career path from culinary school to starting her own business, and why it was so important for her to make sure she took the time she needed before launching her retail store. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution 3.0...


Episode 40: It's All about Creating an Emotion - Zara Tisch

Zara Tisch is the Founder & CEO of the playful leggings and accessories company, Terez. Zara sat down with me this week to talk about how she's built her company by focusing on products that create positive emotional experiences for her customers. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution 3.0 Produced by Rachel James. Positively Gotham Gal is proud to be made in NYC.


Episode 39: Business as a Force for Good in the World - Susan McPherson

Susan McPherson is the Founder & CEO of McPherson Strategies, a consultancy focused on the intersection between brands and social good. Susan had an enormous amount of insight on everything from the possibilities for business to create positive change in the world, to how daunting that first big step into a life 'without a paycheck' can be. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution...


Episode 38: Turning Your Lowest Moment into Your Biggest Opportunity - Jane West

This week's episode features CEO Jane West, one of the women entrepreneurs who has pioneered the cannabis industry since Denver's legalization in 2014. Her story is full of plot twists, and Jane shares with us how she saw each let-down, misdirection, and mistake as an opportunity to try something new. Music edited from 'Something Elated' by Broke For Free. freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…mething_Elated From the Free Music Archive. CC Attribution 3.0 Produced by Rachel James. Positively...


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