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Podcast 49: New Guy Dan Stops By With Some Beer

NGD comes on and we talk about UFC 214, beer and a bunch of stuff. Dan brings some amazing home brew and some Red Racer Red Ale and Ninkasi Brewing Company Dawn of the Red, Red Ale to compare. We also review some Twin Sails Brewing Cash Only Triple Ale, Spinnakers Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale and Spinnakers Juice Monkey Tropical IPA.

Duration: 02:45:14

Podcast 48: Slow Down Resurgence, My Ears Are Only an Inch Deep

Nothing like podcasting twice. But then we try out The Fuzz Milkshake IPA and Fernie Brewing Hit The Deck New England IPA. Mmmm Beer. But drinking is so boring unless you're listening to music. Wait a minute, is that a new Resurgence song? In the Mirror? Almost pulled the rope on the chainsaw and cut everything in half.

Duration: 01:20:16

Podcast 47: Resurgence Gapes Our Ear Holes

We have a BBQ, drink some 4 Mile Brewing Mandarin IPA and get leveled by Port Coquitlam/Vancouver, BC based band Resurgence. Resurgence rocks us pretty hard with songs from their new album Besieged. Their devastating guitar riffs, vocals and drums pretty much pop our ear cherries and leave Mike wondering if he should quit guitar altogether. Their self-released debut album Besieged is available on iTunes and Bandcamp August 1st, 2017.

Duration: 00:58:49

Podcast 46: Drinking Some Great Beer at Tangent Cafe

We setup and podcast at Tangent Cafe on Commercial Drive for the Farmhouse Takeover. Eat some great food and drink some nearly impossible to find Cantillon Beer. We also try out some Upright Brewing Supercool IPA and Dageraad Brewing’s White, Blonde and Burnabarian beers.

Duration: 01:06:16

Podcast 45: Drunken Podcast After the Comedy Mix

Gavin Matts, Chris Gordon and others make us laugh our asses off at the Comedy Mix where we drink buckets of beer. We decide to podcast afterwards and drink some Phillips SIX Double Dry Hopped IPA and Fuggles and Warlock Cannon IPA. Goes down smooth, but having a hard time forming words by the end.

Duration: 01:27:23

Podcast 44: Dave, Jolene, Hoyne, Steamworks, Old Milwaukee and a BBQ

Dave gets put on the spot to talk about his volunteer work around the world including his work in Nepal and Peru and in bringing fire trucks and ambulances to Nicaragua. Jolene says a couple of words and yells at some people in the ally way. Meanwhile we try a new open mic style while we BBQ. We sip on some Hoyne Summer Haze Honey Hefe, Steamworks and of course Old Milwaukee.

Duration: 01:22:59

Podcast 43 Part 2: Ariel and New Guy Dan Come On and We Drink Good Beer

Ariel and New Guy Dan come on. We drink some great beer tonight. Central City Thor's Hammer, Red Arrow Piggy Pale Ale, and some Amazing Callister Brewing Company Wizard.

Duration: 01:39:31

Podcast 43a: Ariel and NGD stop by and we Drink Some Serious Beer

Ariel and New Guy Dan come on. We drink some great beer tonight. Central City Thor's Hammer, Red Arrow Piggy Pale Ale, and some Amazing Callister Brewing Company Wizard.

Duration: 01:13:49

Podcast 42: The Gold Star and Some Black Betty

Lindsey comes on the show and we drink some Old Milwaukee of course as well as Driftwood Cry Me a River Gose, Powell Brewery Cumulus Lupulus, Bombers Superpest Double IPA and Wells Banana Bread Beer.

Duration: 03:16:10

Podcast 40: 7 Beers. Is reviewing just an excuse for drinking?

Powdered Teeth Podcast 40: 7 Beers. Are we reviewing or getting faced. Inns & Gunn Kith & Kin, Steamworks Umeboshi, Category 12 Disruption, Driftwood Black Stone Porter, Red Arrow Heritage River, SF Brewing Bayard.

Duration: 03:36:19

Powdered Teeth Podcast 39: Explosive decompression


Duration: 02:01:44

Podcast 38: Flying solo. We test a little Steel & oak, Hoyne, and Longwood craft beer.

Powdered Teeth Podcast 38. Flying solo with no guests. Like a married couple having a kid to save the marriage can they Podcast by without guests to white wash the issues. This episode they hit up on Steel and Oak Red Pilsner, Hoyne Dark Matter and Long Wood Stoutnik.

Duration: 02:13:16

Powdered Teeth 37: Cam from On Tap Joins us: Field House Brewing, Ravens Brewing & Fuggles & Warlock

Powdered Teeth Podcast 37: Cam from The On Tap Podcast joins us to talk about our favourite subject. Field House Brewing, Ravens Brewing and Fuggles & Warlock.

Duration: 03:01:25

Podcast 36 - UFC Fight 210 Live Stream: Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson

Podcast 36 - UFC Fight 210 Live Stream: Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson

Duration: 03:39:48

Podcast 35: Commando movie review. Lighthouse Tasman, Seaport, Bowline & Main ST Stag & Pheasant.

Podcast 35: Neil and Dan from Noize Tribe Zero come by to watch Commando. They help us review Lighthouse Tasman, Seaport, Bowline & Main St Brewing Imperial Stout.

Duration: 01:59:33

Podcast 34: David Bell from 88 mile trip. Beer reviews of Mystic Skulls, Cream Ale & Fresh Hop.

Powdered Teeth Podcast 34: David Bell from 88 mile trip joins us. We review Mt Beglie Cream ale, 49th Parallel Mystic Skulls, and Postmark Fresh hops.

Duration: 03:05:41

Podcast 33: Dan & Fuggles & Warlock, Freigeist, Steel & Oak Wezenbock Beer Review

Pod cast 33. Dan stops by to review 3 beers. And help establish a rating system. Tonight we review Fuggles & Warlock, Freigeist Ehrenfeider, and Steel & Oak Wezenbock.

Duration: 02:47:37

Podcast 32: Dave Evil drops by.

Podcast 32: Dave Evil stops by for a chat. Is that a real RR1. Tonight's beer review we review 33 Acres Brewing French Blanche.

Duration: 03:31:33

Podcast 31: Peter from Peter n Chris kill yourself when you get the chance!

Podcast 31. Peter from the comedy duo Peter n Chris joins for an intense and heart pounding experience. Tonight's beer review is Schneider Weisse Original.

Duration: 02:06:17

Podcast 30: Special Guest Neil talks about Blue Velvet movie.

Podcast 30: Neil comes over to talk about the movie with the best lines ever. Blue Velvet.

Duration: 02:36:49

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