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What Makes It So Scary with Jacolby

Jacolby, an accountant, a pod-caster, a college colleague. Here about how and why Jacolby has placed podcasting as a priority in his life and how he runs A Scare Place To Be. Here Russell on the other side of the mic as a guest on Jacolby's show, check the links below. Jacolby's co-host Jamike: As always


Season 2. Ep. 1 - Elizabeth McCourt - The Non-Linear Path

Elizabeth McCourt is joins Jeff on the pod! Elizabeth is a certified leadership coach, speaker and writer. A background in executive recruiting in financial services for nearly 20 years, she works with high-level individuals and teams as a strategic partner in both their professional and personal goals. She gave a TEDx talk entitled, “Why You Should Spill Your Secrets.” Elizabeth is on a mission to help people embrace their own resilience with the mindset that ‘wins’ don’t always have to...


The Finale before the Finale

This one will keep you on your toes as Season 1 of the Post College Life Pod comes to a near close. Jeff and Russ make the Maryland to Seattle connection once again to come back and close out 2017 in style. You'll get to hear some fun cut up clips, intention setting, raps n rhymes, and a new idea for how all new years should be closed out.


Delaying Gratification With Sis Lis

Life from the long view, Elisa shares her perspective on deciding her career path and setting a direction in life. Russell pics his sisters brain on life, school, and organization. Hear how an equine expert transition to helping humans and how the decisions played out. Episode brake down: Intro and Undergrad 0-10:00, Looking forward in life/ setting a path -19:00, Getting organized -28:00, Elisa's thoughts on Russell's world view -32:00, Heart physiology -37:30, Wrap & Value -end


Storming the Brain

Documenting can be just as good as creation. This episode is a little peak behind the curtain of what goes on behind the scenes for Jeff n Russ running the pod. We decided to turn on the mic for our 2018 brainstorming session where all ideas were good ideas. If you are interested in running a podcast of your own, intrigued on alternative growth methods for just about anything product/service/content, or just want to get the creative juices flowing...this one is for you!


Facilitating Conversation With Ryan Phillips

Today from the offices at Microsoft we here how Ryan Phillips took his CS degrees and left them outside the box. With success as a baseball pitcher, University Innovation Fellow, and entrepreneur Ryan speaks to how he found ways to people on the same page and spark the aha moment! Taking a page from Jeff's book, episode 44 breaks down as follows: Growing up baseball 0-4:48, Finding college -6:33, Killing the college game -15:00 (UIF 7:20, Pro facilitator 8:00, Market testing 10:30),...


Catching up with Lilly Chalfant, Post College in Prague!

Jeff and Lilly Chalfant get together to catch up and discuss all things from life at High Point/abroad, to Lilly moving back to Prague, capped off with a much needed rant on the student loans epidemic. 1-9:00 - Catching up 9:00 - 15:00 - Lilly moves to North Dakota and travels out west 15:00 - 30:00 - Back to Prague 30:00 - End - Student loans culture in the U.S.


Ice Cream Therapy w/Aunt Jan

The first ever podcast ever recorded in Aunt Jan's therapy room was completed! Jeff and Jan discuss lots of things about Jan's life. Everything from college, to post college, to travel, to her in-home therapy practice, to having kids, to her deep passion for meditation. This is a longer episode. A brief outline for if you want to skip around: First third: Jan's college/post college life Second third: Jan's therapy practice Third third: Jan's Gainesville Meditation group


Building life..and a budget?

Jeff returns from his trip to Florida, however his bank account doesn't feel the same way. Russ has been running on fumes for longer then should be allowed. Both share their ideology on the matter and what there thoughts are as they look to the future. Check in this week on the Post college life pod.


We made it to Seattle!

Jeff and Russ connect after a long time off the airwaves together. Russ talks about his new life and jobs he's looking at, along with new appreciations and looking into new revenue streams. Russ reviews one of his new favorite movies Baby Driver. Jeff talks about his Float Tank ideas/research and visiting Florida along with the direction of the podcast. Enjoy!


Movie Man, Actor, Cousin, Daniel Perea

This was a conversation with my (Jeff's) cousin Daniel Perea. After having some lengthy life talks earlier in the day we decided to throw the microphone on and record. Daniel is a highly talented guy within the film industry. We talk about how to find screenwriting creativity, the making of movies, living out in LA, and much more. If you're a film buff or into Science Fiction this one is a must-listen!


After School Special with David Russell

From the 6th grate Math and Science Exploratorium at Lake Elsinore Middle school we hear first hand the modern education experience in the United States. David Russell, a mechanical engineer who chased his passion, talks about how he has spent the last 15 years putting the needs of students above the regulation placed upon him.


Activating Our Brain's with Scott Halford

Scott Halford is a National Hall of Fame Speaker & Author on Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, NeuroLeadership and Influence He's also just a really cool dude! Pick up his book Activate Your Brain:


Thoughtful Thursday Nov. 16th

Leading off with a passage out of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, this Thursday full of though addresses how we can utilize deliberate conscious experience to teach our subconscious what we want out of life. Do your best to keep up with this episodes that is about as non-linear as time.


A sit down with Uncle Rick

This is one of the most powerful episodes to date on the Post College Life Podcast. Jeff invites his Uncle Rick over to talk about sports, his life, his family, and his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Rick talks about what was and still is important to him during this stage. We learn from Rick about "Cancer Guy" and the journey of going through chemo. Take a listen and here is a link to Rick's blog should you want to follow him further:


Breakfast With Bre

Over a delightful meal of lucky charms and waffles Russell and Bre discus some of what they feel most drawn to do. As Bre enters the working world she shares her challenges in fulfilling her daily roles while keeping here bigger pictures dreams in mind.


Big Burglar Brand

With a quick recap form Jeff and Russ we hear about how there misadventures of life continue to unfold. Jumping on the Pod right after a Wizards game Jeff shares his anecdote from the night and his recent inspiration from Lonzo Ball's shoplifting arrest in China. Russ is doing his best to stay afloat in his beach life.


The Wonderful Mitzi Perdue!

Mitzi Perdue is a public speaker, science writer, author, and expert on how to run family businesses. She is a Harvard graduate with a Master's from George Washington University. Her family of origin began in 1890 with the Henderson Estate Company, forerunner of the Sheraton Hotels, and her marital family started the Perdue poultry company in 1920. Mitzi shares wonderful insight with the podcast on her past experiences and ways of living. Grandmothers and young people are natural allies!


Skipper Jack Blake

As a recent college grad Jack has chased his curiosity and discovered incredible experience along the way. Only 3 years out of college Jack has worked as a professional Skipper for yacht week, helped grow his own vlogging company, and explored the insights of iowaska in a recent trip to Peru.


Book Passages - (Ep. 28)

Jeff enlightens the pod with lessons from what he's been reading lately sharing passages from 3 different books: Little Wins (The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler) - Paul Lindsey 18 Minutes (Finding Your Focus, Master Distraction, Get The Right Things Done) - Peter Bregman How to Make You Family Business Last - Mitzi Perdue


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