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The official TV/Film podcast of Gotham Sports Network

The official TV/Film podcast of Gotham Sports Network
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The official TV/Film podcast of Gotham Sports Network






Black Mirror: Season 4

In this episode of POST CREDITS, Dan and Brandon thoroughly dissect the cultural phenomenon that is Black Mirror Season 4. They break down every episode and rank them too. We've got a real deep dive here so don't get lost in the void.

Duration: 01:11:19

Curb Your Enthusiasm S9 Recap and Top 5 Characters

In this episode, Dan and Brandon talk through a lot of TV news, recap Curb's latest and possibly final season and list off some favorite characters. Heads up, this one diverges into movie territory so it gets controversial.

Duration: 00:43:02

Season 8s, Not So Greats: Shameless and Walking Dead

After some more TV news bombshells, the guys delve into two shows in the depths of their eighth seasons. Brandon covers the Walking Dead and dives into its descent out of the general public consciousness while Dan praises the consistency and growth of Shameless. When should a show call it quits? When does it last long enough to see itself become the villain? All this and more!

Duration: 00:49:15

Stranger Things 2 w/ Ryan Disdier

In this episode, the boys are joined by Ryan Disdier (@ryandisdier) to talk about the strange happenings in the latest installment of Stranger Things. What did they like about the season? Who was the MVP? Is the Mind Flayer a Weenie? All this and more!

Duration: 00:57:49

True Crime (Shows and Real Life)

The boys tackle a tougher topic as the specter of the Weinstein scandal continues to swirl, engulfing several prominent TV stars as both accuser and accusee. They then transition into the world of crime on TV and why true crime is so fascinating to watch. Sensitive topics included.

Duration: 00:43:27

Mr. Robot Returns

In this episode of Post Credits, Brandon Gale is joined by GothamSN founder Ethan Levy to preview the upcoming season of Mr. Robot.

Duration: 00:27:57

The Fox Archetype, Kids in Shows & Salman Rushdie

The guys break down the landscape of Fox comedies, delve into new series Big Mouth and compare it to Stranger Things, and praise Salman Rushdie's epic turn on Curb. Yeah, it got weird and ended with a gentlemen's bet, but most importantly, just know that nostalgia is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Duration: 00:50:35

Weinstein, Curb & The Good Place

In this episode of Post Credits, Dan & Brandon begin with the pertinent and all-encompassing news regarding Harvey Weinstein, discuss an ambitious new concept for a show, wax poetic about Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Dan shills for The Good Place once again. Also, Brandon finally learns who voiced Kuzco in the Emperor's New Groove. Yeah, he won't be able to live this one down.

Duration: 00:41:36

Rick and Morty Wrap-up and Fall Returns

The guys bring Season 3 of Rick and Morty to a close and welcome back the fall block of shows trumphantly. There are a lot of shows so be sure to berate us for omitting your favorite shows from our discussion. We are overwhelmed with everything that is back, but don't let that stop you from watching!

Duration: 00:46:27

Sex/Gender/Sexuality: Streaming vs. Networks

The boys break down some barriers regarding some sexual topics on this week's episode. Transparent and The Deuce are the headliners here as they break down the merits of depicting such topics in today's society. Is family friendliness a thing? Yes, but it's not the only thing!

Duration: 00:43:58

Episode 17 Mixdown

The boys debrief after the Emmys and talk about the dominance of Queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They then delve into Rick and Morty's third clip show and talk about seeing past scenes pop up in current episodes. Is it good? Is it weird? Does Dan have a weird grudge against Aziz Ansari? Find out in this episode!

Duration: 00:50:25

BONUS EPISODE: 2017 Emmy Predictions

In this bonus episode of Post Credits, Dan and Brandon are joined by GothamSN Digital Media Director Andrew Claudio to make predictions for the 2017 Emmy awards in the "big 10" categories (Best show, best actor & actress, best supporting actor & actress in a comedy and in a drama). The 2017 prime-time Emmy's hosted by Stephen Colbert air this Sunday, 9/17, at 8pm EST!

Duration: 01:09:11

Sad Adult Cartoons

In this episode of Post Credits, Dan and Brandon break down Rick and Morty as usual, as it gave us its most serious episode to date and talk about the recently released Season 4 of Bojack Horseman. Things get a little heavy as they examine how cartoons can give us some of the most humanizing moments that people can possibly experience and how people sometimes need a ludicrous universe to be able to conceptualize their own problems.

Duration: 00:47:56

Narcos/The Crown/Historical Dramas

Dan and Brandon dig into some historical dramas: Narcos, the story of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar (so far), and The Crown, an insight into the British monarchy and particularly, Queen Elizabeth II. They touch on some other shows in the process while supporting these two and their strong Emmy campaigns.

Duration: 00:44:44

Game of Thrones Recap and Farewell Season 7

In this episode of Post Credits wrap up Game of Thrones, addressing some common concerns with the show and look forward to the future in Westeros that is all-too-far away. Who lived? Who died? Who will live? Who will die? What's wrong with being predictable? This and much more in the Game of Thrones Season 7 Recap.

Duration: 00:53:02

GoT/R&M Concerns and Comedy Central Returns

In this episode of Post Credits, GothamSN's Dan Rozel and Brandon Gale discuss the most recent episodes of Game of Thrones and Rick & Morty and address the many common concern with both shows this season. Then, they review the Marvel Netflix series The Defenders and welcome back South Park and Broad City into the Fall TV fold.

Duration: 00:49:20

GoT, R&M, Wet Hot American Summer Ten Years Later, Dear White People & more!

GoT, R&M, Wet Hot American Summer Ten Years Later, Dear White People & more!

Duration: 00:54:20

GoT, R&M, Friends from college, Snowfall, Black America & more!

GoT, R&M, Friends from college, Snowfall, Black America & more!

Duration: 01:00:49

Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Defiant Ones, Suits and ComebackSZN!

In this episode of POST CREDITS, GothamSN's Dan Rozel and Brandon Gale review the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, preview the upcoming season of Rick & Morty and discuss other shows like Suits, Defiant Ones and mention a few shows coming back soon that all of you SHOULD be watching.

Duration: 01:12:23

POST CREDITS - TV: Dragonstone & The Emmys

In this episode of POST CREDITS - TV, GothamSN writers Dan Rozel, Brandon Gale and Brett Herskowitz break down episode one of season 7 of Game of Thrones, "Dragonstone" and take a brief look at the Emmy nominations that were released last week.

Duration: 01:16:00

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