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Power of 3 #023 | "The Great American Clash"

On the twenty-third episode of Power of 3, Jess and Will square off in the first annual PO3: Great American Clash! Is their friendship strong enough to survive the apotheosis of human competition?! Recorded July 1st, 2017

Duration: 01:09:46

Power of 3 #017 | "Alien: Convent"

On the seventeenth episode of Power of 3, we discuss ZZ Top, Norm Macdonald, Tracy Morgan, Alien: Covenant, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The Adventure Zone, the final word on Brockmire, our first Trivia Showdown Challenge, and more... Recorded May 21st, 2017

Duration: 01:08:41

Power of 3 #016 | "A Keith David By Any Other Name"

On the sixteenth episode of Power of 3, we discuss Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Founder(again), SModcast's Edumacation, Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho(Summerslam '02), the Dark Tower trailer, FX's Archer, Better Call Saul, FX's Baskets, Dragon Ball Z, and more... Recorded May 13th, 2017

Duration: 02:07:49

Power of 3 #015 | "Bilbo Thornton"

On the fifteenth episode of Power of 3, we discuss The Leftovers, Brockmire, American Gods, Better Call Saul, Fargo, DC's The Button, Marvel's Secret Wars, Panel Syndicate's Blackhand Ironhead, Nashville Predators, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and more...

Duration: 02:02:50

Power of 3 #011 | "TMNT for Two"

On the eleventh episode of Power of 3, Tim couldn't make it, so Jess and Kyle discuss an episode from 3 different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series: “Usagi Yojimbo” from the 1987 series (S03E35), “Same As It Never Was“ from the 2003 series (S03E21), and “The Noxious Avenger“ from the 2012 series (S03E15). Special non-guest, biology expert Justin Anderson. Recorded April 1st, 2017

Duration: 01:29:02

Power of 3 #009 | "St. Patrick Warburton"

On the ninth episode of Power of 3, we celebrate St. Patrick Warburton and alter the format a little as we discuss FOX's new film Logan, FX's FEUD: Bette and Joan, Adult Swim's Samurai Jack, and more...

Duration: 01:14:07

Power of 3 #003 | "She Came in Through the Bat-Room Window"

On the third episode of Power of 3, Jess couldn't make it, so Kyle and Tim discuss an episode from 3 different Batman animated series: "Old Wounds" from The New Batman Adventures (S01E17), "Bloodsport" from Batman Beyond (S02E06), and "Powerless!" from Batman: The Brave and the Bold (S03E10). So if you have no interest in Batman/cartoons, you might want to skip this one...

Duration: 01:09:18