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Podcast Talks by Troy Gramling of Potential church. Our mission is to partner with people to reach their God potential and impact the world for good.







Pastor Heredes Ribeiro Subscribe Week 7 August 6, 2017 Some of us don’t consider ourselves creative, but the truth is, we all have creativity inside of us. God tells us in the very first verse in the Bible that He “created” the heavens and the earth. You and I were created to be creative—like God, in His image, to be creative. Your imagination shapes your dreams—that’s a powerful reality! Pastor Heredes Ribeiro shares with us a passionate word about the power of creativity and the...

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Subscribe Week 5 Pastor Matt Jacobs July 23, 2017 Loyalty brings to mind many different things—there are loyalty cards for frequent shopping perks, dogs are said to be extremely loyal to their masters, there’s familial loyalty. All of these ideas have one thing in common—they all begin with a choice, and they are sealed with a commitment. So what is true loyalty—loyalty that goes beyond circumstances and feelings, and bears all hardships and environments? Tune in and uncover the kind...

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Subscribe Pastor Brian vasil

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Personal Growth

Subscribe Pastor Tyler & Carson Gramling Week 3 July 9, 2017 When we’re children, we can’t wait to grow up—to grow taller, for our feet to grow longer, and to get older. But once we are adults, there is another kind of growth that is crucial to reaching our God potential—and that is known as personal growth. Personal growth is a strategy and discipline to reach your God potential in each area of your life. Pastors Tyler Gramling and Carson Gramling t [...]

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Diversity is such a hot topic in this world filled with differences. The truth is, everybody in this world is different to someone. We all have a choice to make—how do we deal with those who are different than we are? How do we move beyond basic tolerance, and move towards celebrating our differences, and learn to get along and see the beauty in diversity? Pastor Brian Vasil shares his heart on the issue of diversity, and how we can embrace those God-given differences!

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Creating An Environment


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When You Get Tired


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The Gift Of Music

#SummerAtPotential Week 1

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Tattooed by Celebration

We’re all looking for the key to success. What does it take to be successful? What do we do once we’ve achieved this? Pastor Matt Jacobs breaks it down for us, giving us a formula that leads us in a successful life tattooed by celebration: God’s plan + our obedience = success. But it doesn’t end there; this success is a cause for celebration of God’s work in you. That’s just the beginning! This excitement attracts the attention of our community, continuing the celebration of God’s work....

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Tattooed by Decisions

What are your priorities? What are the things that you truly value? Maybe it’s your health, your family, your business, God, the list goes on. These priorities impact your decisions, which then have a great bearing on the direction you take in life. It’s very important to reflect on the priorities that you have in your life, lest you end up disappointed or lost later in life. Pastor Troy Gramling dissects the importance of decisions in our lives, and how making Jesus your number one...

Duration: 00:51:02

Tattooed by Honor

Written In Ink Week 4 Pastor Troy Gramling God instructs us to honor one another, no questions asked. Even when it’s hard, we honor. Even when we are wronged, we honor. Parents and leaders aren’t perfect, just like any human, we all make mistakes. We are called to love and honor our parents and authority figures, along with anyone we come into contact with in our daily lives. Pastor Troy Gramling explores the topic of honor, how to implement this godly honor in your life, and how to...

Duration: 00:48:34

Tattooed by Forgivingness or Unforgivingness?

Written In Ink Week 2 Pastor Troy Gramling In life, the question is not whether or not you’re going to be hurt by someone else, but rather whether or not you’re going to let that hurt tattoo you with forgivingness or unforgivingness. Unforgivingness is all-consuming, it steals from us our future potential and our ability to become exactly who God has created us to be. So how do we put out this flame of unforgivingness? Pastor Troy Gramling gives us some insight into living a life of...

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Written In Ink


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Easter 2017


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Good Friday 2017

In Christianity, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the crucifixion of Jesus. What is it about Christ’s death on the cross that is so important? Humans are sinful beings, we continually sin —whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sin separates us from God—but the good news is that God has made a way to bridge the gap between His perfection, and our sinful nature. Pastor Troy Gramling shares a special Good Friday message about sin, death, and the redemption that the death of Jesus...

Duration: 00:48:17

When You Get Blindsided

A Lone Voice Week 4 What do you do when life gets hard? We all react to hard situations in our own ways, whether it be through actions, reactions, or shutting down completely. Pastor Troy Gramling leads us through a study of how to do life when life throws you a curveball and it sometimes seems impossible to go on. We can learn from the hard stuff and rise above our difficulties!

Duration: 00:46:43

Why I Can’t Give up

A Lone Voice - Week 4 March 26, 2017 Life can be discouraging at times, and at one point or another, nearly all of us have felt like giving up. You may feel like you’ve given everything that you have, and yet it never seems to be enough. The Bible compares the Christian life to running a relay race—God calls us to run with endurance, even when things seem impossible. Pastor Troy Gramling shares a message of encouragement in how to run with endurance, even when we feel like giving up, in...

Duration: 00:48:48

A Forgetten Voice

A Lone Voice - Part 3 Pastors Troy & Steph Gramling In Biblical times, we are told that some people actually sacrificed their children to foreign, pagan gods, in exchange for hopes of blessings of prospe [...]

Duration: 00:56:54

Questions in Babylon

A Lone Voice - Week 2 Pastors Troy Gramling & Brian Vasil No one enjoys waiting–whether it be for food at a restaurant, in a long line in the check-out line, for that special someone to show up in their life, for that promotion at your job. Sometimes God tells us to wait in life, but how do we do this? What do we do while we wait? How do we know God is going to pull through for us? Pastors Troy Gramling and Brian Vasil team up to tackle the tough issue of waiting, and God’s plan of hope...

Duration: 00:47:11

The Anatomy of Purpose

A Lone Voice Week 1 Pastor Troy Gramling The scriptures tell us that God has created each one of us, individually, with a purpose in this life. He knows each of us, our strengths and weaknesses, and He instilled a dream and destiny in each of our lives. The great news is that God has equipped each of us with what we need to accomplish this purpose. Pastor Troy Gramling takes us on a journey through the spiritual maturation process, and how we can mature into our dream and live out the...

Duration: 00:46:59

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