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Positivity Successful utilises brainwave entrainment through the sound of binaural beats with four different sessions designed to help you focus, concentrate better and boost your creativity. The Pure Tone Focus and Achievement session uses a pure binaural tone with a carrier frequency of 144.72 hz associated with strength of will, focus of energy and stimulation of the desire for achievement. The beat frequency is in the Gamma brainwave range of 40hz, the dominant frequency for processing information and solving problems. The Focus and Advanced Concentration session uses an 18hz beta binaural beat targeting memory improvement the audio also contains a pure 40hz tone frequency for stimulating the ability to process information efficiently, as this tone is thought to synchronise the neurons that process sensory stimulus. The Boost Creativity and Focus session begins with frequencies designed to boost your creativity and focus using a carrier frequency of 263hz which is associated with creativity and speech. It starts in the Theta brainwave range at a frequency of 6hz and then moves up to 10hz, frequencies thought to enhance creativity. The carrier frequency then shifts to 144.72 hz as described in the Pure Tone Focus and Achievement Session. To enhance relaxation we have mixed these beats with the sound of birdsong. The Visualisation Session helps you visualise...