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FIRST EPISODE OF 2018 Life, Lipstick, and Permission

Hi friends this is our first episode of 2018 on this episode we speak with Shannon Leary Knall about her life, lipstick and permission to chase more. Shannon Leary Knall is currently the Autism Speaks Policy Chair for Wisconsin, and serves as an appointee to Governor Walker’s Autism Council. Shannon and her husband Mark have[...]


Talent Are You Using or Wasting

While we work on new podcasts for the New Year I wanted to post the history of talent. This is from a Christian point of view, but really this is a human point of view. I pulled this from a class on mindset I put together. I hope you enjoy this and have a great[...]


Pageants and Puzzles

On this episode of Postcards From The Run we speak with the fantastic Brielle LaCosta. Brielle shares how she started working with children with autism due to a chance encounter at a country club. You can follow her story from her first pageant to her time working with teens with autism. Brielle also drops a[...]


Who Has Two Thumbs and Is The Worst…

Who has two thumbs and is the worst parent ever? This guy, the one writing this post and recording a podcast right now. Do you ever think about that as a parent – as a human in charge of making sure no harm comes to those under your care? I would like to say that[...]


Know Your Senator, Susan Senator That Is!

Susan Senator is an author, blogger, journalist, and educator living in Brookline, MA with her husband Ned Batchelder. She has three sons, the oldest of whom is 27 and has fairly severe autism. Ms. Senator is the author of Making Peace With Autism as well as The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide and now, Autism Adulthood: Strategies[...]


Postcards From The Run Episode 7: The Mall Romance and Autism Dance

On this episode we welcome my better half Tina Cobbs to discuss our shared autism journey. The guest host is Tony from What The Father our mini episodes within Postcards From The Run to interview Tina and I. "Try to find something in your relationship and marriage that is not autism related", "try and get some[...]


Stress, Anxiety and Drilling Down

On this episode we are joined by Valerie Ecter a holistic health coach on how she got into coaching. Valerie talks about how stress and anxiety put the skids on her career and ultimately shifted her into a coaching lifestyle. You can find out more about Valerie at or on LinkedIn Follow Josh on Twitter @joshcobbs[...]


Single Ready To Mingle-ish

On our 5th episode on Postcards From The Run we speak with Jackie Eckert about how to date when caring for someone with autism. Jackie talks about how dating is like fantasy football and if your too hot move along, she has no time for that. I would like to thank Jackie for this compassionate and[...]


Postcards From The Run: What The Father – PT 2, Misplaced Compassion

We welcome back Tony on part two of What The Father, Postcards From The Run. This episode we talk about misplaced compassion, trusting but verifying. Finding things that make you happy and still doing them! We talked about online journaling products and much more – I use DayOne, but there are several out there that you can[...]


Postcards From The Run Episode 3: Nature Says What?

On this episode we speak with Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller about being a parent to a child with autism, nature therapy and so much more. Dr. Bartlett Hackenmiller talks about nature therapy, corrects me when I say that excercise doesn't have an immediate effect. Suzanne drops some powerful science on this cast. You can connect with Suzanne at[...]


Postcards From The Run Episode 2: What The Father?

Here is the second episode of Postcards From The Run a Joyency podcast. On this episoded I welcomed my first guest Tony "Michaels" Michalski. Tony is a morning show host and program director for KSUX in majestic Sioux City. A journalism graduate from Nebraska Tony lives in Sioux City with his wife and two sons. Tony's 13 year old son Beau[...]


Postcards From The Run Episode 1: The Beautiful Life We Never Knew We Needed

This is our first episode for Postcards From The Run a Joyency podcast. This is an intro cast that will give you a small background about our family, my coaching perspective, autism, and the journey we are on.


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