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Ep. 10: PT BDAI w/ Ann McIntosh, Nichelle Stigger, and Murali Pazhayannur

In this episode, we give a listen to our Powering Through event held at the keynote event during the Bleeding Disorders Alliance of Illinois' Family Education Weekend in Naperville, Illinois this Spring. Our participants for this were community members Ann McIntosh (mother of child with VWD), Nichelle Stigger (mother of child with Hemophilia), and Murali Pazhayannur (live with severe hemophilia; born in India without care). Listen to their perspectives on obstacles, challenges, and what it...

Duration: 00:36:23

Ep. 9: PT AIDS Grove w/ Carl Weixler, Kim Haugstad, Val Bias, & John Cunningham

In this episode, we give a listen to our Powering Through event held on December 1st, 2016 as part of the World AIDS Day ceremony hosted at The National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco, California. Our panel included Carl Weixler, the President of the Committee of Ten Thousand (COTT), Kimberly Haugstad, the President and CEO of the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA); Val Bias, the CEO of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), and John Cunningham, the Executive Director of the...

Duration: 01:02:06

Ep. 8: PT TBDC w/ Josh Gordy & Justin Mohr

In this episode, NFL Super Bowl Champion Josh Gordy and DEA agent Justin Mohr (from “DEA Detroit”) share their perspectives on obstacles, challenges, and what it takes to overcome during our Powering Through discussion held at the Texas Bleeding Disorders Conference in August, 2017. The wide-ranging conversation touches on managing the loss of parents, adapting to new environments, handling stigma and negative perception, the importance of setting short and long-term goals, and more, here...

Duration: 00:35:27

Ep. 7: PT SoCal 3 w/ Dr. Vanessa Luna Salinas, Dr. Nina Hwang, Dr. Julie Jaffray, & Dr. Doris Quon

On this episode, four hemophilia treatment center (HTC) hematologists discuss recent trends and updates on topics such as the treatment of women with bleeding disorders, insurance challenges; chronic pain management, aging with hemophilia, the complex challenges of treating a multicultural community, updates on treatment products for patients with inhibitors, the challenge of understanding and tracking quality of life, combatting the challenge of childhood obesity, and more! This Powering...

Duration: 00:34:56

Ep. 6: PT HFA 2016 w/ Barry Haarde & Josh Gordy

Held during Hemophilia Federation of America's Annual Symposium in Las Vegas, NV, Powering Through 12 was a conversation on sports with bleeding disorders and how to push past personal boundaries, both physical and mental. Hosted by actor/producer and community member Patrick James Lynch, our guest speakers for this event were: - Josh Gordy, NFL Safety and founder of The Hope Foundation - Barry Haarde, Cross-Country Cyclist and Community Activist Please reach out with questions...

Duration: 00:43:07

Ep. 5: PT SoCal 2 w/ Shawn Whelan, Greg Edwards, and Maria Perez

Powering Through returned to Southern California! Recorded at The York Manor in the Historic Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Powering Through SoCal 2 was a conversation on hemophilia & turning a personal challenge into a career with speakers Shawn Whelan, medical student living with Hemophilia, Greg Edwards, Actor and Comedian & Maria Perez, Community Relations Manager, Biogen. Listen to more episodes of the Powering Through Podcast or watch videos from Powering Through by...

Duration: 00:36:24

Ep. 4: PT St. Louis 2 w/ Chris Bombardier, Justin Senger, & Kelle Geringer

In this episode, mountaineer Chris Bombardier and high schooler Justin Senger describe the challenges hemophilia has posed in their lives respective lives, while Missouri-native Kelle Geringer shares openly about suddenly losing her husband just after he returned from serving overseas. Held for the benefit of the teens at Gateway Hemophilia Association‘s 2016 Family Education Weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, this Powering Through conversation hit upon chronic challenges we must manage,...

Duration: 00:32:55

Ep. 3: PT NYC w/ Wendy Chou, Tyshawn Constantine, & Michael Alden

Powering Through was excited to return for our third installment in NYC for a conversation on community and how we can all help each other to pick ourselves up from rock bottom. Hosted by actor/producer and community member Patrick James Lynch, our guest speakers for this event were NYCHC board president and community mom Wendy Chou, NYCHC board member and marketing professional Tyshawn Constantine, and Broadway producer Michael Alden. To see photos & video from Powering Through NYC 3,...

Duration: 00:39:45

Ep. 2: PT NHF w/ Greta Hayden-Pless, Austin Hanse & Ali Stroker

Powering Through was thrilled to present at NHF's 2016 Annual Meeting for a conversation on self-advocacy, leadership and...bears at pets?? Hosted by actor/producer and community member Patrick James Lynch, guest speakers for this event were NYLI member Greta Hayden-Pless, engineering student Austin Hanse and Ali Stroker, the first actor using a wheelchair on broadway. To see photos & video from Powering Through NHF, visit Learn more about NCHS and their...

Duration: 00:18:39

Ep. 1: PT SoCal w/ Joel Stein, Matti Vann, Patrick Droney & Rebecca Berenson

In this - our first! - episode, we hear excerpts from and commentary on Powering Through SoCal, a free-flowing conversation centered around bleeding disorders in the media and entertainment, originally recorded on January 17th, 2015 in Glendale, California. The panel features podcaster and hemo mom Matti Vann, TIME Magazine writer Joel Stein, blues musician living w/ vWD Patrick Droney, and actor/hemo mom Rebecca Berenson. The Powering Through panel and podcast are hosted by bleeding...

Duration: 00:22:35