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Positively Podcast - Episode 75 New Releases and Guardians of the Night

Season 6 ends with a bang as Holly and Victoria chat about two huge new releases that listeners will be able to enjoy. The first is a CNN segment about Victoria that focuses on how and why she has remained at the top of her game in the dog training world. Watch the segment here or see below. And at long last, Victoria's brand new web series, Guardians of the Night, launched yesterday, February 21st. A new episode will be released every Tuesday at 2pm ET for eight straight weeks. The...

Duration: 00:34:06

Positively Podcast - Episode 74 Do Dogs Dream?

On this jam-packed episode of the Positively Podcast, Holly and Victoria first chat about Victoria's new book and some of the fascinating research that's being conducted on canine cognition. Also on this episode of the podcast is an interview with K-9 Ninja Roo Yori, who has become a household name both through his endeavors on American Ninja Warrior as well as his work promoting pit-bull type dogs. And finally, a round of Ask Victoria questions and Animal Academy questions will both...

Duration: 00:48:15

Positively Podcast - Episode 73 We'd Like to Thank the Academy

On this episode of the Positively Podcast, Victoria and Holly chat about the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior. VSA Mentor Coordinator Aly Lecznar joins the show to chat about the latest updates from the program. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - We'd Like to Thank the Academy with Victoria Stilwell & Holly Firfer

Duration: 00:45:03

Positively Podcast - Episode 72 Marc the Vet

Holly and Victoria tackle the tough subject of puppy mills and what's being done to stop them in both the US and the UK. They also talk about the surprising people and organizations that are inhibiting the progress of anti-puppy mill legislation, and the theories as to why they want commercial breeding to be allowed to continue. Marc the Vet comes on the show to talk about his work campaigning against puppy mills in the UK, what the latest progress has been, and some very difficult...

Duration: 00:36:30

Positively Podcast - Episode 71Happy and Healthy for the Holidays

Victoria and Holly are gearing up for the holiday season, and chat about how the stress of the holidays affects both people and their pets. Victoria gives some tips for keeping your dogs happy and healthy over the holidays, and the pair chats about their thoughts on when one person tells them they prefer one of their dogs over the other. Another feel-good holiday story the ladies cover is a young boy who is willing to give up everything he has to help a dog in need. Questions or...

Duration: 00:31:19

Positively Podcast - Episode 70 Stuffed with Good Stuff

Victoria and Holly are stuffed after Thanksgiving! You're going to want to hear the story of how Holly ended up with a deer eating her dinner over the holiday. The pair talks about Holly's incredible travels for CNN, plus Victoria's appearance on Harry Connick Jr.'s talk show. And of course, they've got to chat about the Reindog Parade and some of the fun experiences they enjoyed at the annual Atlanta-based event. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More...

Duration: 00:29:10

Positively Podcast - Episode 69 Working With Dog

On this special edition of the Positively Podcast, Holly and Victoria invite Working with Dog founder Nichole Smith to the show to talk about her list of reasons why you should consider working as a 'petrepreneur,' and some professional advice for anyone looking to break into the pet industry. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Working With Dog with Victoria Stilwell & Holly Firfer

Duration: 00:36:22

Positively Podcast - Episode 68 Dog Adoption Cafes

Victoria and Holly discuss whether dog adoption cafes are a good idea or not. They also chat about an unconventional dog sanctuary in Costa Rica where the dogs are allowed to roam freely, and why Victoria thinks matching humans and dogs is so important. Victoria also gives listeners an inside scoop on how she taught a dog to fly an airplane as part of her latest TV project, Dogs Might Fly, which recently aired on Sky1 in the UK. Questions or Comments? Send them to:...

Duration: 00:27:11

Positively Podcast - Episode 67 Thanksgiving with Pets

Victoria and Holly chat about the Thanksgiving holiday and what they're thankful for. They also talk about why the month of November is the month with the most amount of car collisions with deer, and how you can stay safe. Victoria also chats about her trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and what she learned about puppy mills in the process. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Thanksgiving with Pets with Victoria...

Duration: 00:23:00

Positively Podcast - Episode 65 A Bit About Bites

Victoria and Holly chat about a variety of topics, including an update on Victoria's dog training academy, how positive training works and some common misconceptions about Victoria's training methods, and her upcoming UK Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference. And exclusively in this podcast, you'll hear the firsthand account of Victoria's police dog bite accident: what happened, why it happened, and what she's doing to prevent another accident from happening in the future. Questions...

Duration: 00:49:50

Positively Podcast - Episode 64 Working With Pets is Our Passion!

Victoria and Holly Firfer chat with Shannoncourt Pet Care founder Shannon Spooner about Victoria's seminar in Ontario. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Working With Pets is Our Passion with Victoria Stilwell & Holly Firfer

Duration: 00:13:12

Positively Podcast - Episode 63 Sculpting Out A Great Career!

On this final episode of Season 5 of the Positively Podcast, Victoria and Holly discuss a disturbing video of a Rottweiler growling at a young child who is being videotaped hugging and petting the dog. They talk about the importance of teaching parents and children about dog safety and dog bite prevention, and how you can prevent your child from being bitten by a dog. They also chat with award-winning working dog sculptor Austin Weishel, who is best known for sculpting the National Fire...

Duration: 00:35:21

Positively Podcast - Episode 62 The Lottery

Victoria and Holly chat about the upcoming lottery drawing and what they would do to help animals if they win the jackpot. They also discuss Holly's annual 'Regiftmas' party that she hosts to help people get rid of their most terrible holiday gifts. Victoria talks about Villalobos Rescue Center, the pit bull rescue featured on Animal Planet's Pit Bulls and Parolees and her upcoming visit to the center in New Orleans. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com. More...

Duration: 00:35:09

Positively Podcast - Episode 61 Happy Holidays

Victoria and Holly get together on Christmas Eve for a special holiday edition of the Positively Podcast. They chat about their holiday pet peeves, including people’s poor driving and the madness of holiday shopping. Victoria talks about one of her favorite online comedians, Matt Bellassai, who has a video about why he hates holiday shopping. They also discuss an amazing 100-year-old animal rescue volunteer who is helping the Georgia SPCA get animals adopted, and the cringe-worthy Miss USA...

Duration: 00:39:58

Positively Podcast - Episode 60 Military Working Dogs

Victoria and Holly talk about the viral story of a military working dog and his handler that were injured during a building search, and the incredible bond between military dogs and their handlers. The pair in this particular story has been recovering together, and both are expected to make a full recovery. They also chat with Kristen Maurer, the co-founder of Mission K-9 Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and reuniting military working dogs with their handlers....

Duration: 00:39:40

Positively Podcast - Episode 59 The History of Georgia

Victoria's mother stops by from England over the holidays to check in on Victoria and Holly, including a discussion about their recent trip to Savannah, Georgia. A brief history of the state of Georgia ensues, resulting in a mini-review of the new Broadway smash hit, Hamilton. Random enough? Victoria's daughter, Alex, gets some help from her friend Sofia to try and stump Holly and Victoria with a new animal academy quiz. Questions or Comments? Send them to: positively@petliferadio.com....

Duration: 00:37:17

Positively Podcast - Episode 57 Happy Thanksgiving

In this special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast, Victoria and Holly welcome back Dr. Paula Bloom, who peppers Victoria with questions about her new puppy, Suki, and how she's getting along (or not) with her existing dog. Topics touched on include: whether you should train and raise different types of dogs differently, what to do when the new puppy seems to like one person in the family more than another, Victoria's thoughts on the concept of 'sibling rivalry' between multiple dogs in...

Positively Podcast - Episode 56 Diesel, Dr. Ruth and Vegemite

Dr. Paula Bloom joins Victoria and Holly in studio to talk through the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks and how we process tragedies: integrating the information into our lives, how to talk to kids about tragedies, the way we’re wired for empathy, making it extra hard to process, and the concept of compassion fatigue. Victoria recounts the story of Diesel, a police dog who was killed in the line of duty while apprehending the lead organizer of the terrorist attacks. Paula asks whether...

Positively Podcast - Episode 55 Greece is the Word

On this episode of the Positively Podcast, Victoria and Holly discuss their travels to Greece, a country with a massive stray dog overpopulation problem. Holly shares her stories of rescuing several dogs off the streets, and Victoria talks about a crisis that's currently affecting an animal welfare group in Santorini. They are joined on the podcast by Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior Director Tia Guest, who shares the latest information about Victoria's brand new...

Positively Podcast - Episode 54 Of Dogs and Men

Holly and Victoria are back with a new season of the Positively Podcast after a summer hiatus. They've got a lot of catching up to do, as they have both been traveling all over the world. Victoria catches everyone up on her new TV show that will be airing in the UK next year, and Holly tells the story of how she learned what "bear spray" is. Calling in to the Positively Hotline this episode is filmmaker Patrick Reasonover, one of the creators behind the new documentary 'Of Dogs and Men.'...
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