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Carol Starr Taylor: Making Your Voice Heard

Have you ever wondered if your story could change lives? Tune into this inspiring episode as special gust Carol Starr Taylor tells Host Dr. Jo Anne White the secret of how you can make a real difference by telling your story! As a 30-year entrepreneurial veteran, Carol Starr Taylor has advised clients in the areas of motivation, life transformation, relationships, sales training, personal goal setting, and empowerment. Carol is an inspirational and motivational speaker who conducts workshops...

Duration: 00:44:14

Debra Southworth: The Importance of Spiritual Alignment in Your Life

Get more spiritually aligned for the New Year and watch what can happen! Join bestselling author and host, Dr Jo Anne White and her guest Debra Southworth, “Divinely Debra” to discover how to raise your vibration and be spiritually aligned! Debra Southworth is a Certified Spiritual Minister, Divine Energy Conductor, Speaker, BeLIVETV Host, Spiritual Mentor & Healer who leads Divine Energy Guided Meditations on Long Island and South Carolina. At six years old, she received a Visitation from...

Duration: 00:40:48

Jenny Hogg Ashwell - Stepping into Living your Soul’s Divine Purpose

Have you been searching for the steps to live your Divine soul purpose? Your search is over! Stay tuned as Dr Jo Anne White, bestselling and award winning author, and host interviews Jenny Hogg Ashwell, and find out how to connect with and live your Divine purpose now! Jenny Hogg Ashwell, a former lawyer, now a Spiritual Messenger and Mentor is living her passion. She’s helping people remember Divine Love, and live their Divine purpose to answer the call of their souls to create positive...

Duration: 00:50:53

Steve Gutzler: Growing Leaders at Every Level

Have you been searching for solutions in your business and leadership? Steve Gutzler is telling all – Just listen to this solution-packed episode of Power Your Life Radio and find out. Steve Gutzler is the President of Leadership Quest, a Seattle based Leadership Development company. Using humor, clarity and insight, Steve communicates leadership and business/sales solutions. He believes every Keynote presentation should transform a life and inspire leadership. Steve presents Emotional...

Duration: 00:43:34

Nancy Smith: 7 Steps to Soul Power to Create a Life You Want and Love

Get ready to connect with Spirit to know yourself more fully and live the happiest life you can. Tune in to this special episode of Power Your Life Radio. You may receive a free on-the-spot reading! Nancy Smith is a Spiritual and Akashic Medium, and spiritual advisor, teacher and author working in her field for over 20 years. A Nautilus silver medal award winner, her book Divine Love Affair, an Akashic Journey, leads you on a path of spiritual connection through the Divine Essence of the...

Duration: 00:45:19

Lisa Bien: Loving Yourself

As an author, motivational speaker, educator, and mentor, Lisa Bien encourages others to bounce back from adversity. She knows first-hand what it takes to make the necessary personal changes to overcome adversity and create the life you want. Lisa is well aware that bouncing back is no easy feat, but believes anyone and everyone, of all ages and stages, facing any challenge or opposition, can pull through and find true happiness on the other side. Lisa began her self-love campaign at the...

Duration: 00:45:10

Shajen Joy Aziz: Discover The Gift

Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed., M.A., is an award-winning international best-selling author, filmmaker and educator. She mentors businesses and professionals, emerging platforms, life-coaches, and those seeking personal growth. Her programs include workshops, seminars and webinars, intimate retreats and a holistic Life-Coaching certification course based on her award-winning book and film Discover the Gift. Shajen’s groundwork in the field of education and mental health has paved the way for her...

Duration: 00:52:58

Anne Deidre: Change Your Energy Change Your Life

Anne Deidre is a Master Intuitive and Transformational Leader, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Teacher. She facilitates powerful healing as she transmits Divine Energy during her readings and coaching sessions. Anne has helped thousands of people globally build success in every area of their life through her personal and group coaching, seminars and workshops and her radio and television shows. Her transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system...

Duration: 00:50:06

Sandra Peart: tell it like it is ~ WHY DON’T YA?

Sandra P. Peart is as an educator, speaker, and author of Tell It Like It Is ~ WHY DON’T YA? who is passionate about helping women embrace their value and worth to receive the best life can offer. Her book and programs equip you with strategies to get the best out of a relationship. From individual coaching programs to seminars and keynote speeches, Sandra offers help to her readers and listeners to provide stimulating thought-provoking tools they need to improve facets of their...

Duration: 00:46:41

James Mapes: IMAGINE THAT! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity & Peak Performance

Speaker, life coach, author and performer, James Mapes is recognized for his ability to inspire, motivate, educate and guide others to develop and enhance the unlimited potential of the creative imagination and incalculable powers of the mind. His programs address creativity, motivation, leadership, change, wellness and peak performance. For over 3 decades, creator of Quantum Leap Thinking™ and the Transformational Coach™, James Mapes has worked with hundreds of public and private...

Duration: 00:53:54

Tamara Green, LCSW and David Dachinger: Dramatically Improve the Cancer Experien

Live Calm With Cancer... And Beyond with authors, David Dachinger and his wife Tamara Green, LCSW who co-founded Loving Meditations. David is a Grammy® nominated composer, fire lieutenant and stage-4 head, neck and lymphatic cancer survivor. Tamara is a psychotherapist and meditation facilitator who Elle Magazine dubs “the soul-centered relationship and meditation expert.” Together they create meditation programs that dynamically assist those living with cancer that can be used easily and...

Duration: 00:46:52

Karen M. Shenman: “Super Star Survivor™”!

As an author and “Super Star Survivor™”, Karen M. Shenman was honored in 2005 by The Women of Diversity as one of the 200 women who made a difference in the City of Las Vegas during the last 100 years for the Las Vegas Centennial. In 2006, the Southern California Motion Picture Council, Los Angeles, CA, honored her for publishing an Outstanding Family Magazine! Her book, Psychology of a Super Star Survivor™, tells how she survived and was able to move forward to tell her story with the...

Duration: 00:48:03

Kelley Kitley: I Show My Scars So Others Know They May Heal

Kelley Kitley just released her autobiography on survival, My Self: An Autobigraphy of Survival. She has an inspiring story to share to encourage women to be the best version of themselves. At the age 16, after being treated for an eating disorder, she was determined to someday help women and open a private practice. Now she’s living her dream and opened Serendipitous Psychotherapy, LLC. In the past year Kelley has been featured in over 100 national publications as an expert clinician...

Duration: 00:43:32

Melissa Clark: Inspiring and Empowering Women

Are you ready to be inspired and empowered? Melissa Clark is owner of The Wholistic Package, promoting emotional and physical wellness as well as services to empower women. Her talents and services include Reiki, marketing for healthy vending machines, empowering books, inspirational apparel and a podcast for women in business. Melissa is a certified Reiki level one and two practitioner and an author. She recently released her first children’s book,"Little Lucky Lady Bug" and now is...

Duration: 00:36:47

Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick: Counseling Beyond Talk Therapy

Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick is a licensed clinical social worker, with 20+ years of experience in helping others help themselves. She's held several positions in the field of education, psychology and business. Her creativity and out of the box thinking help find insight that leads to solutions. Colleen’s practice has a large span of services, designed to meet the unique needs of her clients. She’s successfully helped children meet developmental milestones through her use of music. School...

Duration: 00:43:59

Tracy Lee “T.L.“ Nash: Within The Light; a Metaphysical and Wellness Ministry

Tracy Lee “T.L.“ Nash is an Interfaith minister, professional intuitive, certified research medium and founder of The Good Grief Circle as well as Within The Light; a Metaphysical and wellness ministry offering a variety of services including spiritual support, intuitive readings, medium sessions (with a focus on grief in the loss of a loved one), workshops and more. She volunteers her time for organizations to help further the understanding of Afterlife Science. A professional reader for...

Duration: 00:50:28

Karen Palmer Global Kindness Going Viral

Karen Palmer has been nick-named a Modern Day Mystical Mr. Rogers, Dr. Doolittle, and Dr. Seuss who uses music, meditation, mindful practices, and mantras for empowerment of all ages. She combines Ancient Wisdom, technology, music, and works with animal rescue, to help make OUR world a more joyful and loving place. Karen creates enchanting books, coloring books, games, and music videos to uplift everyone. Following her inner-calling to help women, children and animals, Karen has become a...

Duration: 00:44:05

Mark Barone and Marina Dervan: Artist Paints 5500 Shelter Dogs for Social Change

As an artist/narrative painter for 30+ years, Mark Barone’s work has been featured in top art publications, awarded and exhibited throughout America, with much of it in private and corporate collections globally. Mark is also a national, award-winning consultant, using his talent to teach cities how to revitalize blighted neighborhoods with the arts. His successful creation and implementation of the “Paducah Artist Relocation Program” program won the Governor’s Award in the Arts, the...

Duration: 00:47:22

Ron Sandison: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Due to Autism

Ron Sandison works full time in the medical field and is also a professor of theology at Destiny School of Ministry. He’s an advisory board member of Autism Society Faith Initiative of Autism Society of American, and The Art of Autism. Sandison has a Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University and is the author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom, published by Charisma House. In the book, Ron weaves together his strong faith with his understanding of his...

Duration: 00:47:38

Dr. Lee A. Wilkinson: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression on the Autism Spectrum

Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, is a nationally certified and licensed school psychologist, chartered psychologist, registered psychologist, and certified cognitive-behavioral therapist. He’s an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and provides consultation services and best practice guidance to school systems, agencies, advocacy groups, and professionals on a wide variety of topics related to children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. A university educator and school...

Duration: 00:44:40

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