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#65 - Heavy Eagle

I sit down with podcast favorite Sam Corbin! He's the new host of the 3rd St. bar open mic on Wednesdays and he's got so many words to say...about other stuff. Listen to him try to sip beer, write Smash Mouth parody songs, making a carnival for fatties, amongst other things. Then Sam takes a quiz about literally anything and fails every time.


#64 - Nerd Fight

I give a quick update to the PNR universe. Raphael Lyles and Matt Wiegand help me pilot a new podcast for the Post-Nuclear Network!


#63 - Rotting Our Brains

Alex Fissell finds a dusty tape of a forgotten comedian. Austin and I subject ourselves to its entirety. This is quite a long podcast!


#62 - Centipede Centipede

Nick Josten sits down with me before we have another weekend of Nick-n-Bobby Act Weird! It's late, we're a bit punchy, half of our jokes don't land, the other half are we too hilarious to us. Come listen in!


#61 - Trans Fat Chemtrails

This week I eat into the microphone with everyone's favorite mustache, Jonathan Allgood! We go over the number of conspiracy videos I've been watching, an idea for a drinking game show, and then get so woke. Anything offensive that was said was said facetiously and will only be addressed if you complain to *cue chorus of farts


#60 - Bundling

I fixed all my dumb audio problems just in time to sit down with one of the more experienced in the Reno comedy scene, Paul Spock. We talk about dialysis, his moves from California to New York and back to Reno, and how awesome cheating is.


#56 - Alfredo Soup II: The Reckoning

We have our first call-in guest on the show today! One of my best friends from out in the midwest, the Sad Dad of South Dakota, artist, musician, and hot dish connoisseur, Brian Hoffman. He joins me along with Jonathan Allgood and Austin Baca to further our progress in the Sauces Vs. Soups debate. We take a temorary detour so that I can shit on the Midwest, then we take it to the limit with the ultimate argument: THE MOTHER SAUCES. We accidentally get super racist a few times, sorry. If...


#55 - Aggressive Ginger Sex Dogs

My guest today is a prolific local game show host with trivia nights at Beck's, Jub Jub's, and now at Shea's here in Reno, Aubrey Forston! We have a great discussion about participation trophies, coffee crystals, rapey emo dudes, and so many other things. Did we get aggressively liberal? YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND OUT!!!


#54 - Otto Analingus

You guys know what time it is, it's time for the dynamic duo of craziness, Adam Terry and Sam Corbin! We talk about Sesame Street and Jim Henson. Help us settle the argument over what constitutes the difference between acting, voice work, and cosplay for puppeteers? Next, I research dildos on Amazon Prime! Check out these prime pieces: Loveryoyo Lyps Doc Johnson Prostate Massager Tireless Tongue Feel free to grab one of these for us and we can review them ourselves! We talk about...


#53 - A Turkstravaganza

SEASON 2 OF POST-NUCLEAR RENO HAS BEGUN!!! You know what that means!? Basically the same thing it's always meant! One new podcast every week with discussions about whatever my guest wants to talk about. This week, my guest is podcast favorite, Austin Baca, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon we get into all manner of discussions on the holidays and things of that sort while also terribly derailing the podcast from any foundation it may have had! Will we change everything? Will we...


#52 - BBQ at Hitler's

I check in with my old pal Adolf Hitler, the one from the dimension where Hitler is nice, not our Hitler. He takes me on a tour through his home for wayward individuals. The operation is now based out of the old Atlantis Casino in Reno and has milkshakes made by our old friend Mr. Mcgillicuddy, there's poetry from Bartholomew Stranglethorpe, Mr. Robert sort of runs security for the mayor, Kurt Ramflower, there's entertainment by Gordon Lightvoice, and even a bit of religious service from...


#51 - Greek Yogurt Mouth

I spend the day whining about my life and then I bring on a local musician by the name of Dusty Folds. A Spooky Envoy creeps in from out of nowhere. And then Walt Disney pops out from under my table.


#50 - Bobby's Spooky Hoedown (Zombie Butt Bash)

IT'S THE EXTRA SPECIAL 50TH EPISODE!!! It also happens to be Halloween so I made sure I prepared a song for everyone. I have many guests today, among them are Reno comedians Jonathan Allgood, Austin Baca, and Alex Fissell. We are also visited by Frankenstein's Monster's Son as well as Legatus Titus...uh, something or other, I just call him leg. Then I reveal the extra special Spooky Hoedown that you can find here:


#49 - The Camupons

Reno garbage person Sean Combs comes to tell me about his new band! They don't have any songs, and I'm not 100% sure any of them can actually play instruments, but it's great to hear about. Later, friend of the pod Sam Corbin sits down with me to just talk about us fucking.


#48 - Corn Syrup Tampon

Sorry I'm late this week! I quit my job and I've just been watching Kung Fu movies and sitting around losing all concept of time. This week I sit down with the classic Baca-Allgood combo and we talk about all sorts of weird shit. Does Austin know the difference between tampons and pads? Can I get away with calling something "gay" and not sounding like a douche? Is Jonathan even a human person? Is there anyone we didn't offend in this week's cast? Maybe the alt-right, but that's the stuff...


#47 - The Greysen Theory

I spent the weekend in Arcata, CA at the Savage Henry Comedy Festival! My room was full of comedians including Austin Baca, Andrea B, Brooke Elizabeth, and Josh Barnes who didn't all end up on the mic, but may be referenced, hopefully negatively. We woke up hungover and decided to talk with Gabby Jesus and Tiffany Greysen about all sorts of mess before continuing the party. We ran into thegissilent himself, David Gborie, in the elevator and he came to drink car vodka and podcast with us...


#45 - Alfredo Soup

Jonathan Allgood and I talk about soups and he's completely wrong, don't eat alfredo sauce as soup, then we talk about 90s movies that I know nothing about, placentas, we go back to soup, and then a whole host of other weird topics that all seem to lead back to soup. Don't forget to check out the Press On! Compilation for Suicide Prevention and Awareness at and check out my band, Sad Giants with our song Hold On.


#44 - Desert Fried Yokels

I sit down with Alex Fissell after we spent the day just driving around Tahoe and talking about stuff. We go over the human condition as they pertain to movies, personality, and comedy. It's a rollicking negative discussion as I finished up my weekend of Nick-n-Bobby Act Weird For About An Hour and I was just emotionally and creatively drained.


#43 - Comedy NARPs

I sit down with Reno comedian Sara Rooker, not to be confused with one-half of the two-headed person Sara and Andrea. I talk with Sara about hiding a strap-on in your jeans, being sober from women in a Catholic school, non-athletic regular people, and about all sorts of life stories. It's a great time. Check it.


#42 - Sorry Chris Kattan

I unveil the unreleased pilot for the podcast that had just enough good in it to keep me going. You get to hear the original idea for the opening, the original loose structure of the show, my co-host, Jon Porter, and then we shit all over Chris Kattan because we thought it was funny. Oh yeah, Austin Baca is also there too.


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